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Jun. 16th, 2015 05:58 pm
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Suck it, [ profile] krogoth5.

I know he deleted his account but I finally got a SNES after all these years. Back in 2006 after promising to give me the one he had, he decided I wasn't worth enough to have it. I was super depressed and he told me he'd give me his to cheer me up. I got excited, I cleaned space to hook it up to my television, bought some games off eBay, and it really gave me something to look forward to. But when I asked about collecting it he flatly told me he had changed his mind and was hoping I wouldn't say anything as he'd decided it was worth more than for me to have. I have been wanting one since they were released.

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Pointform as I'm hella tired but haven't been updating-updating and since this place is 10 years-old now I probably should. The bright yellow makes me feel better so there is that too.

→I sent my Nintendo 3DS away because the part the replaced in the last repair was sharp on the left side like it had leaked from the mould and not sanded down. I have a Circle Pad Pro and where the side is sharp I cannot hook it onto my system. I was told sanding it myself would void my warranty. But now they are saying they need to replace the system, but are refusing to send it to Washington again where they have the same style systems in stock. So I'm stressed, and had to call twice to confirm that I DONOTWANT a standard coloured replacement. If it comes to worst I'll have to buy the same 25TH anniversary edition off eBay. But I'll also buy a Midnight Purple 3DS to use for everyday since if I drop the cash for a new limited edition I won't be using it no matter how proud I am of it.

→I got a haircut. And new sneakers.

→Online stress stuff going on but it doesn't matter if I get into it.

→My laptop bag finally arrived. And then spent the next 2 weeks out on the clothesline because it reeked of plastic so bad that I couldn't handle it. I've since washed it again and it seems to be tolerable now. I used it when I went up the line Wednesday.

I've learned my ex' is rumoured to be getting married. )

→That said I don't care, being reminded of that time reminds me of others things and it's really not helping just how low I've been feeling. But as I said recently; I won't get into that either.

→I had one specialist appointment finally. Ever since I fell on the stairs and hit my ribs/kidney I've had to go to the washroom more frequently & my urine tests have shown blood without infection. Given my small/as developed as a pre-teen kidneys, and the swelling after the fall it was best to get it looked at. I had x-rays & an ultrasound. The x-rays showed what I suspected that I'd cracked my ribs back then instead of just bruising. 3 ribs actually. The ultrasound didn't show anything bad-bad, but the quality wasn't good so we'll see how the frequency reducing pills help & next tests go before seeing about doing another one. Doctor doesn't suspect anything hella bad, in any case.

→I am awaiting an appointment in Halifax about the other test with whatever is going on with the other things I mentioned before (that I also won't get into), so yeah. It probably won't be for a few more months, but some things are stabilised, some things aren't, and that's that for now.

→I bought a PS3 my PSN is "Lady_Noremon".

→I booked 50 skunks & 15 flamingoes [plastic blow mould lawn ornaments] for my biological mother's 65TH birthday. The Balloon Boutique will come around 11:30PM the night before and set them up on the field by her house and then come pick them up the next evening. I also ordered her a set of earrings, but I doubt they will arrive in time now.

→I got some birthday money early so I bought the PC version of "The Wolf Among Us" to get the physical copy later on, an Action Replay so I can bypass the secure server thing on Last Spectre to get the Weekly Puzzles from the fan server, the brown version of this eyeball ring, a Clear keychain, and a case for my Skylanders [I still want Lightcore Giants Prism Break, Giants Drill Sergent, & the Pirate Seas adventure set].

→My birthday is in 15 days now. I will be 26 year-old o_o

→I've been doing a lot of yardwork. Mostly catching-up on "Welcome to Night Vale" [I'm on "A Story About Them"] while cleaning my garden out, adding dirt, desodding, & planting things (mostly what I started in the house).
My garden. on Twitpic Dollarama flamingo too on Twitpic Welcome. on Twitpic

→I put my new flute playing lobster out down by Armand. I was being silly so I told it he might let it play with him, if he wasn't too pissy.
A flute playing lobster. on Twitpic Armand. on Twitpic

→We've had a lot more robins around here this year than last. Last year I'd see them around when I was out in town or something, but not around our yards.

→I'm at 93.3% Completion in "L.A. Noire" right now. I just have to replay 2 cases to get 5 Stars in them (3 cases since I'm missing a gun & there is a case which has the possible candidates of what one I'm missing), and to collect the damn remaining gold film reels. I've only collected 2 of them. It will probably be my first Platinum Trophy~ I have few Endings & some Trophies in "Heavy Rain", but I can't read the conversation text well on my bedroom television, and I am not in the mood to play it in the kitchen lately. I enjoyed playing Jack more than Cole, but I still ♥ Bekowsky as a partner (and Biggs).

→I had planned on by now having already taken my WHMIS & the resumé/interview courses, but the case-worker I have now is hard to get in contact with, lost one month of my paperwork, and signed me up for the wrong course last time I did manage to contact. It was supposed to give me more stability but it's just making me mostly more stressed. I have gotten my Food Safety & Handling course, & my St. John Ambulance Level A CPR & First Aid now though.
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Originally posted on June 9TH, 2012 at 23:11PM

Posting this as I promised that I would--and I'm trying to clean-up my doable promises.

