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I've been doing a daily video blog [vlog] so here is the first week (I plan to do a full month, but might start combining them by a week). The playlist is at: { http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCD7jr1OaMHnCH-74hOzwUSsEVsEJtu0A }

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{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VppuD1St8Ec }

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{ http://youtu.be/ev-cDMaTlFY }


Me ramblingly playing through Chapter 4 of "Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters" Spoilers for earlier chapters and also hard to read text.

I had to set the resolution at 1157x768 instead of 720x556 as it wasn’t filling the full area of the screen. So it was showing like a square in the letterbox sized area. I tried setting my PS3 to 16:9 but that wasn’t catching either by OBS/EZCap so I stuck with 4:3 which is what my television is anyway (the EZCap hooks directly into the PS3’s AV cables and I use 3 female-to-female splitters to show on my laptop & television at the same time). And TTGH has small text unless used with HDMI and a large television. Anyway, I enjoyed doing this even if my voice probably is annoying :/

On P3P

Oct. 2nd, 2015 09:02 pm
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Posted using Mobypicture.com

Posted using Mobypicture.com

I've been playing "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable" the last couple weeks. I went the emulator route on my S5 as I no longer have access to a PSP and cannot afford a Vita right now (I have purchased the game from the PlayStation Store however). I've decided to play as the female Protagonist despite the game suggesting the original Protagonist for a first time player. I am really loving her. I had bought P4 for PS3 when it was on sale for $2.50, but I find too much exposure at a time with it gets me a bit upset due to people I used to socialise with being fans of it and getting me to buy the original PS2 version. It took over a day to download and while asleep I dreamt of Theodore so decided to look into an Android PSP emulator. I named the Protagonist Arisato Minako, because it's the most common head!canon name. My P4 Protagonist was named Seta Souji.

I feel bad because I'm not really liking the S.E.E.S. members so far. Like they've basically just lied to me & used me like an experiment. The game calls them my friends but I'm all like "fuck off". Outside of Social Link conversations I've mostly been giving indifferent or 'bugger-off' responses. Junpei at least despite hitting on me actually seems more concerned instead of what I can do. I like a lot of the non-S.E.E.S. characters though! Like the Old Couple. I am shipping Theodore/female Protagonist hard, which sucks because there are only 4 fanfics of it on AO3, and it ends not so well in-game. Most of what I've found outside of AO3 is Akihiko/Minako with Theodore on the side as a previous fling. Also a more promising 2011 one I found suddenly became Theodore/Fuuka, killed Theodore off, and was never finished after 9 chapters. I have a bad time with picking pairings :/ I am also preferring the female Protagonist over the original P3 Protagonist making the original seem 'off' to me now...

Anyway so far I prefer P4's teammate characters & plot. But P3P feels less grind-y, and I'm enjoying playing Minako. Death (the almost impossible enemy that shows-up if you stay in a Tartarus Floor too long) can fuck right off though. And I still worry about making wrong choices and fucking things up later :/ I'm not very far though, only May 3RD so I may like future S.E.E.S. members more. I wish I could get a firm answer about if I ever unlock the Persona Compendium though!


I never thought I'd watch this game opening on this television again. #P4

A video posted by Lady Norémon (@lady_noremon) on

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Despite no-one answering my question on if I would ever unlock the Persona Compendium or not, I actually did unlock it after the 1ST Full Moon event.

I couldn't resist and fused my favourite Persona after.

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Posted using Mobypicture.com

And since I used Omoikane & Ara Mitama, I managed to get it so he inherited Zio & Dia. Sadly Archangel doesn't automatically learn Media in P3P so I'll gave to settle for Dia or use a skill card later. I have an extra Maragi skill card I plan to use on him when I need him (I don't have a Justice Social Link right now). So he'll know 4 elements. I also have a Garu card. Archangel can't learn Dark spells though.
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{ http://lady-noremon.tumblr.com/post/123002923055/bridgetown-nova-scotias-canada-day-fireworks }
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"Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" → DOS 1990

I am playing this using a .PDF of 2011's "The World Almanac and Book of Facts" instead of Google. Sadly not a 1990 version, which has already lead to Russia having a different flag, a change in a different country's capital, and lots of The Soviet Union!

{ http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCD7jr1OaMHkB-Czq7imdcj7phCE9rXmf } ← Playlist!
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{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaUwWC_BQa0 }

These aren't all the same convesation options I used in my main save, but I wanted to record meeting Gary [the Nosferatu Primogen] for my #Bloodlines2014 posts. It's a shame the game plays Clan clichés, no matter how you play. I was just eating rats to regain health before this, but I get put as a prissy Toreador.

