Jun. 19th, 2016 09:28 pm
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Welp, going to be staying offline mostly from when I go to bed tonight until I wake-up on June 22ND (which will probably be for the Lifeline Lifestream). I know, it's over my birthday, but I just am not capable of dealing with the dread & stress this year. Anything unwanted can wait until after it. I do not need shit and then have to drag myself about and be sociable when I want to curl into a ball again.

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[Back in May, Mind Bender Toys' party section had this magnificent beast on display. It was $10 though and I couldn't justify spending my then last $10.00CAD on a balloon--regardless if my nickname is 'Captain' & it makes me feel loved. Welp, I bought it for my birthday on Sunday. My brats will love watching it float around my bedroom ceiling XD ]
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Today was my birthday. I actually had a rather lovely birthday. I have pictures to go through & upload, and more to type. But here is a picture of my marble cheesecake from Leo's Café [in Annapolis Royal].

{ http://s569.photobucket.com/user/lady_noremon/library/for%20LiveJournal/06-21-2014 } ← Pictures not on Photobucket. If my capacity holds I'll write stuff up on it, but in the least here are pictures.
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Pointform as I'm hella tired but haven't been updating-updating and since this place is 10 years-old now I probably should. The bright yellow makes me feel better so there is that too.

→I sent my Nintendo 3DS away because the part the replaced in the last repair was sharp on the left side like it had leaked from the mould and not sanded down. I have a Circle Pad Pro and where the side is sharp I cannot hook it onto my system. I was told sanding it myself would void my warranty. But now they are saying they need to replace the system, but are refusing to send it to Washington again where they have the same style systems in stock. So I'm stressed, and had to call twice to confirm that I DONOTWANT a standard coloured replacement. If it comes to worst I'll have to buy the same 25TH anniversary edition off eBay. But I'll also buy a Midnight Purple 3DS to use for everyday since if I drop the cash for a new limited edition I won't be using it no matter how proud I am of it.

→I got a haircut. And new sneakers.

→Online stress stuff going on but it doesn't matter if I get into it.

→My laptop bag finally arrived. And then spent the next 2 weeks out on the clothesline because it reeked of plastic so bad that I couldn't handle it. I've since washed it again and it seems to be tolerable now. I used it when I went up the line Wednesday.

I've learned my ex' is rumoured to be getting married. )

→That said I don't care, being reminded of that time reminds me of others things and it's really not helping just how low I've been feeling. But as I said recently; I won't get into that either.

→I had one specialist appointment finally. Ever since I fell on the stairs and hit my ribs/kidney I've had to go to the washroom more frequently & my urine tests have shown blood without infection. Given my small/as developed as a pre-teen kidneys, and the swelling after the fall it was best to get it looked at. I had x-rays & an ultrasound. The x-rays showed what I suspected that I'd cracked my ribs back then instead of just bruising. 3 ribs actually. The ultrasound didn't show anything bad-bad, but the quality wasn't good so we'll see how the frequency reducing pills help & next tests go before seeing about doing another one. Doctor doesn't suspect anything hella bad, in any case.

→I am awaiting an appointment in Halifax about the other test with whatever is going on with the other things I mentioned before (that I also won't get into), so yeah. It probably won't be for a few more months, but some things are stabilised, some things aren't, and that's that for now.

→I bought a PS3 my PSN is "Lady_Noremon".

→I booked 50 skunks & 15 flamingoes [plastic blow mould lawn ornaments] for my biological mother's 65TH birthday. The Balloon Boutique will come around 11:30PM the night before and set them up on the field by her house and then come pick them up the next evening. I also ordered her a set of earrings, but I doubt they will arrive in time now.

→I got some birthday money early so I bought the PC version of "The Wolf Among Us" to get the physical copy later on, an Action Replay so I can bypass the secure server thing on Last Spectre to get the Weekly Puzzles from the fan server, the brown version of this eyeball ring, a Clear keychain, and a case for my Skylanders [I still want Lightcore Giants Prism Break, Giants Drill Sergent, & the Pirate Seas adventure set].

→My birthday is in 15 days now. I will be 26 year-old o_o

→I've been doing a lot of yardwork. Mostly catching-up on "Welcome to Night Vale" [I'm on "A Story About Them"] while cleaning my garden out, adding dirt, desodding, & planting things (mostly what I started in the house).
My garden. on Twitpic Dollarama flamingo too on Twitpic Welcome. on Twitpic

→I put my new flute playing lobster out down by Armand. I was being silly so I told it he might let it play with him, if he wasn't too pissy.
A flute playing lobster. on Twitpic Armand. on Twitpic

→We've had a lot more robins around here this year than last. Last year I'd see them around when I was out in town or something, but not around our yards.

