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Apr. 2nd, 2015 01:35 am
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Pain au chocolat with almond cream from Marie et Guy's French Bakery are one of my favourite things. And I brought one back the other night and Lydia & Minnow came running to see what I was taking out of that paper bag. Minnow sniffed it and got icing sugar on her schnoz.
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Bland Sarden
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Today was my birthday. I actually had a rather lovely birthday. I have pictures to go through & upload, and more to type. But here is a picture of my marble cheesecake from Leo's Café [in Annapolis Royal].

{ } ← Pictures not on Photobucket. If my capacity holds I'll write stuff up on it, but in the least here are pictures.
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[6:03 minutes in]
{ }

No matter what time of day I hear it, it always makes me crave damn pancakes.
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Steve @CatDrawingGuy:
{ }
"Cat #15446: @Lady_Noremon Sarah wanted a detective cat who loves eating cake!"
{ }
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Since Photobucket is changing over tomorrow (I hate 'infinite scroll'), I went through & uploaded a bunch of photographs I had been meaning to for ages (some since 2011), or that were uploaded on my Facebook. For some reason scrambling filenames turned itself back on (I had disabled it as soon as it could be), but I only noticed after I had uploaded over 500 pictures :/


Nicki in a party hat
Nicolas' 2ND Birthday (2012) ► { }


{ }
Which includes:

minnow daffodil sakura
Flowers ► { }
Cherry Blossoms ► { }

Custom Patent Scrutinizer
Peacock Stuff ► { } (like the desk set I got from the old The Inside Story Bookstore)

Hal-Con 2011 ► { }

Minnow in Christmas-sy best
Cats In Outfits ► { }

Window display at the Salvation Army Thrift Store Robin cookie Me & Lydia The Dante & Nero pillow Douchette gave me in 2011
Holidays 2011 ► { }

my giraffe bowl from when I was little
Miscellaneous ► { }


ALSO here again are the clothes I am trying to give away, or find a charity to donate to where they will actually be given to people instead of sold. They are all in great condition, most only washed and never worn (I lost weight or lost interest), or still with the tags on them.

{ }
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I can edit my user-picture, add pictures, & such later with LJ.NET since it loads the raw text to edit & not the messed-up like the new update page does (it changes things to the alt& etc.). The messing-up stuff is why I backed-up stuff to [ profile] ladys_rambles so much. It can't do 'do not add to RS feeds & Friends' Pages' like the old update page, and I haven't figured-out backdating, but custom Moods & drop-down user-pictures is lovely.

I'll add ■ where I might upload picture's later.


On Monday I went with Matts to Sushi Fang in Greenwood. We both got their bento boxes, but I got sashimi, and he got beef teriyaki, then we split them 50/50. They give more tempura if you eat in, but less rice & miso soup than with take-out. It was so, so much food though D: We devoured it all, but were both hella sleepy/walking blobs for the rest ofnthe day. Their bento boxes come with: miso soup, rice, salad (lettuce with a mayonnaise like sauce), tempura (eggplant, yam, shrimp, & broccoli), 3 California rolls, & a main [beef teriyaki, sashimi (6 pieces, but we got 7), hibachi chicken, salmon teriyaki, or sushi (5 pieces)]. All for about $16.00 ($12.95+15% tax). I've only had their bento & a tempura udon (so, so good D: But I could eat tempura or/and noodles/pasta all day anyway). We also split (*ba-dum-tish*) a deep-fried banana. They gave us the honey (tasted like maple syrup though) & sesame kind instead of the chocolate & ice-cream kind, but brought us a piddly amount of ice-cream when we told them the mistake. I was so, so good D: My damn tooth (old filling, got am appointment afternoon today though, after my last one had to be cancelled due to sick Nicolas) kept being cold sensitive though, so I had to eat the cool bits on one side :/ I also got iced tea, which besides from Arizona green is not something I drink very often.


I also borrowed money from Matts and bought a 100 spindle of blank DVDs since they were on sale for about $30. I planned to get a smaller spindle, but he offered so I got the massive one. Now to burn off things I've been meaning to send to peeps.

Ardene (one of my favourite stores) has closed since I was at the Greenwood Mall last. The Inside Story bookstore moved to a nearby old store, and is now no longer in the mall and is also now just one cheap looking room. They just sell books & cards now (I used to get art supplies there & gift items), have a Wal*Mart variety, & pretty much is not the store they were. There old place felt like a bookstore, had variety, & was helpful (I waited over 10 minutes in the new place for one of the 2 workers to assist me in an otherwise empty store). I think they even got rid of the old manager :[ The mall has also lumped together all the clearance items from various stores into where the La Senza used to be. They only have 25% off and most of it left is broken though. There were 2 large faux stone wall arts there that Douchette & I kept joking about (he even laughed saying he'd buy them to put on either side of one of my room's windows):


After we hobbled to the transit bus & hung-out back at his place. I played more "The Unfinished Swan" [giving the controller to him when the Nighttime level started really creeping me out (you have to stay in the small bits of light, while navigating through a pitch-black forest...where giant glowy-eyed spider things can attack you...and actually kill Monroe. Very little music too, only the sounds of the spiders rustling about, your running, Monroe's heartbeat & cries when not in the light, and crickets)]. I love how creative that game is! But it has to be played in little bits because it can become tedious. I got up until the page about The King creating love, then it was supper time.