Sarah's Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 0903-3278-0830

Nintendo DS/3DS Games As Of 05-19-2014

⇔=On-Going or Application


"Animal Crossing: Wild World" ⇔ [Stopped playing on June 22ND, 2011]
"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" ⇔
"Phoenix Wright -- Ace Attorney" ★
"Phoenix Wright -- Ace Attorney: Justice For All" ☆
"Phoenix Wright -- Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations" ★
"Apollo Justice -- Ace Attorney"
"Miles Edgeworth -- Ace Attorney"
"Professor Layton and the Curious Village" ★
"Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box" ★
"Professor Layton and the Unwound Future" ☆
"Professor Layton and the Last Specter" (And "London Life" ☆)
"Cooking Mama" ★
"Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends" ★
"Crafting Mama" ☆
"Gardening Mama"
"Camping Mama"
"Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days" ☆
"Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded"
"Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance -- Mark of Mastery Edition" ☆
"The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" ★
"The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" ★
"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D"
"Hotel Dusk: Room 215" ★ (but still have the 2ND playthrough)
"The Last Window: Secret of Cape West"
"Again" ★
"Trace Memory"
"Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" ★ [5/6 Endings (Safe, True, Coffin, Axe, & Submarine Endings. Still working on Knife)]
"Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" ☆ [Clover, Tenmyouji, Dio, & K Endings]
"Overlord: Minions" ☆
"StarFox: Command" ☆
"Time's Hollow"
"My French Coach" ⇔
"Legendary Starfy"
"C.O.P.: The Recruit"
"Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D"
"America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking" ⇔
"Fast Food Panic" ★
"Flash Focus" ⇔
"Games Around The World" ☆
"Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles"
"Jake Hunter: Detective Story -- Memories of the Past" ☆
"Junior Classic Books & Fairy Tales"⇔
"FreakyForms DELUXE -- Your Creations, Alive!" ☆ (Annoyed I have to do everything from the regular version over)
"Mario Party DS" ★
"Theresia" ☆
"Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times"
"Rhythm Thief and the the Emperor's Treasure" ★ (Everything unlocked except "Family Ties")
"The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" ★ (Missing 5 Golden Crabs & haven't played the 'Tintin & Haddock' part much)
"James Noir's Hollywood Crimes" ★ (Missed 2 Fan Letters)
"Trauma Center: Under The Knife" ☆ (I am stuck on the 'Under The Knife' level *URGH*)
"Trauma Cenrer: Under The Knife 2" ☆
"Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure" ★


"Health & Safety Information" ⇔
"System Settings" ⇔
"Activity Log" ⇔
"Miiverse" ⇔
"Nintendo Network ID Settings" ⇔
"Nintendo Countdown Calendar" ⇔
"myDiary" ⇔
"myNotebook: Tan™" ⇔
"Animal Crossing Clock" ⇔
"Animal Crossing Calculator" ⇔
"Pokédex 3D" ★
"The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX"
"The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords -- Anniversary Edition"
"Mii Maker" ⇔
"StreetPass Mii Plaza" ⇔ [With the 4 purchased games now!]
"Nintendo 3DS Camera" ⇔
"Nintendo 3DS Sound" ⇔
"Face Raiders" ★
"AR Games" ⇔
"Swapnotes" ⇔
"myPostcards" ⇔
"Download Play" ⇔
"Nintendo eShop" ⇔
"nintendo zone" ⇔
"Nintendo Video" ⇔
"My Little Restaurant" ★
"Dr. Mario Express" ☆
"My Asian Farm" ⇔
"FreakyForms -- Your Creations, Alive!" ★ [And now have the Deluxe version]
"Order-Up!!" ★
"Mighty Switch Force!" ★ [Except stars & 3 Bonus levels]
"Mighty Switch Force! 2" ☆
"Flips: More Bloody Horowitz" ☆
"Colors 3D!" ⇔
"Kid Icarus" ☆
"Flashlight" ⇔
"Liberation Maiden" ★
"Crimson Shroud" ☆
"The Starship Damery" ★
"The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons" ☆
"The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages"
"Earthworm Jim" ☆
"YouTube" ⇔
"Steel Diver: SUB WARS" [basic]
"Rusty's Real Deal Baseball™" [basic]


