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I tried the blonde thing again yesterday. I used Féria this time as we did when [ profile] alchemy_hisoka & I dyed my hair for Lestat. I used a natural blonde this time instead of a bright blonde. So yeah, I'm more strawberry blonde now as my red hair lent a tinge. I kept thinking of [ profile] ahnjehleehn's mom covering her head with tin foil to cook the dye when she dyed her hair years ago. I almost tried it as I have a hard time getting the back of my head hair to absorb dye. Too short for a Nick Rhodes or Boy Blue look though.


More pictures of my now blonde hair. Complete with my Toreador choker & the cat scratch on my nose.
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Lestat: What are you doing up here all alone?
Nicolas: Lestat? Oh my God!
Lestat: Ahh! It's been too long!
Nicolas: And your looking well!
Lestat: And you! So Parisian!
Nicolas: And you, lord of the hunt! Is it true you took down six wolves on your own?
Lestat: Eight, actually~ But what happened in Paris? There are rumours of an unnatural love affair.
Nicolas: It's true. I disgraced myself.--With the violin~ When my father found out I sold my books to take up music he dragged me back here. He says he will break my hands if I ever play again!
Lestat: Mine is just the same. ... Nicolas~ I'm leaving~
Nicolas: I just got back, where are you planning to go?
Lestat: I don't know! I haven't even thought that far ahead! I just know I'll go mad or kill someone if I don't escape.
Nicolas: There's no choice then. We'll go to Paris~
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{ }

{ }

[A reminder that the San Francisco one is much better. And has my OTP's duet.]
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{ }

[I've also reuploaded EternalMethos' 18 TATSEL videos to YouTube** (using a new channel on an old "Howl's Moving Castle" account)~ I'll get the Drew ones up eventually. 14 Drew videos up too now.]

**{ }

[Here are the songs I cropped from "Doctor Who and the Pirates"--but only in .WMA format to entice buying the audio from Big Finish for $3.00USD]
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{ }

When stars are born, are they cast out? To wander cold and lonely lost in space. A loveless point of light that can’t return. Forever fixed within one place.

When love is lost and dreams are cast.--Like bruised and battered pieces left to die. When hands that reach out are betrayed. How can my tortured soul survive?

There’s only one thing left. And that’s the one thing that you needed most of all. But the freedom that you’ve gained, is the loss that led you aimless to the shore.

And I’m borne high on these waves. Swept by the wind and alone. Oh sail me away, carry me back to my home. I’m tired, I’ve been torn, a cruel wretched storm churns like a gale in my bones. Oh sail me away. Carry me back to my home.

These scars run deep. The future holds a hunger for your innocence that passed away. Your callous shadows mock, and make it clear some things were not enough to make them stay.

The moment time stands still is the moment that the writing’s on the walls. The words are clear as ringing bells; That pride is present right before the fall.

And I’m borne high on these waves, swept by the wind and alone. Oh, sail me away. Carry me back to my home. I’m tired, I’ve been torn. A cruel wretched storm churns like a gale in my bones. Oh sail me away. Carry me back to my home.

Sail me away! Carry me back to my home!


RIP EternalMethos

{ }
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I never knew that there was a "The Vampire Lestat" comic, and it is also all done in rich watercolours. But I found-out when Google Images linked me to this post { } which is a rambling & excerpts from my favourite The Vampire Chronicles character. Hell, I even named my little boy cat after him.

I linked to where I found it at the bottom of the comments in that Nicki post because someone there was asking (I also e-mailed it to them).

{ }

The comic artist painting Armand without eyebrows is amusing me more than it should.
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I have been thinking about posting pictures of that snowman I built, or of Christmas presents, or about the "Doctor Who" special, or that my 3DS is now headed to Washington, or on my RAZR battery copping-out the day after I mailed said 3DS, or on my love of & current reread of "Howl`s Moving Castle" {and taka0801's amazing fanart, which I love especially since it is truer to the books [Sophie is ginger with blue eyes, and Howl has green eyes (in the book they're 'glass green like old marbles or seaglass' until he gets his heart back) than the anime, but is a nice mix of both (Calcifer isn't as scary looking XD ]!}, unlimited rice pudding et cetera, et cetera. But like most of the past month I don't know if there is much point (that Facebook removal is also lingeringly making me feel sick now).

So anyway here is a ripped clip of "In Paris" from EternalMethos' upload of the San Francisco version. Lestat & Nicki as mortals is one of my favourite things. ...Relatedly, I recently got a notification from The Vampire Chronicles Kink Meme, and laughed that my request from almost 4 years ago is still something I really want (and then I'm all :/ at myself).

I'd love to have complete video files of the bootlegs, I seriously would. But I have no idea where to look since it's 2012 now and MegaUpload is gone.

I've also been uploading old things to [ profile] ladys_rambles, and have a couple things set-up as Scheduled Entries.
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Nicolas de Lenfant & Lestat de Lioncourt makes plans to runaway to Paris.

Since I uploaded it, I might as well share it over here as well. My favourite song/scene of the musical (I couldn't be assed to go through and clip the video from the webrip I have, as Windows Movie Maker is a jerk at times)...Well I also love the scene where Lestat tells Armand he met Marius XD


I might as well share this cracky fanvid again:

Due to how garbled the audio is, I've uploaded the 'soundtrack' that I have so that one can download the song themself ^^ ---> { } (It's in ACT I)
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Okay, I am making myself post for a change.