Matt's stepdad cooked stuffed & Shake-n-Bake chicken breasts, with mashed potaties, & vegetables. I was glad & surprised he did (the last few times I've visited, Matt's mom has been going to pick us up supper, but he has said we'd already had ate, but tells us she is bringing something, so we don't cook, and thus miss supper. That's the ind of person he is :/ ). And it was delisous~ We were surprised how hungry we were since it had only been 4-5 hours since the massive Sushi Fang meal. After we both were even sleepier D:

I also played with the character creator in "SoulCaliber V". I made a knight!Lorel (or The Lonely Knight) because there is a character named Hilde that is a female knight-type. So I picked her fighting style, but chose a hella long trident & bastard sword. The nose on the face I picked isn't quite right, and she doesn't have that much top-lip-dip-thing, and the cheeks aren't podgy enough (which is one of my favourite things of her), but the rest is close to my head!image (or at least in the SoulCalibur style!).

I even managed to get the right type of voice--except the accent. Her whole under armour (which is not the Hilde!armour, and took me ages to get all the pieces edited to be in the same colour scheme) is bandages under multi button-fronted trousers & a billowy/poet shirt, with a blue leather vest over top. I am terrible at the game so I didn't actually play her much, but I did beat Ezio (from Assassin's Creed) over the head with the trident quite a lot! The Hilde fighting style is a long range melee weapon for the main attacks, but a sword or other such short ranged weapon for closer attacks. Also kicking/stomping and not very graceful tossing (but pretty fast given the whole covered in armour thing).
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Firstly; I've finally replayed/typed-up/posted the rest of the route (or what I could do since I don't yet know the username/password) I was working-on when my save file corrupted { }. I'll try to replay & get the short Game Over one for choosing to Betray Luna on Magenta ⇒ Green typed-up tonight or tomorrow if I'm not too tired. I've got the Dio Ending route I played to work-on now, and the one I'm currently on up to the Rec Room. I am sending my Nintendo 3DS off Monday when I go into town though, so I won't be able to play past then.


I haven't gotten to e-mail yet. But I did send the most important a card, and will probably do a quick 'here is the tracking number, and you are in my thoughts' e-mail after typing this. I'm just been so anxious or tired that I just can't bring myself for much online. I got so panicky on Saturday night over things I hadn't done, and the guilt, that I had to go offline.


After weeks I did manage to collect myself to start the Mr Sacks event though. Lorrie gave a bucket of d---able 'snow'. )
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This is an MMS message. Please go to to view the message.


{ }

Here is a picture of a take-out box I had back in February:

Sushi Fang is a restaurant in New Minas that mostly sells Japanese food. They are semi-expensive [at least to me, but then again I don't often 'eat out' (that way too)], but the food is lovely. I've only eaten there once and the service was really slow so I ended-up getting take-out as we were in a hurry (but Mom & I did eat delicious mango ice-cream while we waited). I got a hibachi chicken bento; which came with hibachi chicken, 4 California rolls, miso soup, and a small bit of tempura (they also gave me a free salad that I ended-up dropping on the ground on the way out). I love tempura, and it is also one of the few ways I'll eat shrimp (in stock, dumplings/rolls, tempura, & sushi is about it). The tempura from Sushi Fang was all nice and fluffy & delicious~ I am really, really excited that they are opening in Greenwood (more excited than for Christmas even, but I'm also dreading Christmas :T ) as it's far closer to here than New Minas is. New Minas is about an 1 1/2 hour drive away (with a much longer bus ride, and Sushi Fang is about a 20 minute walk from the nearest bus stop), and Greenwood is about a 45 minute drive (the bus ride is longer, but the bus stop is right at the Greenwood Mall too). I peeked in as the door was open and a lady told me that they were supposed to open 2 weeks ago but that the propane guy hadn't been in yet, so they are hoping to be open next week. She gave me a menu though :D

I am so going to stuff myself with udon, tempura, miso soup, & mango ice-cream~
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I tried to write an entry on Friday, but I couldn't finish it, so I tried yesterday and just gave up. Maybe it will get done, or I'll post what I got, but this will do. I've pretty much said all I was going to post elsewhere anyway (Plurk/Twitter/Facebook). I had a crappy week, and Thanksgiving made me feel like it doesn't matter if I'm alive or dead to most, and that feeling has yet to bugger off.


→Last Friday I went to visit Douchette for the first time in 2 months. We warched "Hudson Hawk" [Davis Caruso (Horatio) played a mute disguise artist named Kit-Kat], and played "You Don't Know Jack" & I played "Sorcery" (a PlayStation Move game with Erline the annoying/mean cow). I earned 13 PSN trophies (my PSN is 'Lady_Noremon' or whatever my LJ profile links to). We ate a Subway submarine sandwich, and almost a whole lasagna. I also injured my arm after using the Move controller so much and had to wear my arm brace for most of the following week.

→Thanksgiving was awful. )

→I got an appointment with my family doctor to get my MRI results, and to talk about my circulation (vein problems run in my family, and I've developed 2 spider veins on my leg, been having numbness, & not been able to keep warm.). I also called the physiotherapy department to make an appointment now that I've had my MRI. Well the one working the desk couldn't find my file. After a lot of searching she found it in the 'to discharge' folder, listed as the day I called in sick. So pretty much my new physiotherapist tried to discharge me :/ Which did not help my value level very much at all. I mentioned here before that she called me out-of-the-blue wanting to discharge me after only 1 appointment with her & booking another. I know that they have all of Pat's patients to deal with now, but for fuck sakes. I'm going to see what my results are & how Friday's session goes, but I think I'll request another reassignment (though the one I have is who Patrick thought would be best). I can't 'shop around' much though because I'm in a rural area, and my treatments need to be in a hospital for my provincial health insurance to cover it.