Demos & Previews:
"Resident Evil: Revelations -- DEMO"
"Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games -- DEMO" ★
"Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D -- DEMO" ★
"nintendogs + cats (Golden Retriever?) -- DEMO"
"Crush3D -- DEMO"
"Mutant Mudds -- DEMO"
"Pyramids -- DEMO"
"Rayman Origins -- DEMO"
"Order Up!! -- DEMO" ★
"LEGO® Batman 2: DC Superheroes -- DEMO"
"The Amazing Spider-Man 3D -- DEMO"
"Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance -- DEMO" ★
"Rhythm Thief and the the Emperor's Treasure -- DEMO" ★
"Heroes of Ruin -- DEMO"
"THE "DENPA" MEN They Came By Wave -- DEMO"
"THE "DENPA" MEN 2 They Beyond The Waves -- DEMO"
"THE "DENPA" MEN 3 The Rise of Digitoll -- DEMO"
"Style Savvy: Trendsetters -- FASHION CONTEST DEMO"
"Style Savvy: Trendsetters -- SHOPPING-SPREE DEMO"
"LEGO® The Lord of the Rings"
"Art of Balance TOUCH! -- DEMO"
"Moshlings THEME PARK -- DEMO"
"Disney's Epic Mickey Power of Illusion -- DEMO"
"2 Fast 4 Gnomz -- DEMO"
"Fire Emblem Awakening -- DEMO"
"Marvel Pinball -- DEMO"
"Fraxtured Soul -- DEMO"
"Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! -- DEMO"
"Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate -- DEMO"
"Etrian Odyssey IV -- DEMO"
"Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl -- DEMO"
"Brain Age: Concentration Training -- DEMO"
"Naruto Powerful Shippuden -- DEMO"
"Castlevania - Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate -- DEMO"
"Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity -- DEMO"
"HarmoKnight -- DEMO" ★
"Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed -- DEMO"
"Project X Zone -- DEMO"
"Project X Zone -- DEMO B"
"Crazy Construction -- DEMO"
"Undead Bowling -- DEMO"
"Chain Blaster -- DEMO"
"Mario & Luigi: Dream Team -- DEMO"
"Phoenix Wright -- Ace Attorney: Duel Destinies -- DEMO"
"Witch and Hero -- DEMO"
"AiRACE Speed -- DEMO"
"LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes: Universe In Peril -- DEMO"
"Sonic Lost World -- DEMO"
"Brunch Panic -- DEMO"
"Nano Assault EX -- DEMO"
"World Conqueror 3D -- DEMO"
"Aeterno Blade -- DEMO"
"Bravely Default -- DEMO"
"Chibi-Robo! PhotoFinder -- DEMO"
"Jump Trails Supreme -- DEMO"
"Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars -- DEMO"
"i'm an air traffic controller Airport Hero HAWAII -- DEMO"
"Mario Golf: World Tour -- DEMO"
"Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends -- DEMO"
"Kid Icarus: Uprising" preview
"Sakurai Samurai: Art of the Sword" preview
"Super Mario Land 2" preview
"Luigi's Castle: Dark Moon" preview
"Paper Mario: Sticker Star" preview
"Kid Icarus: Uprising" gameplay montage
"Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D" preview
"The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2" trailer


I am also going to probably wanting to have "Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles", "Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past", and "Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times" in the next 2 weeks, and the rest of the Mama games for DS/3DS. And definitely buying the full "Order Up!!" game whenever it is released for sale, as I have enough on my Nintendo eShop balance.

I've had a Nintendo DSlite since 12-25-2007 & a Nintendo 3DS since 12-25-2011; both are The Legend of Zelda limited editions. →
{ }

"Feel The Magic XY/XX", "Space Bust-A-Move", & "Age of Empires: Mythologies" have no cases or manuals so I'm not counting them.

I am getting a Wii U, so I'll make a separate post for those once I have a few games. I also may be getting "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" and will make a post for what I have or need in that too. { }
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This is an MMS message. Please go to to view the message.

I sent my Nintendo 3DS off for repairs again. The back panel has been raised-up and the battery isn't holding as much charge now. Also the right foot fell-off (I have it, but with the back not flush it was too hard to get in properly). I have another year on my warrenty where I sent it for repairs before, so hopefully they won't find me at fault & will cover it. I got it in 2011, so I figure the battery is swollen like old rechargable batteries sometimes do (I've had to replace my Motorola RAZR several times due to it). Again, I am terrified about it being away. I worry that though I have to send me the original system back if it can't be repaired, that they'll send me a not-Limited Edition system back anyway. I worry that all my data will be deleted, or they'll lose my SD card. Unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera.
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Simply divine!
Impeccably fine!
Gorgeous design!
Notably kind!
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♪Diggin' around for Ore Chunks♪
♪Diggin' down for more chunks♪
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I don't really think that it matters if I update. But I might as well. I have been ridiculously low, and a lot of distractions haven't been working. This is a type of distraction too, so again I might as well.