[The reason why I jumped off the table was because during a failed recording of this, the beer mug decided to freak-out and shoot off the table. (I’ll see about uploading that to MobyPicture)]

ALSO: I did fight & know about Kuei-Jin back in “The Hunted Hunter" >:[

[If allowed to use Disciplines, Zinnian would be all over using Auspex with his arms crossed (It's about the only skill he's good at, he's a crappy Toreador...)]
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"Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines" was released 10 years ago [on November 16TH (in North America), and November 19TH (Europe)] in 2004!~

I tried to make this as if it was from 2004. I even used a polyphonic ringtone I'd received in a MMS years ago. This was also made in Windows Movie Maker 2.1 :}
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{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6RHleRz_RA }
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{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCv7D56O_w0 }

{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZKHhAmd0Sk }

[A reminder that the San Francisco one is much better. And has my OTP's duet.]
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{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-vHEw5ocD4 }

[I've also reuploaded EternalMethos' 18 TATSEL videos to YouTube** (using a new channel on an old "Howl's Moving Castle" account)~ I'll get the Drew ones up eventually. 14 Drew videos up too now.]

**{ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq9fUE0fntI4rjdkhSAKXJgcwBTkeb9_t }

[Here are the songs I cropped from "Doctor Who and the Pirates"--but only in .WMA format to entice buying the audio from Big Finish for $3.00USD]
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From "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)".
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{ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIUrJ2T1rU8 }
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{ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOp1RZoB4dY }


Mar. 20th, 2014 02:10 am
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One of my favourite pictures of one of my favourite "DRAMATICAL Murder" characters {because he's a dork [and because his Scrape problems hit chords for my problems (though originally because he looked like Alfred only with tidier hair & ridiculous tattoos)]}:

I stayed-up hella late the 13TH because it was storming here & Nicki was wanting attention. So I stayed-up & read, then spent most of Saint Valentine's Day with painkillers and sleeping. I had asked my mom previously to pick-up whatever dessert was on special at The Eggplant Café when she got off work because last year the sold out fast [it was chocolate cheesecake], and when she got was 2 huge chocolate cupcakes (one for each of us). I ate a bit of one when I got up and didn't feel well at all after because it was so rich D: I had to go check the mail & pick-up C batteries for my Valentine's present and felt like I was going to vomit while doing so. Frozen pizzas weren't on sale at Graves' ValuFoods so I didn't get one despite having been craving pepperoni pizza for over a week (I couldn't justify to myself buying a slice from Mama Sofia's when on sale a whole frozen one is cheaper).

Cupcake on Twitpic

When I got back I was all excited to set-up the Cat's Meow I got as a gift from The Grant's. I got Nicolas & Lydia all excited too, and started taking a video with my Nintendo 3DS (dirt in my camera's lens). Well the screw was made of cheap metal, but my problem was I didn't have the hand strength at all to turn my screwdriver (or open a stupid bottle of apple juice). So I asked adoptive sister to do it, and she ended-up stripping the screw head so that it couldn't come out. Luckily my mom was still visiting so she took me over to exchange it. Also luckily they had one in a beat-up box that they were alright exchanging since both would be hard to sell. But when I got back I couldn't get it turned at all either. My weakness & aches have been getting worse, expecially the lack of hand strength. Not being able to do the one good thing in awhile I was super excited for was the last straw and I just broke-down because of the fears, stress, events, et cetera, et cetera. I planned to try sitting & throw myself into Bloodlines & Alexander to take my mind off myself & other characters, but adoptive sister decided to be snarky about me being upset and I just lost the will to even turn my laptop on. Finally with determination though the screw came out (relatedly; the screw is pointless in the toy because the battery compartment also has one of those plastic latches)). So I spent the rest of the evening watching all 3 of my brats playing with their new toy, and fixing it whenever they pulled the wand out of its socket, or Nick was sitting on the motor. I also had to sew the yellow flappy thing because they got the seam out from around the hem of it, and the wire that keeps it rigid was poking out.

Got it! on Twitpic Adorable brats. on Twitpic Ass!cat. on Twitpic

Watching my brats play instantly improved my mood, and after watching them for a few hours I went to bed. This is actually the first time in over 24 hours my laptop has been on, and I'm only awake right now because I'm uncomfortable & a bit nauseous. My back is getting a lot better, and as I mentioned in my #Bloodlines2014 posts I'm getting so I can sit for about an hour at a time without it bothering too much (still can't lay on my back, which is why I'm uncomfortable right now as I rolled onto it while asleep). It's mostly discomfort than pain now too, but I am still having to be careful with not overdoing things like lifting heavy stuff. I watched the "Maoyū Maō Yūsha" anime though (behind on "Coronation Street" due to the Hayley business). I decided to watch it after reading that it had a female knight character in it, and was doing with the same cast as "Spice and Wolf". Well said Knight is so awesome O: It didn't fully end with the ending though, more satisfying than the "Spice and Wolf" one, and with the idea that things will continue on off-screen. It also is just from last year so maybe a sequel or OVA is possible. There are light novel & manga series too (like the Holo & merchant story), but I'd rather watch anime (and why I haven't read the Holo & merchant ones).