→Nicki had his recheck and it was excellent. So I got his innoculations & was very, very as ease. But right after those telephone calls (doctor/physio') Nicolas had an accident on the table. So I called the vets' and was told to come pick-up another round of those pills he was on since his physical examination was so great. Hopefully this will help :( But June really, really upset me when as I was getting back in the car after getting the ($7) pills, she said that I probably should have Nick put down as it has been expensive. He has a urinary tract problem, that now that it's been caught, that if he eats his food will have no impact on his quality of life, FFS.

→Yesterday I took my 3 brats out for 10 minute walks. I had hoped for a repeat of last year's adorableness in the autumn leaves, but Minnow is the only one that briefly pounced on anything. I have 3 videos from it/them to upload to YouTube once they convert. I had a hard time getting them to even go out though D: Minnow got harnessed fine, but then ran up stairs and hid. Nicolas was freaked-out that he was going to the vets' again.--So I let him walk where he wanted instead of carrying him to the front lawn where the leaves are. Lydia thought that I wanted to play chase with her, and ran up-and-down the stairs and bounced all over the place not letting me catch her. However once all of them were outside, they were fine! Lydia is probably the vest to walk as she doesn't squirm if I have to pick her up.

→I plan to do countdown pictures for "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" like [ profile] ahnjehleehn, only using "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" characters as I don't know the VLR cast very well [I'm hoping to like Dio & Sigma though, and Cloooooover (older than in 999 though, but she's Snake's little sister :} )]. I've been blah today so I've yet to scan or colour my little Zero doodle yet, or start Ace for tomorrow. I'm just doing doodles though in that little cute style because it already is daunting enough D: Zero's gasmask is frustrating to draw. I'm also saddened that the game comes out on the 24TH, and not the 20TH as I had thought :/

→I'm not looking forward to LiveJournal's new posting page. I like the drop-down lists, and the new page hates my crappy Internet & old computer :[ (I'm trying to edit some entries before, like I unlocked one last night).

→I'm getting less ignored on Twitter, but still enough that I feel like I'm tweeting to air or myself. I'm also still too scared to check the main stream usually, because I don't want to know who's not there anymore. I know the Blocks were from people I cared about, but I don't know all of who, and I don't want to either which is why I haven't used Friend Or Follow's service in over a year. Withdrawing off online wasn't the right thing to do, being sociable isn't the right thing to do, so I just don't know anymore.

→I feel like a pariah.

→I have some timed tweets I set-up back in March when I still had hope, and wasn't as scared. But now I'm scared that by letting even "I hope you have a fantastic day" to someone on their birthday will lead to Blocking. But there is nothing I can do, as I reinstalled TweetDeck, but it won't let me log-in. I even tried the web & Google Chrome versions, but I cannot log-in there either. It isn't my password, because entering something else gives a wrong or bad password error. I'm not planning on using TweetDeck anymore anyway, but it just means that any Scheduled Tweets are going to tweet. I'm worried most about the one for the 28TH, and sm thinking about deactivating my account for that day, but I don't know if that would even work--I'm also scared that it might be seen as a reason to go about deleting things (if they haven't already been as I'm too terrified to check now. I posted "Watching The Detectives" with the mobile site even).

→"The Mentalist" is on tonight, and I worry about Jane even more after last week's episode. But Jane & the rabbit was adorable, and had an Alice feel (and I liked that it was a brown rabbit instead of a white)!


Oct. 4th, 2012 11:54 pm
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First off; the week before last, I finally got my bathouse up! 16 feet up!


Well yesterday was my MRI. We left early because it is a long drive, and I had a lot of errands to do beforehand. I took back a package of No Name beef patties that I was going to return anyway as they were greasy, salty, & had a mealy (like suet) texture, but because of the beef recall I received a full refund instead of an exchange. I only got that kind because on the day I did Atlantic Superstore was out of the President's Choice kind I get in either the beef or vegetarian. I feel blasphemous though because sometimes I make gravy with beef OXO for vegetarian burgers (I eat them like sailsbury steak or with eggs). While there I managed to find a case of San Pellegrino Aranciata [I love it but it seems that if a place starts carrying it, they ten stop. San Pellegrino also changed the packaging & can colour (from a lovely deep blue, to a light blue & orange)] & some Pocky. And Joe Fresh has sweaters that I want one of, so if anyone's local Superstore sells the mustard style, I'd pay for it/shipping. I also had to exchange on the bags in the peacock set I got because it was missing a foot when I unpacked them to take pictures. Being a Bentley bag it has a warranty~ I also finally picked-up that Sir Isaac Brock book I ordered. My nausea was also horrible that day, along with heartburn, and on the drive I had to get my mom to pull-over to the side of the road so I could vomit into a ditch :/ Anyway I also shopped around for a giraffe baby toy (preferably that squeaked) for the son of a guy I grew-up with that's a family friend of June's. He is younger than me FFS :/ Shopper's Drugmart was out of their version of that fancy squeaky giraffe, and so I decided to wait until I got up to Wal*Mart even though I saw a nice giraffe rattle at Mind Bender Toys. Well Wal*Mart is very, very lacking on baby toys & such. But I eventually after searching found their last baby towel & washcloth with a giraffe on it set (and "Little Cutie" with a palm tree). I also bought a cheap blue horse named 'Clip-Clop' that squeaks loudly. Giraffes are my favourite things for baby items, especially with teal or green. I almost bought some Hallowe'en outfits for the cats, but they only had 4 (we have 5 cats) collars & the sweaters were a few dollars more than I had left in my budget--So I'll wait until the Greenwood Wal*Mart (where Zellers was) opens and see if they have seasonal stuff in. Pumpkin sweaters for my brats at least. I also didn't find any wigs I could use for anything either :( I was thinking of maybe going as Snake (999!Snake) without the fancy jacket, but I couldn't find a short wig that I could either dye or that was already grey. I have the short-sleeved white shirt, dress pants, and a reddish tie. I'm not doing Lorel this year (I have the last 2 years), and none of my cosplays are really good for Hallowe'en, so I don't know what to be. I outgrew my Eighth Doctor jacket (when I gained some weight back), and the ascot fell apart. I have the hair for Armand, but if any Vampire Chronicles character, I'd go for Lestat again (Nicki is my favourite character though). I asked for suggestions on Plurk/Twitter/Facebook, but I don't think I'll get any answers.