→I have an "EDIT" bit that I need to retype on my last post because it kept failing to save, but "Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure" is still awesome. I'm finding traveling all over the large map a bit tedious (especially since I keep clicking on everything not wanting to miss Sound Disks, Medals, & Recorder Noises). Marie is a great partner. Like she originally reminded me of Colette from "Tales of Symphonia" (which I never finished), but she is actually really valuable. Like there have been times when Raphael hasn't known what to do, but she had a very clever idea. She is also good at sneaking. And she isn't a 'damsel in distress'--the only time she took off crying is because of something very harsh (she had been raised in an convent and they thought they'd finally found her mother, but the woman was all "No." and acted like Marie was an unsightly bug). And even Raphael trying to pull they "I don't want to put you in danger!" was founded in the fact that what seems to be a resurrected (zombie?) Napoléon wants Raphael actually dead & keeps sending his knights to physically attack. It wasn't because she's be 'in the way' since she really is smart & helpful, but actually because she'd really be in danger. But Raphael gave in and they've broken into a few places together so far [I'm only on Chapter 5 (of at least 10)]. Also I am pretty much fangirling over Charlie! I can only get D Rank in the two fights I've had with him, but he is just so cool. Little serious detective with something to prove~ I've asked [ profile] ahnjehleehn to draw me a picture of him.
→My 3DS' right shoulder button [R Button] has been selectively responsive, and if a cleaning (Nintendo recommends a clean & dry toothbrush, but I can't afford one right now) doesn't remedy it, I'll have to send it off for repairs again. Luckily I got another year added to my warranty because of the hinge repair. I first thought the unresponsiveness was just in the newly updated Internet Browser (which seems slower now & I dislike how the loading bar is), but on playing "Mighty Switch Force!" (which the shoulder button is the switch button) I kept dying because it didn't respond all the times when pressed. It doesn't seem like a physical issue since it makes the satisfying *click* that the other buttons do.
On Wednesday morning I scalded my right hand. )
→On Thursday I put a vinyl glove on and cleaned my room though. I was planning to anyway (while Wendy was away & thus not here to complain or snoop through my stuff), and I decided I was too sick of it to wait for my hand to heal. I love clean bedding, and my new sheets have chickadees on them. Nicki isn't very happy with it though since I didn't put his blanket back on, and instead put my purple throw at the foot. He used to love the purple throw, and liked to suck on the fringe, but since he has a blanket he really loves all others don't compare?
→I caught-up on "Doctor Who" except for "The Angels Take Manhattan" & "Demon's Run: Two Days After". The first I have ready, but am not in the mood for as ⇒
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Trying the My LJ/Portal posting thing. Shame it lacks User-Picture selection & such, but the submit/such buttons aren't disabled like the new main update page. I Locked my last 2 entries (rambling, almost crying, & upset Voice Posts), so this is a bullet formed attempt here.


→I am about still, not online, feeling very low (Alberta low), pointless, scared, & such. But still floundering about.


→I had to go with mom to have Lotty [Charlotte] put down on Tuesday. )


→My Nintendo 3DS got back on February 10TH. The hinge is fixed! I also got 9 StreetPasses (1 person twice). One from Antigua, one from Alaska, one from Colorado, and the rest from Washington. They set it back in time 2 years (January 2011), ran some applications that show as a bunch of "??????????". a DS Demonstration program, opened my Internet Browser, then set the time back.
→I haven't been doing much with it though, but did play until Chapter 7 in "Professor Layton and the Unwound Future" (since I finally watched my Eternal Diva DVD). The Slot Machine Gun was so, so cool.


→I managed to play 'Echo Bazaar' for the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. But fucked-up & am 3 Masquing short for Lettice. So I wasted the money, Nex, & all that time. )


→I missed Winterfest this year because being low means I don't deal with dates/time well.
→I bought cheesecake for my mom & I for Saint Valentine's Day. Besides having a card to send Armie (not sent because she sent me a letter, and I want to stick both my response & the card together). I also got a box of pirate valentines, & sent 2 of those out too. And that was how I spent it. I knew my mailbox thing wouldn't get response as I didn't advertise it, and I chose not to reactivate my Twitter for it. Since it was a choice of being alone, or dealing with mass removals & Blocking.
→Because I am terrified that people are just waiting to pounce on doing such as soon as it's activated. I really don't know what to do about my Twitter. I hate feeling so hated. )
→And I really don't know what to do about my Twitter & just everything.


→I did finally manage to get a copy of "The Erciyes Fragments".
→And I had reinstalled Bloodlines last weekend, but haven't played past the tutorial with all the other things happening. I am having to play without the official patch though, since it seems it was the cause of the not saving screenshots & getting stuck in windowed mode from my last time installing before my reformat. There are work-arounds if I encounter the bugs at least. And it's no different than when I played it extensively last time as I had no Internet to download the patch anyway. I'm using the extra stat dots on character creation glitch this time too, as I planned playing this time for the story & a distraction.
→By the way: Beckett is so cool. I wonder if he'll glitch & stay in wolf!form this time too? [Every time I met Beckett in 2007-2009 he stayed as a blue wolf, and thus all my conversations were him talking to Zinnian's crotch]
→Zinnian/Alexander has changed since first creation. Though I guess I and him are older now. I'd still give him higher Auspex than Celerity, and NO Presence though. And he still is a terrible Toreador. And still would rather be Independent. So if I do play Bloodlines again, I'm not going to focus on Seduction so much this time, and I gave him points in Scholarship (which having been a university student, he'd have).
→I should type a character sheet thing using that role-play template for him.

Stuck it all together. I hate the new update/edit page.


I cannot express how grateful I am, and I have no idea how to respond!
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First off, HERE is a video of Nicki & Lydie washing each other ---> { }


