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Another S5 finger doodle of my Zinnian character. I kinda gave-up when the Watercolour ArtRage for Android brush wasn’t doing what I wanted.

Zinn 02_001.png

I haven't made a [ profile] ladys_rambles post of the S5 ArtRage for Android finger drawings I've been doing, but they are uploaded in my artz gallery: { }
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{ }

These aren't all the same convesation options I used in my main save, but I wanted to record meeting Gary [the Nosferatu Primogen] for my #Bloodlines2014 posts. It's a shame the game plays Clan clichés, no matter how you play. I was just eating rats to regain health before this, but I get put as a prissy Toreador.

[The reason why I jumped off the table was because during a failed recording of this, the beer mug decided to freak-out and shoot off the table. (I’ll see about uploading that to MobyPicture)]

ALSO: I did fight & know about Kuei-Jin back in “The Hunted Hunter" >:[

[If allowed to use Disciplines, Zinnian would be all over using Auspex with his arms crossed (It's about the only skill he's good at, he's a crappy Toreador...)]
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Originally posted on June 3RD, 2014 at 08:26PM

I've decided to try to organise my Tumblr #Bloodlines2014 posts to here divided into the chapters.


Beginning )
Chapter #1: The Lady By The Sea )
Chapter #2: Heart of the Jyhad )
Chapter #3: Land Of The Fallen Stars )
Chapter #4: Hidden Mysteries of the Eastern Lands )
Chapter #5: Opening Pandora's Box )
Chapter #6: It's The Blood Of Caine That Shapes Your Destiny )
Ending )
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For Christmas [ profile] alchemy_hisoka gave me a vampire themed magnetic poetry kit. I wanted to get a metal clipboard to use it with, but instead found a little handheld whiteboard at Wal*Mart.

I haven't used the poetry set yet, but I bought a 16 colour pack of dry erase markers at Wal*Mart yesterday, and tried the out tonight!

Sadly about 3 of the markers are dried-out, but I called Wal*Mart and will be able to exchange them when I go up to Greenwood next. I drew a picture of Zinnian, and an "ASHLEY SMASH" picture for @TheDazzlingOne.

So dapper!~

Apr. 1st, 2014 11:54 am
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For April Fools' Day, Tumblr did "Tumblr Pro" which after a video & animation added a top hat to your user-picture. I love how dapper Zinnian looks. He looked like he is holding the hat in his hand, and even tips it when I clicked on my user-picture. XD!
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I played Bloodlines for a bit today. I started over, and played until just before leaving the apartments (at the door). Well I played seriously until then; I went out and went on a spree of sorts until being attacked by the police. I was hoping to frenzy, but even though I had no blood pool, and like 5 Humanity, I didn't. I've never had a frenzy before, but I kept being amused at remembering [ profile] alchemy_hisoka telling me her dad played and frenzied first thing XD I don't know if or when I'll play next (since computer time exhausts me, and I'm going to be away), but here are some screenshots. I think it is fitting that I'm playing a Toreador as I keep finding the shiny things & landscape & such so interesting.

Starting out:
Awakening glitched stats

One of my favourite lines:

Mercurio has very shiny vases.
Mercurio's shiny vases~

Putting the cupboard door in a safe place:
title or description title or description

Toreador Disciplines & Jack under Auspex:
Toreador Disciplines Jack under Auspex

Random p-pizzaaaaaas in the haven & a bitchy LaCroix (with clipping on the Sire):
...Pizza? LaCroix is pissssssed

Lastly Beckett & Knoxx:
Beckett♥ Knoxx :D

Some of those are from when I played in August, and the rest are over {HERE}.

The ones I uploaded here in 2007-2009 are at { }.

And this was posted & updated with LJ.NET (and using my list of LiveJournal codes)!
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Trying the My LJ/Portal posting thing. Shame it lacks User-Picture selection & such, but the submit/such buttons aren't disabled like the new main update page. I Locked my last 2 entries (rambling, almost crying, & upset Voice Posts), so this is a bullet formed attempt here.