The Knight on her students thinking about going to war. #Maoy... on Twitpic Knight. #`/*/poihvjk56 on Twitpic #NSFW And there was some non-sexual Knight fanservice. [she w... on Twitpic

Anyway; now off to attempt *sleeps-sleeps* as I'm drifting-off despite things. I've got to take the Cat's Meow .AVIs off my 3DS & Windows Movie Maker them, but I plan to upload them.


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Steve @CatDrawingGuy:
{ https://twitter.com/CatDrawingGuy/status/427852257875722240 }
"Cat #15446: @Lady_Noremon Sarah wanted a detective cat who loves eating cake!"
{ http://iwanttodrawacatforyou.com/auto-post-1390842901/ }
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Well I have no Internet at my residence until at least Friday. I doubt anyone really cares, but yeah. Bell-Aliant came to fix our landline telephone today (faulty wire making reception hella noisy/crackly) and told us we`d lose service for a bit. I lost Internet then, but figured that was part of losing service. I went out with my mom for groceries and expected it back when I returned. It wasnt. It connects to my wireless but cannot the Internet. I got their support line and the guy I spoke to suspects the technician didnt connect it back right. I had to get my mom to take me to the Bridgetown Library`s parking lot to leech their wireless tonight [Luckily they leave it on even when closed still! (I worried they wouldn`t since moving location)!], and will have to tomorrow, and maybe Boxing Day. I want to finish the EBZ advent, and I had to make a PayPal payment. I`ve done everyday on Lorrie & Robin, except I only did the Rat of Glory one on Robin (who has since sent it away). I have failed at my own Kinder Surprise advent calendar though. I think I am 5 days behind now. I posted the 1ST part of "On Meeting An Inquiry Agent" & a painting of Calcifer at [livejournal.com profile] ladys_rambles. I cannot post the 2ND part tonight as planned, but maybe tomorrow. I realised I did the `sentence. sentence. sentence.` thing I sometimes do that annoys me when I reread things later. But at least I got stuff wrote (almost 4 years later).

I reread "Howl`s Moving Castle" last week, so that is 3 times this year--4 if you count an audiobook (with finally a narator doing a Welsh accent for Howl!). I also finally read "Castle In The Air". It was alright, but I didnt like the protagonist as much as Sophie, and the "everyone marries" didnt make as much sense as in the first book, and annoyed me with the Princess Beatrice part. Howl`s first exclaimation on holding his son for the first time was my favourite part though. Well maybe pregnant Lettie`s & old Ben`s interaction. I was glad that the moe-moe *blush-blush* scene at then end of the first book lead to something, despite a bigger age difference than Sophie/Howl. Also glad Lettie didnt end-up with Prince Justin whom seemed a bit of a jerk in Lettie`s talking about him buying a spell. I regret not writing the author a letter when she was still alive. I always cry when I think about such.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Got Internet back around 1:00PM. It was a 2 minute job the technician said. The other guy just didn't plug the wire back in the wall at the local office, and the support guy I called Christmas Eve could have checked. Sales compensated me by crediting next month's Internet bill (which my Guthixian self fines very fair since I have had skittery Internet with the landline troubles since November too, plus the 4 days without any).

Jeremy gave me the 1ST Skylanders 3DS game for Christmas plus 5 Skylanders. I am lacking 3 elements though so I'm getting bottlenecked with what I can do now as most of the element challenges I have left are for Water, Earth, & Technology. I'm loving it though! I feel so cool summoning one of the figures into the game. You tap the portal, aim the 3DS at it, place a figure on it, and then hold it steady. Jeremy picked-out the ones I would have picked myself so that was really cool too! He got me Stealth Elf [Life], Ignitor [Fire]. Sonic Boom [Air], Hex [Undead], & Dark Spyro [Magic]. 4/5 have tragic back-stories though. Stealth Elf & Ignitor are my default team so far; her name makes me grin at the rhyming, and his could be Igknightor as he's a knight. It's a good team as he is more tank & she is fast with a long-range attack. I did what I did in Dream Drop Distance with them even which is ace levels that I'm under the recommended level for.

Here is Nicki & Lydie:

My Twitpic has more pictures of the brats & stuff since I could tweet from my RAZR & such.
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More of Nicki eating the pumpkin insides. { http://twitpic.com/djiwwu } & { http://twitpic.com/djix05 }

As I said I'd try to in my previous entry; Here are some pictures I've uploaded to PhotoBucket { http://s569.photobucket.com/user/lady_noremon/library/Halloween%202013 }. I may add more later on, but here is what are on R-2E-054 right now.

Idol Clear

Sep. 23rd, 2013 01:00 am
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Clear from "DRAMATICAL Murder" dancing to 【Hatsune Miku】Common World Domination (ありふれたせかいせいふく).

{ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MOvYyeqwIQ }

I watch this video a lot, perhaps too much, but I've even ripped & converted it to .AVI to watch off my DVD player. I know the song itself isn't very 'hopeful', but Clear dancing (especially in his gas mask) makes me happy or in the least improves my mood.

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