→I'm at 93.3% Completion in "L.A. Noire" right now. I just have to replay 2 cases to get 5 Stars in them (3 cases since I'm missing a gun & there is a case which has the possible candidates of what one I'm missing), and to collect the damn remaining gold film reels. I've only collected 2 of them. It will probably be my first Platinum Trophy~ I have few Endings & some Trophies in "Heavy Rain", but I can't read the conversation text well on my bedroom television, and I am not in the mood to play it in the kitchen lately. I enjoyed playing Jack more than Cole, but I still ♥ Bekowsky as a partner (and Biggs).

→I had planned on by now having already taken my WHMIS & the resumé/interview courses, but the case-worker I have now is hard to get in contact with, lost one month of my paperwork, and signed me up for the wrong course last time I did manage to contact. It was supposed to give me more stability but it's just making me mostly more stressed. I have gotten my Food Safety & Handling course, & my St. John Ambulance Level A CPR & First Aid now though.
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Minnow sitting on my toadstool stools! )


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Jun. 15th, 2013 05:59 pm
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It is a week until my 25TH birthday [June 21ST].

No Subject

Jun. 8th, 2013 02:40 am
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I haven't been posting because there doesn't seem to be much point. I'll load up the update page and then feel like it doesn't matter. I haven't updated about replaying "The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons" beyond those 2 Subrosian quotes. I started listening to "Welcome To Night Vale" [oh gawh, Cecil rambling about Carlos. And fugitive Hiram McDaniels(sp?). The Dog Park.] I didn't post about the crap Mothers' Day weekend. My garden/yard work. I did add more on my VLR entry. I haven't posted anymore about how much nonexistence hurts. And no more on my health recently [will say that my emergency inhaler tastes awful/makes me gag (I've been taking it more due to the season/air & Singular no longer being covered by my insurance). My jaw problem is effecting my ears now. And my previous urine tests have shown blood without infection, so waiting to see a specialist]. And my 25TH birthday is next Friday (June 21ST). But I feel so pointless.

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I e-mailed [livejournal.com profile] alchemy_hisoka earlier, but here is a more public birthday greeting!~♪ I'll update this with a picture later, but I've been exhausted today.

Anyway, again, I just want to say that I'm thinking of you, and that I care. I'm not calling because of not knowing if you are busy & because I know you are often exhausted. But I am thinking of you, and I hope you had a good day with lots of good things to eat. I know things haven't been good at all for either of us, and you have had a lot or stress, grief, & worries. And I've been too low from people emotionally punching me in the stomach & fearful to be much good. But I am glad to have you as a friend, and you deserve an awesome day. And if i wasn't up here, I'd try to be more bothersome for that.

*All the hugs & tea*

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Well yesterday was my birthday. I turned 24 at 4:00PM. I was born a month premature, and weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces.

Tuesday after sneaking to the funeral home to sign Claude's*** guest book. I picked-up the bathouse my mother ordered from a friend of my high school tech' ed'/shop teacher. It is huge! And since I expected a regular sized one, I have no idea where to mount it now. I'll probably need to save & buy a post from a lumber place for it. This bat lodging has a nursery compartment & can house so, so many bats. Hopefully it will be used by the adorable little creatures.

In Wednesday's morning mail I received a pirate-y card & a Scotland keychain, a parcel I have yet to open yet, and "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"--I always love receiving postal mail. Then I dragged myself to get dressed & went on a cake hunting expedition. I traditionally get a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake, but I still have a piece from last year's in the freezer, so I wanted a chocolate marble cheesecake or a carrot cake (with nuts, spices, & not a ridiculous amount of icing) for a change. Well the person I've bought cakes from before is no longer baking, so I had quite a time finding a bakery that bakes cheesecakes between Annapolis Royal & Greenwood (a lot of places have from freezer ones). Finally I found Leo's Café, and ordered one there. Once I got back I just couldn't distract myself from the impending dread & crap, so I somehow managed to stuff my face with a Philly cheese steak panini, a can of perry, & a Fuji apple. Since it was all I had eaten that day, the perry landed me in the buzzed state where things don't greatly effect me as much/I was numbed to not give as much damn as normal. I laid down to watch "Coronation Street" but ended-up falling asleep until after midnight.