→I am about still, not online, feeling very low (Alberta low), pointless, scared, & such. But still floundering about.


→I had to go with mom to have Lotty [Charlotte] put down on Tuesday. )


→My Nintendo 3DS got back on February 10TH. The hinge is fixed! I also got 9 StreetPasses (1 person twice). One from Antigua, one from Alaska, one from Colorado, and the rest from Washington. They set it back in time 2 years (January 2011), ran some applications that show as a bunch of "??????????". a DS Demonstration program, opened my Internet Browser, then set the time back.
→I haven't been doing much with it though, but did play until Chapter 7 in "Professor Layton and the Unwound Future" (since I finally watched my Eternal Diva DVD). The Slot Machine Gun was so, so cool.


→I managed to play 'Echo Bazaar' for the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. But fucked-up & am 3 Masquing short for Lettice. So I wasted the money, Nex, & all that time. )


→I missed Winterfest this year because being low means I don't deal with dates/time well.
→I bought cheesecake for my mom & I for Saint Valentine's Day. Besides having a card to send Armie (not sent because she sent me a letter, and I want to stick both my response & the card together). I also got a box of pirate valentines, & sent 2 of those out too. And that was how I spent it. I knew my mailbox thing wouldn't get response as I didn't advertise it, and I chose not to reactivate my Twitter for it. Since it was a choice of being alone, or dealing with mass removals & Blocking.
→Because I am terrified that people are just waiting to pounce on doing such as soon as it's activated. I really don't know what to do about my Twitter. I hate feeling so hated. )
→And I really don't know what to do about my Twitter & just everything.


→I did finally manage to get a copy of "The Erciyes Fragments".
→And I had reinstalled Bloodlines last weekend, but haven't played past the tutorial with all the other things happening. I am having to play without the official patch though, since it seems it was the cause of the not saving screenshots & getting stuck in windowed mode from my last time installing before my reformat. There are work-arounds if I encounter the bugs at least. And it's no different than when I played it extensively last time as I had no Internet to download the patch anyway. I'm using the extra stat dots on character creation glitch this time too, as I planned playing this time for the story & a distraction.
→By the way: Beckett is so cool. I wonder if he'll glitch & stay in wolf!form this time too? [Every time I met Beckett in 2007-2009 he stayed as a blue wolf, and thus all my conversations were him talking to Zinnian's crotch]
→Zinnian/Alexander has changed since first creation. Though I guess I and him are older now. I'd still give him higher Auspex than Celerity, and NO Presence though. And he still is a terrible Toreador. And still would rather be Independent. So if I do play Bloodlines again, I'm not going to focus on Seduction so much this time, and I gave him points in Scholarship (which having been a university student, he'd have).
→I should type a character sheet thing using that role-play template for him.

Stuck it all together. I hate the new update/edit page.


I cannot express how grateful I am, and I have no idea how to respond!
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Well first off, August 15TH is my Zinnian/Alexander character's birthday. If I was going by the 'canonical' birthday year for him, he'd be 27 years-old. I think if was 2004 when I created him, back when [ profile] just_picture_me and I were talking almost daily. I still don't really know what became of her, she moved and then every online activity of hers stopped. I last got a text-message from her in late October 2007, before the move/number change. Anyway; Zinnian is a vampire with one blue eye & one green eye, a bad haircut, and a big nose. Some facts I never really stated before is that he is 1/4 Brazilian, raised by his Aunt Lily, and is from rural British Columbia--Victoria Island actually. I love how [ profile] ahnjehleehn draws him, by the way.


Well I haven't been posting as there really isn't much point to it. In general I don't even think there is much point to me though.
I've been debating deactivating my accounts, but won't, even though sometimes it feels like what is wanted. )


But as for what I've been up to, well I had my orthopedic surgeon appointment, had to change physiotherapists, went to the Kentville courthouse museum, got Sea Monkeys, got the True Ending & Axe Ending in "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors", and cleaned my room.


