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Dec. 7th, 2019 11:08 pm
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Originally posted on December 7TH, 2011. At 11:08PM

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May. 3rd, 2019 03:19 am
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Feb. 15th, 2017 05:38 am
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I've been doing a daily video blog [vlog] so here is the first week (I plan to do a full month, but might start combining them by a week). The playlist is at: { }

02-08-2017 )
02-09-2017 )
02-10-2017 )
02-11-2017 )
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Curious Cat:
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My Tumblr Ask Box is often open to everyone, though like everything keep harassment out of it:
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I don't use FormSpring or whatever the name is now anymore. They cleared all questions on accounts once and their customer service was horrible about it so I stopped using it :-/ Also I am not sure if my account is still usable since they've changed hands and the website a lot. I am also no longer using Ask.FM either. For the same reasons as FormSpring. When the customer support I get in response to my questions being M.I.A. is 'You can always get new ones ;)' then I'm done with the service.
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Since March until last week I had volunteered at a museum in Middleton [I know very little about trains! Just about Blue Coal anthracite, and some unhelpful tidbits like Nova Scotia's new rail abandonment law]. I didn't post about it here because I still am struggling with feeling like anything I do matters, and typing a lot is a lot of energy for me now [LiveJournal removed Voice Posts unannounced which fucked-up me making those]. I was hired via CommunityINC. to do cataloguing/archiving for them because their collection has never been documented before. A lot of the items haven't been stored very well or treated well and it is very depressing. Like stickers stuck directly on a photograph where the stickers peeled up and took parts of the photograph with them. Coffee stains and such. I HATED dealing with taking pictures out of some frames as they often were stapled or held in with little pins. And the glass had a chance of being broken :-( I also ended-up running their Facebook Page, and dealing with patrons/potential donors

Anyway, besides from the depressing condition, and how dirty the place was, and dealing with people, I really enjoyed it. I felt really respected there. And I don't feel much respect towards me in my life. I got a GLOWING letter of reference from one of the Directors and they want me back in the spring (I was supposed to be done the 1ST week of November, but they decided to close it for the season a month early and winterise it now as it's been getting hella cold. It's in an old railway station.). It's not paid though which really sucks. And that's lead to lots of flack from some people in regards to wasting my time and such by working there. They just don't have the funds and only managed to pay me for my birthday. They did give me a name tag though. Anyway, that's another point in my life I went through.

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Next I have the 4 week NEO program [Navigating Employment Opportunities] through PeopleWorx. And I've been hired as a Deputy Returning Officer for the upcoming school board election.


Jun. 19th, 2016 09:28 pm
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Welp, going to be staying offline mostly from when I go to bed tonight until I wake-up on June 22ND (which will probably be for the Lifeline Lifestream). I know, it's over my birthday, but I just am not capable of dealing with the dread & stress this year. Anything unwanted can wait until after it. I do not need shit and then have to drag myself about and be sociable when I want to curl into a ball again.

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Pages 19-20 of "Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones


I always plan to do something for my OTP's meeting day, but never get around to it u_u; But I love these characters, world, book, author, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera.
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This is just a reminder about the Lifeline promotion on the Google Play Store! All 3 current Lifeline games are only 10¢ each right now!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D That promotional is over but they frequently put them on sale (usually 50% off)!

Also since this post; 3 Minute Games have released two more Lifeline games! :-D :-D :-D :-D [I got Whiteout on early release and I actually was a part of the beta for Crisis Line]

► "Lifeline" → { }

► "Lifeline: Silent Night" → { }

► "Lifeline 2: Bloodlines" → { }

► "Lifeline: Whiteout" → { }

► "Lifeline: Crisis Line" → { }
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I've mentioned this game/Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel here before but I thought I'd make a separate post. I've rambled a lot more on it on Twitter & Tumblr. And a lot of screenshots are in my MobyPicture.