When I woke it was my birthday and I was too agitated to go back to sleep, so I tried watching television until hit by a bad urge to play 999. But I figured 999 would creep me out. Finally I decided to just stay-up all night, make tacos, & try 999. And if 999 got too freaky, I'd watch "The Prestige" or S02E03 of "Sherlock". I escaped from the starting 5 room, and eventually tried to sleep again around 5:00AM. Well I couldn't get settled & started sobbing so I got up again & sat in the kitchen drinking tea & playing 999 until June got up. I stopped just before The 9TH Man part as I knew from spoilers what was coming, and exhaustedly collapsed asleep back in bed.

I was awoken again at around 8AM by an adoptive sister fighting with June. I don't think it was about me, though I still felt really bad because she did her best to be hurtful & make her mother cry before she left again. So I just gave-up on sleep & stayed with June until my biological mother arrived to drive me to Leo's Café. The cake was fancier than I expected, and I learned that my cousin Barbie works there. When I got back I had a very hard time getting the cake into a container due to it softening in the heat and having 'help' from Lydia & Minnow. After having some I played 999 again until the 3, 7, or 8 door choice & then went to bed. I woke-up around 10PM and checked online; especially [livejournal.com profile] sheikxlink_fc for contest entries. I am saddened that there are none & I feel more idiotic too. Read more... )

This whole week has been hard though. With Claude dying (and I never got to buy him those fish & chips), The Sprague's being back in Nova Scotia, & Fathers' Day.
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Today Minnow Tora Dumphy turned 8 years-old!~♪

Next month on the 20TH will be the anniversary of scooping her up from that barn, but today we had a little 'party' for her. It wasn't as fancy as the one we had for Lydia (which I STILL need to make a post on :/), mostly since I haven't managed to get to a mall or to New Minas, eventhough I expected to before now. But I did make her a little hat (which I forgot to take a picture of her wearing), give her a new toy, and gave all 5 cats a treat of a can of tuna. Then her & Nicki were tied on the nice green lawn for about an hour in the sunshine.

Minnow on the day I brought her here! So tiny and not!orangey. The people had advertised that it was a litter of 'grey tiger kittens', which it was not a litter of. There was one marked like her only a boy, an all grey kitten, and a little girl. The couple's son got on his hands-and-knees to pull the girl out of an empty lawn mower box. As soon as I held her she latched onto my shirt and made a tiny cry. So though he said that there was another kitten around, I stated that I was going to take the one I was holding. She sat on my lap in my shirt & hat (I used to wear button-up shirts & a bucket hat) all the way home. She huddled under a blanket when I sat her on my bed, and hid from Wendy, Belle, & Molly.

More Pictures Under Here )



I also posted a drabble to commemorate Cassius getting Saunder 2 years ago. It can be read here, but it is Custom FriendS' Locked. I know there isn't much point in keeping Lorel gender things locked now, but it is still ambigious on first glance. If you'd like to read it, I can e-mail it or something though!
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Freakyforms is a "Nintendo eShop" game for the Nintendo 3DS. The point is to make creatures, and thus grow & explore your own little planet. You can only create a limited amount a day, and you can only explore for a limited amount of time each trip. In each section there is various foods to eat (everything from mushrooms, to lollipops), quests to do (like break all the green balloons, or transport another Formee across' the map), treasure chests to find keys for, various Formees to meet, etc. A lot of the features are locked at first, so it can be a bit tedious, but after you do more things there is quite a lot more freedom. There are 4 zones to unlock (by making a certain number of Formees): Meadow (grass/country), Ocean (tropical with a giant sunken pirate ship), City (full of fast food & racing), & Skyland (a magical candyland in the clouds). Each part of the scenery in each zone can either be edited, and/or have the colours changed. I've pretty much left all of it as is, just changing a few things, but I did change the most in Skyland.

The Formees that you make can be exported as pictures, and also QR Codes so that you can share them with people. The game also works with StreetPass, but given my rural area, I have yet to experience that part of the game. There are also a lot of in-game Formees to collect (by doing quests, challenges, or winning them in the Jackpot Egg thing). Also no matter their gender, all Formees lay eggs after eating foods.

