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For Christmas [ profile] alchemy_hisoka gave me a vampire themed magnetic poetry kit. I wanted to get a metal clipboard to use it with, but instead found a little handheld whiteboard at Wal*Mart.

I haven't used the poetry set yet, but I bought a 16 colour pack of dry erase markers at Wal*Mart yesterday, and tried the out tonight!

Sadly about 3 of the markers are dried-out, but I called Wal*Mart and will be able to exchange them when I go up to Greenwood next. I drew a picture of Zinnian, and an "ASHLEY SMASH" picture for @TheDazzlingOne.

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Since I listened to from "Feral Dogs" to "Valentine's Day" of "Welcome to Night Vale" today while I was out for about 5 hours doing yard work, I may as well share a kinda Carlos/Cecil fanfic [as I mentioned before; Cecil rambling about Carlos, the dog park, and Harim McDaniels(sp?) are my favourite bits]:
{ }

"The Phone Call" reminded me of it.


And one of my own mini Twitter ones is:
His eyes met his, drawn there like pterodactyls to bespectacled mothers. With even the same look of voracious hunger. And he looked perfect.
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Today Minnow Tora Dumphy turned 8 years-old!~♪

Next month on the 20TH will be the anniversary of scooping her up from that barn, but today we had a little 'party' for her. It wasn't as fancy as the one we had for Lydia (which I STILL need to make a post on :/), mostly since I haven't managed to get to a mall or to New Minas, eventhough I expected to before now. But I did make her a little hat (which I forgot to take a picture of her wearing), give her a new toy, and gave all 5 cats a treat of a can of tuna. Then her & Nicki were tied on the nice green lawn for about an hour in the sunshine.

Minnow on the day I brought her here! So tiny and not!orangey. The people had advertised that it was a litter of 'grey tiger kittens', which it was not a litter of. There was one marked like her only a boy, an all grey kitten, and a little girl. The couple's son got on his hands-and-knees to pull the girl out of an empty lawn mower box. As soon as I held her she latched onto my shirt and made a tiny cry. So though he said that there was another kitten around, I stated that I was going to take the one I was holding. She sat on my lap in my shirt & hat (I used to wear button-up shirts & a bucket hat) all the way home. She huddled under a blanket when I sat her on my bed, and hid from Wendy, Belle, & Molly.

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I also posted a drabble to commemorate Cassius getting Saunder 2 years ago. It can be read here, but it is Custom FriendS' Locked. I know there isn't much point in keeping Lorel gender things locked now, but it is still ambigious on first glance. If you'd like to read it, I can e-mail it or something though!
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It is a self-contained one, so less mess. [not as sexy organic looking writing though]


I tried it out signing my "Echo Bazaar" character's name [I actually wrote a in-character letter for someone for when I go back to zea]:
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I posted a bit of somewhat spoilery "Echo Bazaar" stuff over at my POORLY MADE/UPDATED writing journal-things.

And that is that :P
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Tonight I got to the end of The Shuttered Palace "Nemesis" arc Ambition in "Echo Bazaar"...well not quite the end. I have another thing to do when I get higher Dangerous and I have a feeling I will be back.

#EBZ Here is the iconic pouring off of an spoon shot. It real... on Twitpic


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So yes, that was my evening. I think that this -should- be Part #3 of what I plan to type-up sometime. But I just finished this section so I thought it best to type it up now.


And! If anyone has a Twitter [and very soon Facebook account will do] account, and would like to join me in The 'Neath, just go to

and yes, my Twitter name is still "Lady_Noremon".


via @Bostonbookworm:
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The city of London. Grand, old, city of London. Sure the weather may not be the best all the time, but that just adds to its charm. Or at least it did until the whole city was whisked-up and fell underground. Cushioned by a ‘cloud’ of bats in fact. I have always lived in the country, so I didn’t see it for myself, but the papers at the time were very adamant that there was a whole lot of bats. Enough of the buggers to blot out the sky they said. The ground also seemed to swallow it all, as at the site on the surface it is mostly barren, but lacking of the gapping chasm that would be expected.

There is a pit down into it, and those who wish to venture underground can do so there. Well, I shouldn’t use the word ‘wish’, as there are some that no longer have a place on the surface, usually those who have done something so horrible that they are sent to Newgate Prison, which yes, is still used for England, but not for the more common criminal anymore. There are other prisons for that. No, Newgate is used for the worst sort now. There are stories about how London has embraced its new location, and though it only really has one type of weather, the people seem to be enjoying themselves. Crime is more commonplace than ever, not just pickpocketing, but horrible crimes such as arson and murder.

It seems that the once respectable London has become a laissez-faire for all seedy things. They even call it ‘The Bazaar’. And it seems that it is well known that Hell has even set up a embassy to get in on the market. London truly has Fallen.
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This is from March 1st 2009-April 25th 2009. [from newest-oldest ('cept in the case of related tweets): :[THE THINGS IN ITALICS ARE NOT ENTIRELY MINE/CHAT SNIPPETS WITH PEOPLE]

He wasn't sure what caused him the gnawing horror in his guts. The Beast, the blood drinking, or the knowledge that he was a moving corpse.