We arrived at Valley Regional around 4:40PM and I went to the front desk. I showed them my referral & asked about the telephone. They told me not to worry about it as I was pre-registered, and just go sit in the waiting room. So that's what I did. And I waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually people in scrubs came and escorted everyone out for their tests. At 1/4 to 6:00PM I was worried so I went & tried the telephone.

The couple of ladies let me in and were worried that I wasn't going to show. I was anxious that they'd scold me, or that I wouldn't get to have my MRI (leading to another 6 month wait & maybe seeing Dr. Clarke again). BUT it's a common thing for the front desk to send people to the wrong room & they weren't really fazed at all. I sat in the MRI waiting room proper, which had a a large television with rabbit ears that were the goldish colour old floor model/panelled models have. I wanted to take a picture because the room reminded me of an old spy movie, but the younger of the 2 entered then. I had to orally answer questions about my health, if there was a chance I had any metal inside me, my hernia surgery, and such. I have no idea if I've had an MRI before, but given that I had a seizure when I was little (I had a ridiculous fever that got too high), I probably have but don't remember it. My mom doesn't know either. Anyway the other lady gave me a Johnny shirt and told me to go choose a locker for my stuff & to go get changed. I snuck a few pictures since I decided to take my purse with me [I was going to leave it with Mom, but she was agitated and has in the past just taken-off & left me places (thus me wanting my purse)]. I chose locker #1, despite 3 being my favourite number, because the keyholder reminded me of the Kocher Forceps from the Operating Room in 999. The lockers were in reverse numbered order (3-1). ...And alsi reminded me of a puzzle in the Operating Room in 999...

After I was done I went to the magnet room & knocked and the cold air hit me as soon as I entered. The lights were very dim, and there was a blue hue to everything. The Bone Density/Mammography/MRI waiting room was poorly lit, but this was as if all the florescent lights could barely stay on (no flickering though). I thought the room would be noisy, but there was just the hum of fans. I had forgotten to take my glasses off, so one technologist took my glasses & the keyholder, while the other put a sheet over the MRI table/bed. I laid down on it, and after I had my knee in the little foam trough(sp?) and had something that felt like pads of X-ray vest material tucked-in over it, I got a pillow to put under my head. I have a habit of holding my hands together/interlocking my fingers, but they gave me little pads to put under my forearms & told me not to have my hands touch and to keep my arms resting on my abdomen. After I was given a 'call button' to squeeze if I needed them, (it looked like the end of blood-pressure pump, attached to a long cord) and then they covered my feet/right leg with a towel (and was told to keep said leg turned in). They placed giant headphones over my ears (to muffle the noise, and so they could communicate to me) and headed-off into their little room.

The slow glide into the chamber wasn't so bad, but it off-put my low blood-pressure a bit when it first jolted into motion. I wasn't in all the way at first, just up to my elbows. But after the first 4 minute picture they slid me in farther. I actually found it roomy, but I also prefer small spaces, so there's that. I probably could have moved around a bit if I was allowed to. I actually recalled that old late-night sexual education show where in one episode they showed MRI's of couples & masturbation. But anyway I could feel the fans' air hitting me, and on top of the already cold room I was freeeeeeezing! To the point I had borderline painful goosebumps all over...among other things. I really wish they had given me a towel for over my arms & neck. I was expecting sounds like a jackhammer, but the noise was more various beeps, a sound like an old scanner, fans, and a whirring. Their was occasionally clicks as the table moved, but it was mostly just lower octave beeps. It lasted around an hour, with each picture taking around 4-5 minutes. One of the technologists would say when one was going to start for most of them. And until I was slid in farther, I could look-up and see the timer counting-down in bright neon green numbers like a microwave display. One leg fell asleep, while the one under the pile of stuff started spasming because of the weight on the kneecap. I managed to slip the cord of the call button into my left hand to give it something to hold, and held the valve/pump in my right, but I kept wanting to place my arms over my chest/clasp my hands. It was so quiet even though there was a lot of noise. And after the first few pictures I started to be hit by melancholy thoughts & how alone I feel. Normally I try to concentrate on surrounding noises for distraction, but the MRI sounds seemed to be one of those that the brain tends to block-out. I remember reading or hearing recently about how the ability to filter-out noises is one of the first skills a baby learns in the womb. Like how you have to concentrate to hear a clock ticking, even if you are alone in a room with it. So all I had was the muffled sounds of myself that I could hear with the headphones closed around my ears/jaw. I started tearing-up a bit, and the tightening of my chest made my asthma want me to cough. So I ended-up holding my breathe to suppress the cough and so until I calmed-down I was in there freezing, trying not to cough, and hearing my heart beating in my ears. I got so I was bothered by the weight of the heavy headphone cord on my chest, and was grasping the call button cord tightly. But I did calm-down before they slid me back out, so I spent the last bit taking slow breaths, and trying to doze-off (I had no idea how much time was passing once I couldn't see the timer). It was so cold though that I couldn't relax too much, and by then my nose was running from the fan air, and my ears were hot/itchy from the headphones. Eventually a technologist told me they were just going to look over the images, then pull me out. The first thing I did was rub/wipe my eyes with the back of my hand (not wanting evidence of tears), and started to stretch my arms. I had to wait until they got the stuff off my leg though, and collected the pads before I could do too much though. I was so stiff when I swung around/strode up, and my right leg had fallen asleep. I got my glasses and was sent to go change again. I was so, so cold that I regretted not wearing a hoodie or jacket. I also had a hella hard time getting my stiff/cold hands to unlock/open my locker :/