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It's available for Android & iOS and works on Android gear & Apple Watch. It's written by Dave Justus who also wrote "The Wolf Among Us" the "Fables" Telltale game CORRECTION: He wrote the comic based-off the game. The first time playing is in real-time (further playthroughs have a fast play & redoing choices options) and takes 3 days if you get to the better endings. But it's not something that has to be continuous checked so is more casual (though the plot might draw in).

It's about a science student named Taylor who wins a trip on a spaceship for running tests. The spaceship crashes on a desolate moon and Taylor seems to be the only survivor. They're panicking and manage to get in contact with the player. It becomes up to the player to make choices for Taylor and to keep them level-headed to try to be rescued--and possibly solve the moon's mysteries along the way.

It really reminded me of "The Dig" an older LucasArts game, and made me really want to see "The Martian". There is also a direct sequel "Lifeline: Silent Night", and a "Lifeline 2" with a more fantasy setting than sci-fi.

I really fell in love with Taylor! We have a lot of in-common interests and I connected more with them than other protagonists. I also was glad to have this & Silent Night when I played them because I had a lot of stressful meetings when I played both and they helped relieve some of that. Though sometimes the worry about Taylor's wellbeing & the plot added different stress! I often figured I'd check to find them dead when I checked :-/ I did manage to fluke having Taylor rescued my first playthrough but it wasn't the best ending. Some Spoilers )

Until I add to [ profile] ladys_rambles here is a doodle of my Taylor head!image → { }
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I haven't been posting here much the past while, mostly just little things. Not many people are about on LiveJournal (most that remain in my Friends List cross-post from DreamWidth). And there is the cloud that no-one cares, and I don't have much energy for just doing things for myself now. There's also the past stalking that makes me uncomfortable posting here like anything I say or do would be twisted or found enjoyment out of my misery. [Seriously; the amount of statistics hits from her makes me feel sick to my stomach.] I'll post this entry though to try to get-out some negative feelings since I've been more productive the past week.

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On socialisation stress )
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Dec. 21st, 2015 08:20 am
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Had a dream that asshole called me up )
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Me ramblingly playing through Chapter 4 of "Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters" Spoilers for earlier chapters and also hard to read text.

I had to set the resolution at 1157x768 instead of 720x556 as it wasn’t filling the full area of the screen. So it was showing like a square in the letterbox sized area. I tried setting my PS3 to 16:9 but that wasn’t catching either by OBS/EZCap so I stuck with 4:3 which is what my television is anyway (the EZCap hooks directly into the PS3’s AV cables and I use 3 female-to-female splitters to show on my laptop & television at the same time). And TTGH has small text unless used with HDMI and a large television. Anyway, I enjoyed doing this even if my voice probably is annoying :/

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ZAGG; the company that my S5's screen protector is from is having a BOGO sale for Black Friday!

►{ }◄

Also a free powerbank with every $50 order, and free shipping in America. Mine was hella easy to install and is tempered glass.

Sale is over. But I still recommend them!
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This is mainly for mutuals, or friends.

But yeah, I have a tradition of offering a card exchange or just sending cards if I get requests. If you want one, send a request with your mailing address to LadyNoremon at ! The only hitch is that I want a message or a picture when it is received! I ship internationally. (Also let me know if Christmas is alright or just a holiday one as I bought a mixed box this year, but usually just get a season lot due to many pagan & Jewish friends.)

{ } ← my postal mailing address is there.


I wasn't going to do it this year due to someone who requested one years ago (who since I am no longer friends with), this year claiming I should not have had their address and that I had sent it to be creepy & harass them. Which despite digging-up the request with address from my e-mail made me feel sick to my stomach. I doubted if everyone whom I had ever sent anything to just found me creepy or if someone would pull this again in the future.

But I really enjoy sending & receiving good postal mail! HOWEVER I won't be sending anything to anyone who doesn't send me a request, but I will send something if I receive something even without a request.

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from 'The Shadow' radio program )

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