Well yesterday [July 14TH, 2012] my mother & I went to Dalhousie Days out/up in West Dalhousie. West Dalhousie is located on the South Mountain, and is very, very rural. Quite a ways into it is also where [ profile] krogoth5 used to live, and is a place I've been to so, so many times :/ I haven't been since...2005? but I wanted to go to Dalhousie Days this year to see the reptile show that they were hosting. And besides from gas & a hella long drive the price is free (excluding $5 for optional breakfast). It isn't the event that it used to be, but the now organisers seem to be trying to get it more attention and things for a 'hip-er' crowd (holding a video dance & variety show). I got breakfast which was 2 pancakes, 3 sausages, & some-sort of murky juice (the jug said 'orange', but it tasted kinda like peach, so I figure they mixed them). The pancakes were burnt on the outside, but had a nice fluffy texture. But I only managed to eat one (my mother had the other) & the sausages as I wasn't feeling very well [I did not sleep well the night before--between the heat & a dream about Hal-Con 2011 (I fell asleep to eTalk covering Comic-Con) that put me in a very grumpy mood (I spent a lot of money, trust, & belief for it, and felt unwanted, in the way, & ditched for most of it)]. But after I ate we went around and looked at the tables of things some people were selling, and also bought 4 envelopes of tickets for the Chinese suction. My mom bought me a faux wood peacock ring, and later that day also a pineapple one too ($3 each). There wasn't much I was interested in for the auction, but I did fail to win passes for Oaklawn Farm & Upper Clements Park though. I also StreetPassed with 2 kids that were also attending, and even got to StreetPass with FreakyForms (It seems no-one I StreetPass with has that game, or has nothing set-up to send out with it)! So now Saunder, Lorrie, & Pïäté are Visitors on Planet Ethan C. :}

And then after lunch, Bingo, & the children's games had temporarily been put-away, Maritime Reptile Adventures set-up. They brought 7 reptiles to show [they planned to bring an 8TH (some sort of red snake), but he was filled-up with fluid getting ready to shed his skin, so they didn't think the loooong trip would be very fun for him]; 3 lizards, 3 snakes, & a tortoise~

Bandit: a male Taiwanese beauty
Peaches: a female German giant bearded dragon
Illusion: a male speckled king snake
Stitch: a male water monitor
Tortilla: a female red-footed tortoise
Jigsaw: a male ball python
Bear: a male black & white tegu

I really enjoyed it, and it seemed like at least Mike (a zookeeper) loved what he was doing. I also really loved Peaches and got to hold her on my lap twice. I fond it adorable that she was named such a cute name, and that her favourite food is strawberries. I also learned that they think she is about 6 years-old, but aren't certain as she was found abandoned & wandering around Halifax. I also loved Tortilla, and she took off and trottled around the floor when she was put on it (even running over my foot XD ). I thought being named after a 'little cake' was so cute, and also learned that she goes...well bananas for bananas ("I like bananas. Bananas are good.") XD And Bear was also awesome! He was just like a big cuddly lug, and I kept being reminded of Nicolas (my middle brat) & Bear from ".Hack//Sign" XD


The rest of the pictures I took can be found {HERE}

Also there is 3 short videos I took of the reptile show {HERE}


I also recently played the "Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure" demo' and now I really want the game. The music is lovely, and the main character looks really cool. My favourite mini-game from the demo was 'Looting the Louvre', and my favourite pose is for C-Rank. I took a pretty poor quality video of me playing the demo, and the soundtrack can be found {HERE}. Sadly I've blown my video-game budget until the autumn (excluding pre-ordering "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"), and I'm trying to save-up some for the Annapolis Valley Exhibition next month.

But last night I bought "Mighty Switch Force!" as it was $5 off until 9:00PM PST today, which means I only paid $3.15CAD for it--though I used my Nintendo eShop balance. It's about a cybernetic cop named Patricia tracking-down escaped prisoners/Space Hooligans. It's all done in Megaman-type sprites (which are 3-D layered if one chooses to use the 3DS' slider), and is really not a very serious game. I'm currently stuck at the end of 'Incident .12' because there is a tricky jump & switch that I can't seem to time right, and just end-up- squishing myself, or landing on spikes. Here is a 'realistic' art of Officer Wagon. And since that page links to the OST on BandCamp {and is no longer really Free :/ [virt (yes THAT virt) & WayForward originally posted it to be free]}, here can hopefully be found a .ZIP of it on MediaFire.

Lastly; I am on the room after the Library in "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" (is it officially now "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"/"Zero Escape: 999"?). I haven't been playing much, but I have completed the steering wheel puzzle, and the number balls computer puzzle (and I thought how each ball was a different colour was really cool) now. I love Seven & Snake's banter, especially when Seven calls Snake 'kid' XD Like when Seven said something like 'Hurry-up, or we'll be here 'till the cows come home', and Snake replied 'Well then at least we wouldn't have to bring them back ourselves'. Also when Snake corrected Jupei's "Like they say, practice makes prefects!" with "Don't you mean '-Practice makes perfect-'?" and Junpei told him to do the puzzle himself then. ...The puzzle was on a computer screen and involved sorting coloured numbered balls. So yeah; make the blind guy do a quite sight-required puzzle while everyone is in a hurry because the ship is sinking. Well it might work slowly with a screen reader describing things--and Snake probably could find a way to do it anyway. Snake~♥ XD

I've also been rewatching "Gallery Fake" (one of my favourite animes)~ I want a Rhythm Thief & "Gallery Fake" crossover now though! And I've beeing trying to rewatch/finish original "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" anime which I started back when I had my wisdom teeth out ^^; (so 2006 or 2007) BURNT VCDS XD


Well MediaFire keeps losing connection while uploading, so I'm going to leave it and hope that it uploads overnight :/