My mom was still around when I finally left the magnet room, and quit ready to drive back. But there is a kiosk/food stand in the lobby that sells beverages/sandwiches/sweets, so I offered to buy her a tea if she'd wait so I could get one. I also got a roast-beef sandwich because I figured I should eat something before the long car ride back (I get car sick anyway, but still had nausea/heartburn).--And I convinced my mom to have a pumpkin cookie (I got one too, but stepped on it by accident in the car). I also got a chance to gawk at the art the hospital had on display/for sale and took pictures of a forest scene & an apple. And then we started to head back, but June called and asked to have one of those 3M adhesive remover pens picked-up from Staples, so I had an excuse to also buy a pack of Pilot Frixion pens. They are erasable gel pens, and the colours are very vibrant. I was using a purple one a lot, but I have no idea where it went (I suspect Lydia), and every store I found that sells them single was out of purple or not getting anymore in. So though I already have 2 maroon-ish ones, and a black, I now have a 6-pack with; purple, pink, sky blue, orange, lime green, & maroon. And in the $1 bin were mini legal pads, so I got a pack of 3 too (I prefer to write on yellow legal pads). I missed getting to Foodland on the way back (it was almost 10:00P< by the time we got to Middleton), but I did get to go to Subway so I had food for the next day (a foot-long Italian BMT, honey oat, toasted, bacon, Monterrey Jack, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, and cut into 4 pieces). She finally dropped me off at my residence around 10:30PM o_o And in all that time I StreetPassed with no-one, and had "A View To A Kill" stuck in my head.


The rest of the pictures I uploaded can be found {HERE}.

I also took pictures of some Batman stuff for [ profile] alchemy_hisoka, that I might as well share here too.
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{ }

I plan to update this later (I'm dealing with allergies right now & allergy meds) with my videos and an actual entry, but here are links to the Facebook albums for now:

Queen Street Café

Ingles' Apple Orchard Tour

Parades, Rubber Ducks, & Cardboard Boat Regatta

Show and Shine:

Don't know when I'll get to the videos or an entry now. Nicolas may be sick, and I've got a lot of running about to do anyway. [And besides I'm too upset to go on my computer for awhile. Apparently tweeting just about Ciderfest, video-games, television, my cats, & talking to people I'm not terrified to talk to means I deserved to have my Following go down more (meaning I was probably Blocked by 3 more people). I just can't take how easy it is, and how nothing matters.]

Nicolas had a partially blocked bladder and had to be sedated to have it drained. He is staying at the vets' overnight for observation & to see if he can pee on his own now/if he'll eat any food. They put a blanket over his cage like a budgerigar! But this means more money to be budgeted for special food (Minnow is already on a special diet).
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First off, HERE is a video of Nicki & Lydie washing each other ---> { }


Well yesterday [July 14TH, 2012] my mother & I went to Dalhousie Days out/up in West Dalhousie. West Dalhousie is located on the South Mountain, and is very, very rural. Quite a ways into it is also where [ profile] krogoth5 used to live, and is a place I've been to so, so many times :/ I haven't been since...2005? but I wanted to go to Dalhousie Days this year to see the reptile show that they were hosting. And besides from gas & a hella long drive the price is free (excluding $5 for optional breakfast). It isn't the event that it used to be, but the now organisers seem to be trying to get it more attention and things for a 'hip-er' crowd (holding a video dance & variety show). I got breakfast which was 2 pancakes, 3 sausages, & some-sort of murky juice (the jug said 'orange', but it tasted kinda like peach, so I figure they mixed them). The pancakes were burnt on the outside, but had a nice fluffy texture. But I only managed to eat one (my mother had the other) & the sausages as I wasn't feeling very well [I did not sleep well the night before--between the heat & a dream about Hal-Con 2011 (I fell asleep to eTalk covering Comic-Con) that put me in a very grumpy mood (I spent a lot of money, trust, & belief for it, and felt unwanted, in the way, & ditched for most of it)]. But after I ate we went around and looked at the tables of things some people were selling, and also bought 4 envelopes of tickets for the Chinese suction. My mom bought me a faux wood peacock ring, and later that day also a pineapple one too ($3 each). There wasn't much I was interested in for the auction, but I did fail to win passes for Oaklawn Farm & Upper Clements Park though. I also StreetPassed with 2 kids that were also attending, and even got to StreetPass with FreakyForms (It seems no-one I StreetPass with has that game, or has nothing set-up to send out with it)! So now Saunder, Lorrie, & Pïäté are Visitors on Planet Ethan C. :}

And then after lunch, Bingo, & the children's games had temporarily been put-away, Maritime Reptile Adventures set-up. They brought 7 reptiles to show [they planned to bring an 8TH (some sort of red snake), but he was filled-up with fluid getting ready to shed his skin, so they didn't think the loooong trip would be very fun for him]; 3 lizards, 3 snakes, & a tortoise~

Bandit: a male Taiwanese beauty
Peaches: a female German giant bearded dragon
Illusion: a male speckled king snake
Stitch: a male water monitor
Tortilla: a female red-footed tortoise
Jigsaw: a male ball python
Bear: a male black & white tegu