Things...have been...hectic and yet stagnate.

on June )


slightly on Twitter )

I want to also voice that I am an awful friend, and I just keep failing people still. I am too tired to put to words how guilty and like shit I feel for it. I just keep withdrawing more now, because I don't know how to talk.


But anyway:

on WOLFVILLE ADVENTURE, 'Being Human', and sick )


BUT is is FAR TOO LATE to be up for me, and thus I will have to try to remember to post about my garden and such in the morning.

Ciao loves,



Mar. 12th, 2009 04:00 pm
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Well I was planning on buying this costume, but it had apparently been mis-racked and cost $50 instead of $15 ;___; I was hoping to be Gabriel :(

so here are the 2 pictures I took with my cell-phone )
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:O Anne Rice turns 67 today! o_o Quwhut?


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* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

" "'For what!' Lestat grimaced, so that his face looked like a skull." "___"Interview With The Vampire" by Anne Rice

and the 2nd nearest is;

" Mayhap not overtly, but in the way a mouse took one look at a cat and kept wisely to the shadowy corners of a room? "___"The Dark Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning

I have this massive pile developing under my metal desk, and most of it is Anne Rice, "Vampire: The Masquerade", or manga >.> I hope I get my bookshelf assembled soon -__-;
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"I'm so fierce! Be afraid! Love me, regardless."

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Lestat de Lioncourt from the "Vampire Chronicles" scored <b>144</b> on The Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test. [though I did count "Do you find your character attractive enough to date him/her?" because Rice did base him off her husband when she created Lestat]

[ profile] alchemy_hisoka , are you as surprised as me that it wasn't higher? Though maybe I was too lenient?

Please take the test for Armand babes XD


Zinnian scored 28 >.> [probably would have been lower if I didn't include things like "Does your character have telepathic and/or telekinetic (Force-like) abilities in a world where this is unusual?", when thinking that most people in WOD don't have Auspex, etc.]


Aug. 13th, 2008 10:43 pm
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"I'll be very good, a saint," I said. "But if I'm not will you whip me again, please?"___Armand ["The Vampire Armand" pg 98]
Bwahahaha! *falls-over laughing* Thank you for this lovely OOC canon Armadei~♥
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Replying to protected entry fails D: "The only thing I want soon is my cable. Everything else can wait. I think the cable can fit in one of those bubble envelopes though. As for the art supply I want; "quilling strips" for use with paper-quilling~ Just 1 tube of each colour-set though :3 and I will need your PayPal! YOU ARE VERY WELCOME too for giving poor Janken a good home :-P (and I use rechargable batteries to help some. And if you wont be using it for awhile take the batteries out or it will kill them) It can support folders too[to change a folder pause the song and press the mode(is that the name?)button,select the folder and hold mode to play]. Put anything good on it?"

I though I had deleted the bootleg!rip I had of "The Sims2",but I still had it on Colonel Volgin :D So I have been playing it like whoa~ I made a "Rice" family;Marius,Armand,Lestat,Nicki,Louis,&Claudia. I forgot Gabriel,but will make her separetly ^^; So far Armand & Marius heart each other after Armand had a brief thing with Louis

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Im almost on chapter 5 of "The Vampire Lestat" again. I hope to finish it before I this July--maybe even before I talk to Armie again. I still love mortal Nicolas de Lenfent the best. Pity he went mad...*bah*. I need to have Internet again, so I can go on Gizmo and have a Armand&Lestat chat again...maybe Crack, maybe not. I cant keep the character up over the phone; I laugh too much. Really, Lestat is ridiculas. I still dont get why I became stuck with him D: I dont even make a good Lestat to Armadei's perfect Armand...I dont even really like the Brat Prince. It is all fun though. Then there is parental!Marius *snot*

It has been like 2 years since I last read any Vampire Chronicles and it makes me giggle not just because we ruined it with Crack, but because it is nostalgic.

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Im stuck in Redemption, so I decided to either play Bloodlines, or start on practicing my French. I used to be in Extended Core & have written a children's book. Now I am so damn rusty it makes me dissapointed in myself. Well I sat down and "read" the begining of "The Vampire Lestat". Im somewhat able to act as not!Crack!Lestat again like I used to with Armie, before he went all Rockstar & self-absorbed & S&M...though canonly he did kick Armand's ass after the boy angel hit-on him...also does "Tell me how bad I am, it makes me feel so good." need context? My head!Lestat wears leather chaps...I'll start on the French after I plant my zinnia.

Once again Ive got a persistant cough. Last time I "read" TVL I had whooping-cough. I must have empathy for Gabriel? I remember listening[audiobook] to the part where she is dying of consumption at 3am while cluthing my sides because I hurt from coughing...then I watched a SARS movie where most of the characters died...T'was a wonderful night :-P *hairflip*

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I am planning on bringing a banana bread made by June that I have horded in the freezer to you, but here is a mini-gift in substitution for now.

We need to think  of a good superhero outfit for him instead of the 'Spy Chic'[not 'Tailor Chic' yet :P] one I drew in this pic. [also Armand has my old hair-style in it]

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