It uploaded! So a .ZIP of the "Mighty Switch Force!" OST is now in my Music MediaFire folder --- >
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Well today started-out alright (Eventhough I slept in late because I felt achey & worried that I was getting sick). I found-out that there is going to be an update for the 3DS on Wednesday. It is supposed to "help organise the Home screen", so maybe folders. I hope copy&paste or autofill is added to the Internet Browser, or Bookmarks saved to the SD Card to ease the limit on them. There are rumours of patch support too, so maybe downloadable content will be added or become more common. I also bought the redone original "Kid Icarus", which I played on a GameBoy at the IWK moments before I went into surgery when I was little. And the Animal Crossing for 3DS release date was announced for Japan in 3RD Quarter 2012. So I even less regret buying "Animal Crossing Wild World" to play now (it hasn't arrived yet). I also watched an episode of "Ringer" and it had a florist in it that sounded like the TV Newscaster from "Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines" (did Brian Mitsoda voice him?), and I laughed so hard. I've been thinking about starting that game up again so hard lately. A new game but playing my Toreador the same way, as I keep thinking of things and wanting to replay them (like "Traffik!"(sp?), and the 'it scares me right bad' haunted "Ocean House"). But Kotaku also mentioned "Grim Fandango" today, so I now really want ro play that again too (but I don't have a disk anymore as it was one of the things I lost when my mom kicked me out).

...But the afternoon lead to crap... )

So now I am finishing another cup of tea, & trying to steady enough to mend one of my dress shirts. Then I am going to head-off to attempt sleeps (though I suck at it lately), or maybe read more of "The Wrong Box" then attempt sleeps [a fantastic book that I greatly recommend! It's by Lloyd Osbourne & his stepfather; Robert Louis Stevenson. (but then again I chose it as Cassius' favourite book, so maybe it is not the best read for tonight)]. Tomorrow I need to search for where I claimed my Knowledge First (or whatever it was called back then) withdrawal on my income-tax back in 2008, and try to guard myself for Monday.--I'm going to go to my first legal advice/looking-into of the *poof* education money (luckily the person I'm seeing is my old financial adviser & family friend, so I don't have to worry about fees yet). And then I will have a hella long bath.

Oh, & there is an interview I should share (if I go on my Shaglehod again)! A Fox News reporter interviewed Kevin Bieksa, but thought that he was interviewing Ryan Kesler (I assume by the background noises it was rinkside, so Bieksa was wearing his own uniform too). Bieksa thus made a good but ridiculous Kesler impersonation. He kept praising America & everything. It was wonderful XD

*flump* Well I'm not going to that meeting now today.
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Freakyforms is a "Nintendo eShop" game for the Nintendo 3DS. The point is to make creatures, and thus grow & explore your own little planet. You can only create a limited amount a day, and you can only explore for a limited amount of time each trip. In each section there is various foods to eat (everything from mushrooms, to lollipops), quests to do (like break all the green balloons, or transport another Formee across' the map), treasure chests to find keys for, various Formees to meet, etc. A lot of the features are locked at first, so it can be a bit tedious, but after you do more things there is quite a lot more freedom. There are 4 zones to unlock (by making a certain number of Formees): Meadow (grass/country), Ocean (tropical with a giant sunken pirate ship), City (full of fast food & racing), & Skyland (a magical candyland in the clouds). Each part of the scenery in each zone can either be edited, and/or have the colours changed. I've pretty much left all of it as is, just changing a few things, but I did change the most in Skyland.

The Formees that you make can be exported as pictures, and also QR Codes so that you can share them with people. The game also works with StreetPass, but given my rural area, I have yet to experience that part of the game. There are also a lot of in-game Formees to collect (by doing quests, challenges, or winning them in the Jackpot Egg thing). Also no matter their gender, all Formees lay eggs after eating foods.

I said that I'd share some of my Freakyforms things, so here is a post for it. I've had this game since January 27TH, but I've only really posted about it on Facebook or GetGlue. Also my planet is named 'Planet Calufrax', which is the name of an planet from the "Doctor Who" episode "The Pirate Planet" (one of my all-time favourite episodes!)~

All the Formees I have made can be found over {HERE} (the ones at bottom are from Creation Challenges), but below are a few of my favourites:


Lorrie is the first Formee that I created (hence why she is facing that way), and my preferred one to Explore with. Yes, a female peacock that is not a peahen. Yes, based-off of Cassius. I find it so amusing that she is obsessed with food. And it made me laugh so hard that in the tutorial the quest is to find & eat a mushroom, and she was SO EXCITED to eat it. Her voice is Playful (you can select different styles, and then pitches), and sounds very boyish, but the pitch I have it at is a bit feminine. Her 'catch phrase' is 'Yeorw', like a peafowl.

Pïäté is my first attempt at making a Formee with wheels, fins, and wings. I also made him kinda like a punk. I just love how versatile he is, and how grumpy he sounds!

Dalek is an attempt at making a Dalek! I love how a lot of it is animated (the gun shoots, the lights rotate, etc.) It also has an Angry voice, instead of a Robotic one.

I also tried to make a TARDIS. I should maybe have used the police light for the top, but it just didn't seem to suit.

More under here )

Another feature of Freakyforms is to set-up scenery and to take a picture of a Formee in it. This can then be saved as a .JPG or put in your mailbox to send to someone if you StreetPass with them (you can also set-up 3 Formees to send randomly via StreetPass). I haven't taken many pictures because it is limited, and you can only store 14 at a time, but here are a few:

Dalek taking over the city. This is my StreetPass photo'.