I really enjoyed it, and it seemed like at least Mike (a zookeeper) loved what he was doing. I also really loved Peaches and got to hold her on my lap twice. I fond it adorable that she was named such a cute name, and that her favourite food is strawberries. I also learned that they think she is about 6 years-old, but aren't certain as she was found abandoned & wandering around Halifax. I also loved Tortilla, and she took off and trottled around the floor when she was put on it (even running over my foot XD ). I thought being named after a 'little cake' was so cute, and also learned that she goes...well bananas for bananas ("I like bananas. Bananas are good.") XD And Bear was also awesome! He was just like a big cuddly lug, and I kept being reminded of Nicolas (my middle brat) & Bear from ".Hack//Sign" XD


The rest of the pictures I took can be found {HERE}

Also there is 3 short videos I took of the reptile show {HERE}


I also recently played the "Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure" demo' and now I really want the game. The music is lovely, and the main character looks really cool. My favourite mini-game from the demo was 'Looting the Louvre', and my favourite pose is for C-Rank. I took a pretty poor quality video of me playing the demo, and the soundtrack can be found {HERE}. Sadly I've blown my video-game budget until the autumn (excluding pre-ordering "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"), and I'm trying to save-up some for the Annapolis Valley Exhibition next month.

But last night I bought "Mighty Switch Force!" as it was $5 off until 9:00PM PST today, which means I only paid $3.15CAD for it--though I used my Nintendo eShop balance. It's about a cybernetic cop named Patricia tracking-down escaped prisoners/Space Hooligans. It's all done in Megaman-type sprites (which are 3-D layered if one chooses to use the 3DS' slider), and is really not a very serious game. I'm currently stuck at the end of 'Incident .12' because there is a tricky jump & switch that I can't seem to time right, and just end-up- squishing myself, or landing on spikes. Here is a 'realistic' art of Officer Wagon. And since that page links to the OST on BandCamp {and is no longer really Free :/ [virt (yes THAT virt) & WayForward originally posted it to be free]}, here can hopefully be found a .ZIP of it on MediaFire.

Lastly; I am on the room after the Library in "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" (is it officially now "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"/"Zero Escape: 999"?). I haven't been playing much, but I have completed the steering wheel puzzle, and the number balls computer puzzle (and I thought how each ball was a different colour was really cool) now. I love Seven & Snake's banter, especially when Seven calls Snake 'kid' XD Like when Seven said something like 'Hurry-up, or we'll be here 'till the cows come home', and Snake replied 'Well then at least we wouldn't have to bring them back ourselves'. Also when Snake corrected Jupei's "Like they say, practice makes prefects!" with "Don't you mean '-Practice makes perfect-'?" and Junpei told him to do the puzzle himself then. ...The puzzle was on a computer screen and involved sorting coloured numbered balls. So yeah; make the blind guy do a quite sight-required puzzle while everyone is in a hurry because the ship is sinking. Well it might work slowly with a screen reader describing things--and Snake probably could find a way to do it anyway. Snake~♥ XD

I've also been rewatching "Gallery Fake" (one of my favourite animes)~ I want a Rhythm Thief & "Gallery Fake" crossover now though! And I've beeing trying to rewatch/finish original "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" anime which I started back when I had my wisdom teeth out ^^; (so 2006 or 2007) BURNT VCDS XD


Well MediaFire keeps losing connection while uploading, so I'm going to leave it and hope that it uploads overnight :/

It uploaded! So a .ZIP of the "Mighty Switch Force!" OST is now in my Music MediaFire folder --- >
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Yesterday I had my second physiotherapy appointment. The day before I had my appointment with my doctor-doctor about seeing about an MRI and to get my depo' injection. Well I learned that it's up to a specialist to refer me for that sort of MRI, so he is referring me to Dr. Clark(e?)--an orthopedic surgeon. Which is good, though it means more running around, because if it is my meniscus, or a foreign body I'll need to see him anyway. My doctor also asked me if I had a boyfriend, and kept suggesting that I join the armed forces -_______-

Anyway; at physiotherapy, Patrick-who-is-not-a-doctor-Young (who I also went to school with) decided to try a machine that runs electricity through my knee to try to at least bring the swelling down. After all besides exercises & tests, my treatment currently is more symptomatic instead of curative until there is a more positive & definitive diagnosis.

So for 25 minutes I was hooked-up to this apparatus:

More pictures and rambling below here... )
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Well yesterday was my birthday. I turned 24 at 4:00PM. I was born a month premature, and weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces.

Tuesday after sneaking to the funeral home to sign Claude's*** guest book. I picked-up the bathouse my mother ordered from a friend of my high school tech' ed'/shop teacher. It is huge! And since I expected a regular sized one, I have no idea where to mount it now. I'll probably need to save & buy a post from a lumber place for it. This bat lodging has a nursery compartment & can house so, so many bats. Hopefully it will be used by the adorable little creatures.

In Wednesday's morning mail I received a pirate-y card & a Scotland keychain, a parcel I have yet to open yet, and "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"--I always love receiving postal mail. Then I dragged myself to get dressed & went on a cake hunting expedition. I traditionally get a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake, but I still have a piece from last year's in the freezer, so I wanted a chocolate marble cheesecake or a carrot cake (with nuts, spices, & not a ridiculous amount of icing) for a change. Well the person I've bought cakes from before is no longer baking, so I had quite a time finding a bakery that bakes cheesecakes between Annapolis Royal & Greenwood (a lot of places have from freezer ones). Finally I found Leo's Café, and ordered one there. Once I got back I just couldn't distract myself from the impending dread & crap, so I somehow managed to stuff my face with a Philly cheese steak panini, a can of perry, & a Fuji apple. Since it was all I had eaten that day, the perry landed me in the buzzed state where things don't greatly effect me as much/I was numbed to not give as much damn as normal. I laid down to watch "Coronation Street" but ended-up falling asleep until after midnight.