The appointment didn't go well. The doctor seemed to look down on me as I was unemployed, and to be more interested in if I had a job than my knee. The thing with my mother must be in my medical records, so I had to explain it after vague responses just lead to more questions. He did refer me off for an MRI though, so at least there is that. It could be up to 6 months until I have it though :/ (I got in for one in a few days when I had that concussion though).


Patrick got a placement in Halifax so he had to leave Soldiers' Memorial Hospital. So my last appointment was with one of the other physiotherapists. The appointment went really well and she was nice & alright to talk to (though not as much as Pat). We went over things and tried ultrasound & acupuncture, and I was relieved that it seemed like things were at least going to be all right with it. I was at first quite upset that I was having to switch, and that Pat never mentioned his leaving until my last appointment with him. I really dreaded having to start over again after about 6 sessions. Anyway she told me she was going to check-up on me a few days after, to see if the acupuncture helped and if not to see if it would be best to wait until my MRI since no-one really knows just what is wrong until then. She called and I told her that as the weekend was hella damp that I had a lot of pain with it so I couldn't tell if it had helped or not. So we planned on another session after the Exhibition is over (I didn't know what day I wad going). ...Well this morning she just left a voicemail message saying that as it isn't helping much (it is helping though) that I probably should just have my files discharged. Like what the fuck? We just spoke on Monday, and things were fine, and now I'm expected to decide to leave treatment, not even wait until my MRI, but to discharge myself from physiotherapy. So there again goes my sense of relief/stability & trust. I waited until they closed and did my best to leave a calm message pretty much asking "why?". I think this is going to be a 'phone tag' situation since I'm going away tomorrow and don't want the impending telephone call to ruin my day. It is probably because since they are now down a physiotherapist, that they are trying to cut-down on patients. But it is so 'out of the blue' (not Boy Blue) that it is upsetting. Like again; we spoke not even 3 days ago :/


The daytrip to Kentvile was lovely. It was really cold & rainy that morning, but it had swttled by the time we left the museum. The courthouse was a mix of Victorian/Edwardian, mystery, Canadian history, Phoenix Wright (not [ profile] phoneix_wright), Nova Scotia, and such wonderful. My favourite part was the the hidden pictures in the faux wood grain done by Brian Forsyth (not Gideon Forsyth**). The pictures I took can be found {HERE} and {HERE} (Facebook now allows more than 200 pictures per Album, but after 200 it splits into their ridiculously slow 'load more' thing, and also makes editing the album glitchy).

Also while in Kentville we stopped into R D Chisholm Limited (which I've called a Pharmasave before ^^;) and they were having a save on toys. One of the items was 'discounted for quick sale' kits of Sea Monkeys. And I bought one. I also bought "Five Minute Mysteries" by Ken Weber, a pack of 'Multicultural' Crayola markers (various skin tones), and a Nova Scotia shotglass (I collect shotglasses!). They had a book on Sir Isaac Brock [who(m) I love♥♥♥♥) but I didn't want to take from my TELUS bill money, so I called The Inside Story (bookstore in Greenwood) and ordered it in (I'll have to pick it up next week though).

And again on Sea Monkeys: I started them on the 28TH of July and now it is Day #20 and they are doing ridiculously well. They are getting huge! There is one that sometimes follows me along the tank like some fish do, and I've named them/it 'Julius'. I think they are growing the grasper things so I think Julius might be a male. Male Sea Monkeys have little appendages by their faces which they use for fighting & mating (mine aren't old enough for that yet!). Also Julius is now larger than the rest (I've got 3 large ones, a few mid-size, and some tiny babies). ...I was thinking of Orange Julius at the time and not Caesar (though somewhat relatedly I also love Cassius Dio). Orange Julius products are now being sold at the nearest Dairy Queen, though sadly not my favoutite kind which is the Pineapple Julius (with a banana).