More under here )

And lastly I took some AR pictures, but I don't really care for how they are set-up.

Lorrie (and I would have made her neck longer, but I didn't have many shapes when I first started the game)

Gil Fishman (a Formee you can unlock) reminds me of a Classic!"Doctor Who" creature

More under here )

And that's all I shall post for tonight! I have a bunch of Miis/QR Codes to share, and I took another lot of "AR Games" Mii pictures. But I've used-up my mental/emotional capacity for the Internet for now. I've uploaded the stuff to Photobucket already though.
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Originally posted on March 17TH, 2013. At 09:22PM

I've had these taken & uploaded since 04-06-2012, but given how the Saunder thing went I was too scared to post. But since Photobucket is messing-up tomorrow [it isn't that bad, except it dislikes my older computer/slow Internet, & changes my careful organisation >:[ (I AM GOING TO MISS 'CHERRY CRUSH' THOUGH)], here are the second bunch of "AR Games" pictures

The first post can be found over{HERE}



As you can see from his eyebrows, he isn't a natural blond, and though the "Mii Maker" doesn't have either, Alexander has light brown roots showing, and 2 different coloured eyes.

Zinnian & my Sarah Mii~♪


The Lumbry Family

More Lumbry Family & Mila under here )


Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) & Sean Connery

Jane, Sean Connery, The Master & 5, 8, and 10 )


I made more characters, but I don't know if I will ever do another session like this again. I did take a picture of my Mii for Saint Valentine's Day though:
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The Nintendo 3DS has a built-in feature called "AR Games" (altered reality), and it comes with a few AR Cards so you can impose characters & things into real-life. After the tutorial for "AR Games" has been completed, you can then take pictures of Miis. I posted a picture on Saint Valentine's Day of my Mii as an example. One pretty much has to make atleast 1 Mii in "Mii Maker" because your default Mii gets used for your "Friend List", by default for StreetPass [though you can switch to any other Mii you have made (and I wish the hats showed-up on the Mii elsewhere)], in things like "Swapnote", etc. My Mii is named 'Sarah' (creator/DS name 'Norémon'), and is an attempt to turn my short!plump-ness into cuteness.

Anyway yesterday while I had my craft table set-up, and construction paper around, I decided to take a few pictures.

My Mii surveying a bunch of other Miis I created (I selected the add 'Many' option)


Mii's in "Mii Maker" wander around on the screen you sort them to, and randomly do several different actions. Sneeze, fall asleep, cross their arms, happily wave about, or if near another Mii might start a conversation with them (Alfred seems predisposed to conversing). The talking is just '...' in speak bubbles, with nodding, hand gestures, and such.

...I made a Cassius Mii because she is my character after all, and I guess it is a way to have her still exist (at least to me). It makes me laugh that she seems predisposed to crossing her arms, & falling asleep while standing-up. And since I only had 3 Miis at the time, I decided to make an Alfred, then an Uncle Frederick, Mila (short for 'Wilhelmina'), and I pretty much most of Cassius' family.--Even the servants. They have filled the royal blue screen in my "Mii Maker".

Mila, Frederick, Lorel, Alfred, Robin, Elise, Flora, & Robert

More pictures under here )

I think eventually I will post pictures of my Patrick Jane Mii, Sean Connery, and the "Doctor Who" ones that Jeremy & I made. I also have a bunch of "Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!" Formees that I have been meaning to post, and may use the AR Card with some of them as well. Club Nintendo has a giant AR Card that can be redeemed for coins. I might get it eventually, though I probably could make one maybe.

A lot of things I have made with my Nintendo 3DS can be found over {HERE}.

...The Lorel Mii QR Code can be found over {HERE}...


Another post can be found over {HERE}
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Firstly, this is a picture of Darly. I bought this lovely pink hippopotamus in Alberta, on Saint Valentine's Day 2008, at the GPRC bookshop. I have taken her with me almost everywhere that I have travelled since then, so probably over 6,000km! I love the quality Russ has, and this hippo is even machine washable :3

And this is the cake I mentioned in the last entry. These photographs are poor quality from my 3DS camera in an old, low-lit house.

And here is my Mii sitting on the box of chocolates that June gave me. I bought her a clubhouse sandwich & chips at The End Of The Line Pub.


My plans for today were going to be: Wear my favourite clothes, have a good breakfast while checking my Valentinr, ready some belated valentines to mail, then put on my new jacket and go into town, do errands, go to the post office, and buy a burger & sweet potato fries at the local pub on the way back. Then watch "The Lost Boys" :3

Well my favourite shirt had been washed in this laundry detergent that we only used for one load since it was terrible. I stubbornly tried to wear it anyway, but it made me so itchy, and really bothered my allergies & asthma :( So I had to take my emergency inhaler, and I was still so filled-up that I decided to just go back to bed & nap. After I put on my 2ND favourite shirt, and I did get to town & bought June & I lunch, but I didn't bother with my other errands (I got reminded of something and grew horribly low, sad, sob-y, & such). At least I got sooooooo full on sweet potato fries!