When I woke it was my birthday and I was too agitated to go back to sleep, so I tried watching television until hit by a bad urge to play 999. But I figured 999 would creep me out. Finally I decided to just stay-up all night, make tacos, & try 999. And if 999 got too freaky, I'd watch "The Prestige" or S02E03 of "Sherlock". I escaped from the starting 5 room, and eventually tried to sleep again around 5:00AM. Well I couldn't get settled & started sobbing so I got up again & sat in the kitchen drinking tea & playing 999 until June got up. I stopped just before The 9TH Man part as I knew from spoilers what was coming, and exhaustedly collapsed asleep back in bed.

I was awoken again at around 8AM by an adoptive sister fighting with June. I don't think it was about me, though I still felt really bad because she did her best to be hurtful & make her mother cry before she left again. So I just gave-up on sleep & stayed with June until my biological mother arrived to drive me to Leo's Café. The cake was fancier than I expected, and I learned that my cousin Barbie works there. When I got back I had a very hard time getting the cake into a container due to it softening in the heat and having 'help' from Lydia & Minnow. After having some I played 999 again until the 3, 7, or 8 door choice & then went to bed. I woke-up around 10PM and checked online; especially [ profile] sheikxlink_fc for contest entries. I am saddened that there are none & I feel more idiotic too. Read more... )

This whole week has been hard though. With Claude dying (and I never got to buy him those fish & chips), The Sprague's being back in Nova Scotia, & Fathers' Day.


Jun. 14th, 2012 07:25 pm
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I have a bunch of pictures I plan to post, so I was going to wait to post. But I want to publicly thank someone for something, so I might as well post about other things now too.

Firstly I am doing better after my last post (which is now set to Private. I am debating whether to unlock it though. It is very emotional, but it has many things I haven't said before.). In part because I am *blah* from painkillers (which I will elaborate on in a bit), but mostly because in the pit of worthlessnotexistingpain I received a parcel in the mail from Armadei. A parcel that was promised, and one that was like 'hey, I care'. ...Which was kinda an anchor to hold onto. So; Thank-you, Armie.


So yeah, Thursday I slipped while coming down stairs (I mentioned this on Plurk & Facebook already, but not here.). My feet came right out from under me, my slip-on sandals went flying off, I fell backwards, I hit the around 70 year-old stairs hard, then slide down the remaining steps. I hit my left back/ribs, arm, and my butt. My arm got a bit of carpet-burn and bottom & it bruised. But my back/ribs hit first, and it hit right around where my kidney is. It hurt, and I was worried because I felt right shaky after, and on Friday the pain was worst & had spread. So I called Nova Scotia's 811 HealthLink number, and they told me to put ice on it, keep it elevated as best I could, and to go to a doctor/outpatients within a few days, unless it felt worse. Saturday it hurt all down my side, and I was having difficulty sitting so my mom took me to Annapolis Royal's outpatients (Middleton has a stomach flu outbreak). After a long wait I found-out that I had just bruised my ribs. Luckily I didn't crack or break them! So I was prescribed a painkiller, and told to rest, not lift anything heavy, et cetera, et cetera. So as of today the pain is much better, and the bruising is more visible. Still hurts when I cough/sneeze/laugh/inhale though. And I've been using a bag of frozen peas instead of ice! So I am relieved that it is nothing major, but it is hard getting in-and-out of bed, I haven't been able to have a proper bath (we don't have a shower, and it hurt too much to contemplate crawling into the bathtub.), and I hate not sleeping on my left side [I don't sleep well on my back (or more I tend to jolt awake), and kink my neck sleeping on my right side]. I have a painkiller!*blah* which is making like a barrier from getting too upset about anything really. Like it isn't a numbness, it is just a wall/dampener--I've been trying to get difficult things done while it lasts. And sleeping with a pillow between my legs is weird.


Last week I finally beat/finished "Again". My hunches were right, though the last part wasn't very much fitting with the pattern of the copy killings. Still I kept deep examining things too early so by the last bit I only had 1 more try in my gauge, meaning that if I messed-up just 1 time in the final gauged crime scene, I would have got a Game Over, & had to do like an hour over again. Lastly Officer Martinez is fantastic (and I thought he would be the last-minute Gumshoe/calvary).


I also baked a lemon meringue pie last week, and used True Lemon instead of lemon juice. It turned-out alright, but I found it too sweet...then again I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I will hopefully post a picture sometime of it.


June & I think that we saw a cardinal. I also have a few poor-quality pictures of him, I hope to post. I haven't seen a cardinal since I was about 7 years-old, and this one was far away though.


Also with this painkiller *blah* (most is "Echo Bazaar" related), I uploaded a bunch of art I did-mostly from the last 2 years-to Photobucket. I am debating trying to take/do commissions, probably for around $3-$5, and probably just in that faux watercolour cute/simple style. The Album can be viewed here:


I had a "Vampire The Masquerade" dream last night (probably related to Armie posting Redemption screenshots, and a Facebook friend using the word 'obfuscate'), and it makes me want to try to finish Bloodlines finally. I love the rare dreams with Zinnian (who after all these years I call 'Alexander').


Lastly would any of my American peeps please be able/willing to let me ship something to them, and then ship it to me (with me paying for shipping costs)? I want to order some things from Something Silver & Nite Ize. Particularly a gorgeous peacock bracelet, and some rubber twist-ties.
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Well tomorrow I finally have my ultasound. My doctor is going on vacation, so it will be awhile before I hear about the results, but I will be glad to have it done (The pain has gone from dull, to sharp.). I have also queasy the past few days, but that is more stress & mood I think--though I worry because a stomach flu is going around in my area. I had a stomach flu in Alberta and it was horrible. Then the pills I was on with it caused me to be right out-of-it, and call one of my dorm-mates by the name of another. Anyway; because I haven't felt up to it, I have been procrastinating making more difficult telephone calls that I need to make.