I've been documenting them because I promised @Bostonbookworm, and posting rambling videos to YouTube & pictures to Photobucket. I haven't uploaded a bunch of videos, but I've got up to Day #14 on Photobucket. I'll upload them when I can be assed to go seriously on my Shaglehod next, because last time I was I had to wait for them to convert to .AVI (my camera saves video in ridiculously huge file sized .MOVs) with SUPER© (I also use AllToAVI). I haven't yet increased their volume or combined some with Windows MovieMaker.

The album is here (sub albums mostly, but the main has the scanned instructions):
{ }

My YouTube Channel:

My YouTube also has a video of Lydia hunting a housefly, and a video of a type of caterpillar we've not seen before.


Have I mentioned enough how much I love Snake? I finally finished the True Ending, and before I started the Axe Ending (which was messed and Junpei's face at the bracelets is what creeped me out more than the rest D: ) I replayed a bunch of the rooms and oh gawh the things I didn't examine before/conversations I missed XD Like examining lights, or the shadow puzzle in the Casino! There is a part where you have to shine two lights through two ornaments to make a club, spade, and a heart. Well if you only turn one on and then examine it, Junpei states that it looks like "A woman...something with a pointy upside-down butt... Hm...". Snake is all taken aback and after Junpei repeats himself, Snakes says "It sounds like a rather sensual shadow-play.". Also he comments that Junpei tends to talk to himself a lot XD Junpei's train of thought with things too is hilarious. The 1st Class Cabin is my favourite room, and I wish someone would draw me a picture of Junpei on Snake's shoulders while they dump the vase of water over Seven's head.--I tried, but just in "myNotebook: Tan"...

I also somewhat ship Junpei/Clover though Jumpy/Kanny is adorable, I don't care for Zero!Akane/Junpei. I rarely ship pairings in things, but the 'accidental' hand-touching in the Library and the trust & comfort scenes make me prefer Junpei/Clover. Though Lotus/Seven is great & quite canonical XD

I also really am poor at sudokus -___-


**Or his pen-name of E.H.B. author of "Who Put Back the Clock?" :P (a fictional novel from the actual novel of "The Wrong Box")
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Originally posted on March 17TH, 2013. At 09:22PM

I've had these taken & uploaded since 04-06-2012, but given how the Saunder thing went I was too scared to post. But since Photobucket is messing-up tomorrow [it isn't that bad, except it dislikes my older computer/slow Internet, & changes my careful organisation >:[ (I AM GOING TO MISS 'CHERRY CRUSH' THOUGH)], here are the second bunch of "AR Games" pictures

The first post can be found over{HERE}



As you can see from his eyebrows, he isn't a natural blond, and though the "Mii Maker" doesn't have either, Alexander has light brown roots showing, and 2 different coloured eyes.

Zinnian & my Sarah Mii~♪


The Lumbry Family

More Lumbry Family & Mila under here )


Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) & Sean Connery

Jane, Sean Connery, The Master & 5, 8, and 10 )


I made more characters, but I don't know if I will ever do another session like this again. I did take a picture of my Mii for Saint Valentine's Day though:
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3 pictures of what I've drawn in the past week... )


*gah*WTF LiveJournal D:

Role Play

Oct. 12th, 2008 11:19 pm
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Well I started RPing somewhat again. Not too sure I do the character well, but it's practice :P

I might as well come clean;

*clears throat*

My RP journals are; [ profile] narukami_tenshi , [ profile] piece_from_dark , [ profile] chupa_chup_man , [ profile] eleganszi , and [ profile] cup_number_17 [I'm debating making a Crack!Lestat one...]

And I rarely use any of them [actually I doubt my ability so much]. The one that has gotten the most use has been chupa_chup_man...I really should try joining some other communities, but I am so AMATURISH I am afraid to. Maybe I should ask [ profile] gargantsurprise  to show me the ropes (since I won't hear from [personal profile] unite /[personal profile] skyseer apparently)? :P
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So Amanda-pants & Trev-poo just left [[ profile] fox_avenger  & [ profile] xiuuxiu ]. I was getting rather mad at his sister&friends, because they kept bailing on them/wating a ridiculas ammount to drive like 11/2 hours. So now they are all gone to Bridgewater, and I am again alone.

