Jun. 19th, 2016 09:28 pm
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Welp, going to be staying offline mostly from when I go to bed tonight until I wake-up on June 22ND (which will probably be for the Lifeline Lifestream). I know, it's over my birthday, but I just am not capable of dealing with the dread & stress this year. Anything unwanted can wait until after it. I do not need shit and then have to drag myself about and be sociable when I want to curl into a ball again.

Last year I was so excited for it. I had swerved away from any drama and was feeling super accomplished. I was in a super good mood. And I am not risking going through crap again this year. The last few years have been awful and this year I am foregoing the optimism that I can stay online and celebrate while feeling & being safe. I can't take the overhanging dread again this year or tension or unwanted contact or such. I want peace and if that means having to miss the good things from peeps online until the day after, then I will sacrifice that to enjoy my day in other aspects. I really, really do appreciate the good things though!

I will probably still post things, and be on Viber because that's a closed space. But I won't be checking my e-mail or notifications until June 22ND. Tumblr also has all safe people on my Dashboard so I may be about there too. But like I'm not even reading post mail until after. So that's that.
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