To be honest the past few days I have also had a lingering hollow-type feeling, and a lack of worth for existing -___- [and all the other draining things (which the 'phone calls have agitated; especially the being so, so hated, & that eats right at me when reminded of it).] So to try and help somewhat, today I readied some of the lettermail I have been meaning to send/went into town to mail it. A lot of my close associations have birthdays in March & April, so I readied 2 cards today. I have a gift-gift for Jeremy (1 card went to him), but it won't fit in a pre-paid Regional mailer, & I don't want to spend more than I paid for it to send it just an hour away. So I took 2 pictures of it wrapped and put them in the card.--I'll give him the gift when I see him in-person next (I could give it to his sister to deliver, but it is a fun gift & I want to maybe watch him try it out when he opens it!). I also sent-out 2 postcards.

I really enjoy sending postal mail. AND I also love receiving it even more.

And I am really enjoying sending little notes in "Swapnote" too. So thank-you [ profile] koujikouichi & [ profile] gargantsurprise!~♥


I also beat Spirit Tracks. The end battle was silly convoluted (around 8-10 stages to it)! And also it had the unsatisfactory 'save just before'-type ending. I did manage to complete all the side-things though, except for the 3RD Slippery Station route, and high-scoring some of the mini-games. But at least 'it was all just a dream' wasn't pulled for this ending.

I have MGS3 for 3DS now, but I don't feel up to getting into it right now. I did try the demo' though, and later I will try to remember to paste the rambling I made on Facebook about it here. I was going to try to finish "Overlord: Minions", but I am still annoyed at how many times it froze & glitched the last times I tried. Any suggestions for wgat to play next?



Well [ profile] watchcry linked me to the 2ND "Sherlock" season, but I only watched episode #1 so far. I looooove Watson's festive sweater though! ...I pretty much just fangirl over his jerseys.

My mom & I ate at Sushi Fang in New Minas, and their tempura is so, so, so delicious. The shrimp were like fluffy, but I didn't get any mushrooms (I don't know if they have them or not). And their miso soup & mango ice-cream was fantastic too~

I had a dream about a zombie dog & "The Mentalist"/ModernAU!Cassius? I have had "Never Let Me Down" by Duran Duran in my head all day? I dreamt about "Pan-Am"? "Charade" is a relatively good movie, but with a good plot? C'rizz is my homeboy?

...I really don't know what else to update with now, and am low on 3DS battery :( So I am sorry again for sucking at getting-back to people, and take-care. Also I hope you lot had an alright Leap Year Day ^^; [my synesthesia has '29' attractively(?) as orange & green, kinda the colour of those gummy worms, only just split in half instead of thirds]!


Ultrasound went alright. I had to drink 16 more ounces of water when I arrived though. 48 ounces all together. Now that isn't really that much for a day, but for drinking in 30 minutes it was D: So much water. I love the design colours & such of the ultrasound waiting room now though. They did it all over in mint, brown, & white. They also have two fabric wall hangings of a boy sotting on a brick wall staring at a castle with rainbows. He reminded me of Little Boy Blue, which made me laugh, as well as a bit sad. ...And I also haven't read any "Fables" since mid-September...

After the hospital I went to Cinnamon Creek & bought a kinda "Doctor Who"-ish postcard to mail to Marts. I didn't see the peacock scarf that I was tempted to buy last time that I was in though. I miss the Layzee Squirrel & Cinnamon Creek being in Bridgetown however :(
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Firstly, this is a picture of Darly. I bought this lovely pink hippopotamus in Alberta, on Saint Valentine's Day 2008, at the GPRC bookshop. I have taken her with me almost everywhere that I have travelled since then, so probably over 6,000km! I love the quality Russ has, and this hippo is even machine washable :3

And this is the cake I mentioned in the last entry. These photographs are poor quality from my 3DS camera in an old, low-lit house.

And here is my Mii sitting on the box of chocolates that June gave me. I bought her a clubhouse sandwich & chips at The End Of The Line Pub.


My plans for today were going to be: Wear my favourite clothes, have a good breakfast while checking my Valentinr, ready some belated valentines to mail, then put on my new jacket and go into town, do errands, go to the post office, and buy a burger & sweet potato fries at the local pub on the way back. Then watch "The Lost Boys" :3

Well my favourite shirt had been washed in this laundry detergent that we only used for one load since it was terrible. I stubbornly tried to wear it anyway, but it made me so itchy, and really bothered my allergies & asthma :( So I had to take my emergency inhaler, and I was still so filled-up that I decided to just go back to bed & nap. After I put on my 2ND favourite shirt, and I did get to town & bought June & I lunch, but I didn't bother with my other errands (I got reminded of something and grew horribly low, sad, sob-y, & such). At least I got sooooooo full on sweet potato fries!

That "Swapnote" note was from Nintendo, but sadly Nikki has yet to return to my Plaza :( And I want to thank whomever sent me the 'Glass Heart's LiveJournal V-Gifts! I really wasn't expecting them XD I sent my 5 free ones out though, so I hope your days were well; Laurie, Anjeey, HoT, Fred, Candi, & Kabochan!Sarah (though she probably doesn't know she received one, I still miss her :( )! And lastly thank-you to those that sent me Valentinrs! Often those are all I do for Valentine's Day, so receiving them is always something to look forward to, & are appreciated. Only 2 were signed though, so I can only directly thank Snickerer & Ashley-boobcakes!

I hope your days were well too,
---Captain Sarah-Sarah
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