I said that I'd share some of my Freakyforms things, so here is a post for it. I've had this game since January 27TH, but I've only really posted about it on Facebook or GetGlue. Also my planet is named 'Planet Calufrax', which is the name of an planet from the "Doctor Who" episode "The Pirate Planet" (one of my all-time favourite episodes!)~

All the Formees I have made can be found over {HERE} (the ones at bottom are from Creation Challenges), but below are a few of my favourites:


Lorrie is the first Formee that I created (hence why she is facing that way), and my preferred one to Explore with. Yes, a female peacock that is not a peahen. Yes, based-off of Cassius. I find it so amusing that she is obsessed with food. And it made me laugh so hard that in the tutorial the quest is to find & eat a mushroom, and she was SO EXCITED to eat it. Her voice is Playful (you can select different styles, and then pitches), and sounds very boyish, but the pitch I have it at is a bit feminine. Her 'catch phrase' is 'Yeorw', like a peafowl.

Pïäté is my first attempt at making a Formee with wheels, fins, and wings. I also made him kinda like a punk. I just love how versatile he is, and how grumpy he sounds!

Dalek is an attempt at making a Dalek! I love how a lot of it is animated (the gun shoots, the lights rotate, etc.) It also has an Angry voice, instead of a Robotic one.

I also tried to make a TARDIS. I should maybe have used the police light for the top, but it just didn't seem to suit.

More under here )

Another feature of Freakyforms is to set-up scenery and to take a picture of a Formee in it. This can then be saved as a .JPG or put in your mailbox to send to someone if you StreetPass with them (you can also set-up 3 Formees to send randomly via StreetPass). I haven't taken many pictures because it is limited, and you can only store 14 at a time, but here are a few:

Dalek taking over the city. This is my StreetPass photo'.

More under here )

And lastly I took some AR pictures, but I don't really care for how they are set-up.

Lorrie (and I would have made her neck longer, but I didn't have many shapes when I first started the game)

Gil Fishman (a Formee you can unlock) reminds me of a Classic!"Doctor Who" creature

More under here )

And that's all I shall post for tonight! I have a bunch of Miis/QR Codes to share, and I took another lot of "AR Games" Mii pictures. But I've used-up my mental/emotional capacity for the Internet for now. I've uploaded the stuff to Photobucket already though.
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♪Today is Armadei [[livejournal.com profile] alchemy_hisoka]'s birthday!~♫

I know you said that you already celebrated it, but I wanted to just quickly wish you a good one (despite all that is going on). I also have here a box to send once I can get into town next, but you also said you were going away soon, so I guess you will 'get it when you get it'.

Take-care & lots of love,

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more pictures of the outside, inside, and envelope )
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I did record a Voice-Post earlier, but with the DDoS attacks, I don't know when/if it will post. BUT YES:

[[livejournal.com profile] alchemy_hisoka]

I have not caught-up on LiveJournal (honesty!), nor have I read my Friends' Page in...several weeks, but I hope you are doing well yourself, and that you atleast had an alright day today.

I do have something to send (have had 1/2 since DECEMBER), but only part of it has arrived, I hope the other half gets here by Thursday when I can mail things, but I did buy some lovely wrapping paper for it~ If there is anything else you would want included, just hit me up before then!

And I have been mostly well, anaemia has been dragging me down a lot though. Getting ready to start spring yardwork soon however. Keeping warm, and out of trouble!

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This is the latest in the long tradition of getting a "The Legend of Zelda" themed birthday cake :3


I also was amazed to find that one of my custom designs from a 'few' [o_o 2004!] years ago was in the Greenwood Dairy Queen's cake design cards!

This one:


I was too lazy this year to make a design, so I just looked through their cards and :D [I will try to sneak a picture someday!]
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This is based off of the picture I drew last year, but never got scanned and now I can't find it :( I wanted to try a new colouring style as it has been a long time since I've drawn anything on the computer. I drew this in OpenCanvas 1.1, and did the cop-out background in OpenCanvas 3.03 :3 I tried to draw your character Jack, but I'm not sure if I got it right. I remember saying you liked ducks once, so I wanted to have him riding an orange duck XD The duck is angry because of his rider's recklessness :P


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The gallery can be [[HERE]] found on Facebook. I will be uploading more pictures of the decorations tomorrow, but here are some from today. Yeah we totally had phats :D [from Christmas crackers no less :3]~!

Also here is a short video of the sparkler on my cake.:

0:17 of mini-firework & candles )

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