That "Swapnote" note was from Nintendo, but sadly Nikki has yet to return to my Plaza :( And I want to thank whomever sent me the 'Glass Heart's LiveJournal V-Gifts! I really wasn't expecting them XD I sent my 5 free ones out though, so I hope your days were well; Laurie, Anjeey, HoT, Fred, Candi, & Kabochan!Sarah (though she probably doesn't know she received one, I still miss her :( )! And lastly thank-you to those that sent me Valentinrs! Often those are all I do for Valentine's Day, so receiving them is always something to look forward to, & are appreciated. Only 2 were signed though, so I can only directly thank Snickerer & Ashley-boobcakes!

I hope your days were well too,
---Captain Sarah-Sarah
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This is just to check-in and apologise to those it concerns for not replying to contact, or contacting, and whut-whut. I have just been so worn-out/tired the past 2 weeks. So in conjunction with my usual hesitation/anxiety with contacting, I really have got back on nothing. I have 2 Facebook messages to reply to, a LiveJournal message, and an e-mail. Plus I also had planned to try to send more/not be afraid to send more frequent text-messages to someone else. But bravery is quite hard right now.

I cannot promise to get back to people, soon or otherwise, but I will try to around the end of next week. My trust is so damn shot, that besides from being too drained & not up to providing substantial replies, I just do not feel right in making any promises, when I cannot believe any myself right now. Actions or proof are what I need, and since I don't know if I will get around to replies, I will only say that I will try to try.

Monday/tomorrow is the day I drink 32 ounces of water and have that ultrasound though, so it will be a longass day with car rides & waiting. And then Tuesday is Saint Valentine's Day, which usually somehow manages to just grind at me, even if this year doesn't have the same situations as other years. I really am rather pathetic. *Bah* Then Wednesday I have errands & telephone calls to make.

But anyway, of the 4 ways of communication that I have to get to sometime soon-ish, e-mail, and then LiveJournal messages (in part because I read them via e-mail) are the hardest for me. Facebook isn't too bad, but I rarely check it, sometimes the new messages' notifications don't go through, and yeah. Text-messages are the easiest, and such, though my RAZR gets full easily & I haven't been keeping my cellular-telephone on my person much. Of course I still worry about just being a bother when I contact, so -_-;

I will be checking my e-mail a fair bit though for the next while, 'in any case'. I had to file a support ticket with Nintendo, and am hoping for it to help fix things. I received Nikki from "SwapNotes" last night on my "Mii Plaza". But today I started the Plaza up to play "Find Mii II" and Nikki had disappeared D: I checked the "Mii Maker" to see if she had gone there (Miis received via Invitation on the Plaza leave if sent to "Mii Maker"). She hadn't, so I called Nintendo's support. The representative couldn't help much since this is a weird error, so we filed a ticket. I really hope that there is a way to get her back, and a way that doesn't involve deleting all my Plaza dara, or the notes I received from [ profile] gargantsurprise & [ profile] koujikouichi sent me :( And then I have that mysterious letter in it too that I need to wait until 'the specified date' to open...when it doesn't state the date besides from a cryptic clock symbol.

Anyway; if anyone wants to contact me, txts would be best I guess. My number is BAO-ETTA if you translate it to 1337, and my area code is New Scotland.

Oh and a referral to my Valentinr again, since I posted it originally at a silly hour, & their site was having a hella lot of errors.
or just

I totally forgot that Bridgetown's Winterfest 2012 is the end of this week! So instead I probably won't try to try until the beginning of the week after. Winterfest is a small festival in town that has a huge!ass bonfire, snow sculpture, winter sports, a free-will-offering breakfast, hot chocolate, & lovely mulled cider~ I again wosh that I had someone to take to see the bonfire though :(

Ultrasound is now waiting for the rebooking. It is snowstorming down where I am in the Annapolis Valley right now, and the little rural road I live on hasn't even been plowed or salted yet--let alone how bad the storm will be by the time we were supposed to leave. The pain is worse today too, so it probably would have been better to look at today though. So since I am not going, I am going to go back to sleeps, then make a cake later. I am not big on sweets, but I have been craving chocolate cake :3 So going to make a Saint Valentine's Day cake~

Oh, and Lydia jumped into a full bathtub last night D: So I had to hold her & dry her with a towel...after having to catch her. For being almost 1 year old (on April Fools' Day actually), she is still so tiny (just 6lbs.). And since she just got over something, I am going to keep an eye on her.
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Sarah's Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 0903-3278-0830

Sarah QR Code Norémon

I don't know if that works with anything besides the 3DS, but maybe? I would like to have people add me, whatever the case.

And I am still going to stay offline mostly. Still don't feel welcome on Twitter and such, and still dealing with the feeling mistaken for the past year-and-a-half, and not feeling like I have any point. Hopefully the 3DS will help somewhat.
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Happy Saint Valentine's Day!~♥

I totally made that :D With a combo of Gimp, Inkscape (which glitched so the stroke is not smooth >_<), PhotoStudio5.5, & OpenCanvas 3.3 ^______^ I ripped-off/re-made one of the 'retro' valentines from [[here]] ;P I plan to re-make the whole set before next year *hehehe*! Heeeeeeeey Armie, reconise the font?~♥

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