Yeah I am happy to have been promised contact, and excitedly told to come visit in BC [which I might do in 2010, as 2009 is mah PortCon-sexy trip]; because it eased my mind a bit. I am not as uncertain about shit now.

When I pretty much lost contact with Trev, I thought I had been dropped. I at first used to try Amanda's number, but after a few months I didn't know if he was still staying with her so I started trying his cell-phone. I e-mailed, I sent MSN offline messages, I txted, and I Skyped. I got 1 MSN message asking for my phone number/address & 2 txts in over 7 months. I was really worried/upset and it caused a few panic attacks [usually they happen (and I've only been having them as of late last year) when I have a dream or remember something, which causes everything to come-back and the whole fear and shit kicks in. I can't breath, and everything goes tight. I cry a lot too. When I first started having them I was scared because I didn't know what to do. Now I usually maul Minnow then go play RuneScape >.>]. I didn't know if he was alright or what. Or if he even wanted to talk to me. Now I feel hearted :3

So I hope that we can work-on mending things more when he gets back, and stay in contact more/better. I am very happy to have met awesome Amanda too~♥

I am hoping to get a job soon and see about what the hell I'm going to do for school next semester/term. I will need to start paying-off my ass student loan too. First I need to pay Telus fully, and get my Lestat outfit commission/get like $120 for my passport.

This is a picture Trev drew me of D20 Lylat Zinnian :3

 <------he likes to always draw Zinn wearing fishnet!arm-warmers with belt-things...

So I am content, and I didn't cry 'till after they left ^^ now I am going to play a tad of RuneScape, then probably go to bed as I am tired :O

I am glad I have a appointment at Valley Chiropractic Services tomaro D: I am still stiff from Laser Tag.


Aug. 15th, 2008 09:18 am
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Well today is the fictional birthday of my lovely character Zinnian~ So I plan to eat his previous favourite food of a bacon cheeseburger & wear peridot eventhough my birthstone is alexanderite. Im a dork :-P
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I knew Zinnian shared birthday with the lovely Julia Child[I wonder if Veoh has the monkfish show she did?], but today I find-out that my character also shares it with Napoleon(if I could post a link,I would post a David artwork) o_O; August 15th bitches(I use that to seem Gangsta...). I have no idea...

I will be leaving the 24th now instead of the 23rd, as I have no ride from Weymouth to Yarmouth the day before(originally was going to spend the night) or the day of due to a ox pull in Shelbrune next Wednesday,so I wouldnt have a ride to the ferry terminal that day despite being in Yarmouth on Tuesday anyway. So now it is that I will take a morning bus to Weymouth, get a ride to Yarmouth, and take The Cat the same day. I e-mailed Kate and I can still stay with her and get driven to the terminal/station.

I watched the "Batman Beyond" movie last night & remembered how I used to love it. I loved "The Zeta Project" more though :3 I wish I had internet so I could download it ;_; I really want to watch it..

ladynoremon: (Kio -sing-) Anjeey-baby(if I can nickname you that?) drew me a AWESOME picture, which I heart--eventhough I can only see a 3x2inch version of it on my cell-phone! It has 2 fancy things in it ;3
ladynoremon: (Kio -confidence-)

Trippy-ass dream caused by the slight fever I have (my normal is 96 and this is 100.2). I never really have 'bad' dreams when I have a fever (I did not take my pill last night as I was tired anyway, and thus didn't need it). The worst dream I can remember that I've had while being sick (excluding the TRIPPY-AS-HELL one involving a bounce-tent and dwarfs&gnomes&stuffed animals where everything wouldn't stop spinning, and I had a knitted afghan...) was the one where I was shot in the stomach for being caught as a spy. I died in that I guess I've disproved the 'die in a dream, die in real-life' thing. Also my fever dreams are very vivid (like I can feel textures).


I was unable to fall back asleep so I am now up for the day and will be leaving for class in a hour-or-so ^^; [I want breakfast!!!!!!!~♥]

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