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I've mentioned this game/Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel here before but I thought I'd make a separate post. I've rambled a lot more on it on Twitter & Tumblr. And a lot of screenshots are in my MobyPicture.

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It's available for Android & iOS and works on Android gear & Apple Watch. It's written by Dave Justus who also wrote "The Wolf Among Us" the "Fables" Telltale game CORRECTION: He wrote the comic based-off the game. The first time playing is in real-time (further playthroughs have a fast play & redoing choices options) and takes 3 days if you get to the better endings. But it's not something that has to be continuous checked so is more casual (though the plot might draw in).

It's about a science student named Taylor who wins a trip on a spaceship for running tests. The spaceship crashes on a desolate moon and Taylor seems to be the only survivor. They're panicking and manage to get in contact with the player. It becomes up to the player to make choices for Taylor and to keep them level-headed to try to be rescued--and possibly solve the moon's mysteries along the way.

It really reminded me of "The Dig" an older LucasArts game, and made me really want to see "The Martian". There is also a direct sequel "Lifeline: Silent Night", and a "Lifeline 2" with a more fantasy setting than sci-fi.

I really fell in love with Taylor! We have a lot of in-common interests and I connected more with them than other protagonists. I also was glad to have this & Silent Night when I played them because I had a lot of stressful meetings when I played both and they helped relieve some of that. Though sometimes the worry about Taylor's wellbeing & the plot added different stress! I often figured I'd check to find them dead when I checked :-/ I did manage to fluke having Taylor rescued my first playthrough but it wasn't the best ending. Some Spoilers )

Until I add to [ profile] ladys_rambles here is a doodle of my Taylor head!image → { }
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It's October 21ST, 2015. The day Doc & Marty went to in the 2ND movies.

The trilogy box set were the first DVDs I ever bought. I owe a lot to these movies. Back in 2007/2008 them & Kingdom Hearts helped me feel creative again.

McFly with the orangeish-red vest before I colourised layered it red.

{ }

I uploaded the process & 1980's saturation ones on [ profile] ladys_rambles.
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A dapper Napstablook.

{ }


I finally posted those ArtRage for Android finger doodles I've been meaning to post to [ profile] ladys_rambles! There are 11 of them, plus the accompanying pictures [Most end-up on my Instagram: { }].
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Another S5 finger doodle of my Zinnian character. I kinda gave-up when the Watercolour ArtRage for Android brush wasn’t doing what I wanted.

Zinn 02_001.png

I haven't made a [ profile] ladys_rambles post of the S5 ArtRage for Android finger drawings I've been doing, but they are uploaded in my artz gallery: { }
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For Christmas [ profile] alchemy_hisoka gave me a vampire themed magnetic poetry kit. I wanted to get a metal clipboard to use it with, but instead found a little handheld whiteboard at Wal*Mart.

I haven't used the poetry set yet, but I bought a 16 colour pack of dry erase markers at Wal*Mart yesterday, and tried the out tonight!

Sadly about 3 of the markers are dried-out, but I called Wal*Mart and will be able to exchange them when I go up to Greenwood next. I drew a picture of Zinnian, and an "ASHLEY SMASH" picture for @TheDazzlingOne.

So dapper!~

Apr. 1st, 2014 11:54 am
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For April Fools' Day, Tumblr did "Tumblr Pro" which after a video & animation added a top hat to your user-picture. I love how dapper Zinnian looks. He looked like he is holding the hat in his hand, and even tips it when I clicked on my user-picture. XD!
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"I'll paint you mornings of gold, I'll spin you valentine evenings. Though we're strangers 'till now, we're choosing the path between the stars. I'll leave my love between the stars."
Soundtrack {HERE}


I have things I need to respond to, and things I might update about (pictures, & "Doctor Who"), but I had Christmas to deal with and now that I'm finished that and my Seven for The ZE Fans Collab Project I plan to watch old movies & sleep for the next few days (I am mourning that a lot of my old film noirs developed mould on the VHSes and were thrown-out). I am just feeling so exhausted, pointless, & worthless right now. I wish I had better things to comfort or say, and that I wasn't so anxious, especially to contact people. I wish when I did put myself out & vulnerable that I just didn't end-up feeling stupid. I didn't post a wishlist or anything this year because I didn't feel like it mattered if I did or not, and most of the things I want are immaterial or pathetic. I did manage to clean part of my room finally though.
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I haven't been posting because I've either been too tired when I've thought of it, or I haven't been able to push through the cloud of 'it does not matter'. I'm thinking of doing this in point form, but I ramble so we'll se

→I finished "KurageHime" and about the last 3 episodes & ending felt rushed & abrupt. I think they changed animation for the last episode too as Kuranosuke's hair was different/spiky-er. I haven't read that far in the manga so I don't know if that arc ends like that or not.