He had saw in a movie how lightning will turn sand into glass. No fear of dying by electrocution anymore, the primal urge to flee remained.

Alex looked at himself in the mirror. He dislikes how scrawny he looks. That campus gym membership card in his wallet would do no good now.

Snazzles: Well you don't like mining :P |me: yes I do :P I don;t like smelting |Snazzles: You don't smelt ess :P |me: :P YOU DO NOW |Snazzles: o.o |me: in my pants ;P |Snazzles: O.O |me: all night long :D |Snazzles: Wtf? D: |me: ;)


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The landscape was eteral in it's beauty. The way the surface glowed against the contrasting darkness of space.& these shoes! Fuck,so bouncy.

The shoes were bouncy, and the scenery was beautiful. It almost helped him to forget that he had only an hour of air left...57mins actually.

He loved bouncy shoes. They always made it seem like he could run faster, & jump higher than normal. Elianos was glad for them right now.

A lot of ground had to be covered--and in such a hurry! 56mins remained in his air supply, but a normal man would only have just survived 4.

The landing had been rough. A discontented grin was shot to the badly damaged craft. At least it had done its job and got him to the site.

I may-or-may-not expand on this, or Tweet more on it :P

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Breaking my hiatus briefly to post;

I made $1.20USD, buuuuut I submitted another so ;P *pffft* [I really don't care about the coinage, just thought it would be fun~]
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This is from August 2008-the time of this post. [from oldest-newest]:

"You can't put crazy in a box." and my random response was; "Of course you can! You're just not trying hard enough!" I have no idea...bwzut?

I dont know if blonds have more fun, but I know they need to use more that fun?

I dont know how I'll take on today. But it must be done.Now I hope nothing cracks,because it is easy to shatter it seems. Just there always.

"Hmf...The thing is most Tremere-well Kindred in general-dont have a temperment for least not the typical type..."
"...With some, you really dont want to find it out either."

"Next Monday? Back again? Like the sea; But I am just sand along the shore. And the waves came so soon." written after I died on Waterbirth.

Reminder to we to post the scary dream I had to LJ later; "What do you mean 'they come back?!'" "The dead come back, they always come back."
"But Doctor; on this planet, the dead always come back." with lots of stiff people & 'back to the wall and stare straight ahead' protection.

So beautiful, but so dangerous. Caricaturers of humanity, but so much more like concentrations. All that love & cruelity amplified to a point of unreality. Taken too far with the lose of limites. They are gorgeous & they defiantly know it. The rockstars of Kindred. But they are so much more. They are all unique in the end.

"Im still not used to this whole thing. It's been around 3 years and it still sometimes scares me to wake-up cold."

I had to force my eyes to stay open. All my body wanted to do was sleep now that the sun was up. If only my landlord hadnt left a note

Damn, what the fuck was that? I felt the rattle as I hit the ground, but I managed to kick and slide a foot farther away. I guess I need to replace my jacket now.

March 1st, 2009:

The landscape was eteral in it's beauty. The way the planet's surface seemed to glow[ed] against the contrasting darkness of space. And these shoes! Fuck, so bouncy.
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Originally Posted: November 11, 2007, 18:57

Yep what I want for Christmas this year., and also at the bottom will be pertaining to recieving/sending cards.

-a working SNES,
-"Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters",
-Noble Pink Nintendo DS & "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass",
-The Red Elvises "30 Greatest Hits" cd-set,
-"Yakitate!! Japan" volume1,
-"Kingdom Hearts II" volume1,
-"Iron Chef: The Official Book",
-jewelry (costume preferably),
-"Banana Fish" volume1
-"KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne" volume2,
-Cyborg Raiden action figure (XD) [or regular Raiden :3]**,
-a date
-Luongo's number Vancouver Canucks' vintage blue/green/white jersey,
-Zinnian fanart :P
-any fanfics for the pairings I like [KilluaGon, AkuRoku, KouKou, LestatNikki (:P), MyloZinn (*lmao*)],
-a red Christmas cactus,
-"Shaolin Soccer" & "Kung-Fu Hussle" on DVD(S),
-Jacques Pépin's "Chez Jacques" & "Fast Food My Way" books,
-"Tension Rising" ringtone,
-someone to play MapleStory and/or D20 Lylat with me D: 

It is in no order, but I bolded the things I really want :P [now really I only expect to get the Nintendo DS, as I know Wendy & June put it on lay-away ^^; other than that I doubt I will get any of the others, 'specially the date...]


Ok! Card time!

If you want to recieve any holiday cards from me, send a e-mail to ladynoremon at gmail dot com with your address :3 and I will try and send you ether a card or a postcard :D [I will send anywheres ;3]

You can send stuff to me if you wish here:



** I think this Raiden action figure looks like He-Man o_o;
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Yeah [profile] handwritten_lj is cool, but I can't think of anything to post to it. Though using the whole 'handwritten-entry' thing, I bring you a post I wrote last night. I'll be posting the translat[profile] handwritten_ljion later this week, but shall be leaving it till then so you can try and descifer it. Oh and warning it has spelling errors, and is written sloppily. Oh and it contains doodles!

Tally ho! )

Translation: ~coming soon~

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