→I started "Durarara!!" and it is fantastic! The 'shit just got real' moment usually saved until an ending happened in episode 11, so I look forward to over half of the series left :O It makes me feel horrible for no longer having a network/group anymore though.

→From about the 7TH until last weekend I've been poorly. Weak, nauseous, dizzy, and such. A combination of my 'monthly cycle' and it being an utter jerk with my anaemia. TMI under here... ) I'm better now, but I lost a whole week of getting things done.

→On December 13TH I had to travel up to Halifax (3 hours away & my provincial capital). One of my visits to Dr. Michael my lung/breathing specialist (Dr. Roger T. Michael; International Medicine & Pulmonary Function). I like him because he doesn't make me feel stressed or like I'm wasting his time. My appointment went well, and I might not even need to go back in 6 months time. Though my trip to Halifax wasn't as exciting as i
they usually are and I only bought a can of Starbuck's Awake tea as a souvenir this time. I was too tired to even walk to Dalhousie University's bookshop (where I've bought art pens in the past, and where someone I have a crush on now works) which is only a few blocks away. I did wear my new Joe Fresh sweater (I had voting on Twitter what to wear: Option A or Option B) though and my freshly drycleaned wool coat.

→I finished my Seven lineart for that secret collaboration project. I started to colour it but was too sleepy on that night, yesterday I was too lingeringly angry (mostly at television; blaming video-games, interviewing the children, the WBC protests), and today I'm going out for shopping. I'll try to do the flat colouring tonight or tomorrow, and then hightlight/shadow after (I haven't decided yet if I'll do my normal way, or try OpenCanvas 3.03E+'s airbrush). I only have until the 23RD D: and I've been very anxious about it. Worried about that they'll change their minds about me being in it, that I'm not good enough, that though I think I know the deadline/rules I'll be mistaken/they'll change them, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera. Seven is one of my favourite Zero Escape characters though.

→I managed to get my questions in for Aksys' question & answer with the Zero Escape creator. I got them in less than 12 hours before close D: I asked if he had decided on a name for Seven yet (Seven is his codename), the reasoning behind Snake's hilarious career choices & Snake's thoughts on his little sister's new skimpy dress sense, and about Alice's dislike of shirts, where she stores items she carries, & if it has caused any workplace problems.


Oct. 19th, 2012 04:44 am
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I'm going to wait to post the fullsize directly here (I want them all together in a post), but here is my VLR Countdown picture of my favourite 999 character--Snake~:

#VLR COUNTDOWN -- DAY 2: SNAKE #999 on Twitpic

This is my attempt at his taken aback pose, as I was thinking of his reaction to when Junpei examines lights outloud (Snake's real name is Light).


I also got my MRI results: My ligaments are messed (healed all funny & such), so much scar tissue, & I have a cyst.

So I'm to get a brace to wear daily to try to help. And hopefully the cyst will break on its own, so they don't have to open anything up. As it is I'm supposed to keep going to physiotherapy, do my exercises, & hopefully no surgery will be needed! I also got a different anti-inflammatory to try since my Meloxicam has stopped being very effective even on a doubled dose.

[I might post more after sleeps]
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Seriously, I think the little creatures are so adorable. Beady eyes, a flurry of legs, and long tails. Since the tank move, mine have been swimming little loops, and I think playing something lile tag. There has been no new fights, and Skipper has now crawled under the pebbles and I think she's working on something like a nest. One of my males has a blackish leg. I think maybe it didn't shed right (they shed their shells like lobsters), but it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

I think I need more names for them.

Another pair coupled while I was watching the tank today (the smallest male, and a large female)... I currently have 8 adult Sea Monkeys, but still only 2 have names. I like watching a Monkey hit off another and then take-off swimming to the other side, and having the one they hit chase them in something like tag. Also babies swim really jaggedly/spazzily when they are little, and this slowly turns into the graceful/playful swimming.

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