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I tried the blonde thing again yesterday. I used Féria this time as we did when [ profile] alchemy_hisoka & I dyed my hair for Lestat. I used a natural blonde this time instead of a bright blonde. So yeah, I'm more strawberry blonde now as my red hair lent a tinge. I kept thinking of [ profile] ahnjehleehn's mom covering her head with tin foil to cook the dye when she dyed her hair years ago. I almost tried it as I have a hard time getting the back of my head hair to absorb dye. Too short for a Nick Rhodes or Boy Blue look though.


More pictures of my now blonde hair. Complete with my Toreador choker & the cat scratch on my nose.
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{ }

These aren't all the same convesation options I used in my main save, but I wanted to record meeting Gary [the Nosferatu Primogen] for my #Bloodlines2014 posts. It's a shame the game plays Clan clichés, no matter how you play. I was just eating rats to regain health before this, but I get put as a prissy Toreador.

[The reason why I jumped off the table was because during a failed recording of this, the beer mug decided to freak-out and shoot off the table. (I’ll see about uploading that to MobyPicture)]

ALSO: I did fight & know about Kuei-Jin back in “The Hunted Hunter" >:[

[If allowed to use Disciplines, Zinnian would be all over using Auspex with his arms crossed (It's about the only skill he's good at, he's a crappy Toreador...)]
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Originally posted on June 3RD, 2014 at 08:26PM

I've decided to try to organise my Tumblr #Bloodlines2014 posts to here divided into the chapters.


Beginning )
Chapter #1: The Lady By The Sea )
Chapter #2: Heart of the Jyhad )
Chapter #3: Land Of The Fallen Stars )
Chapter #4: Hidden Mysteries of the Eastern Lands )
Chapter #5: Opening Pandora's Box )
Chapter #6: It's The Blood Of Caine That Shapes Your Destiny )
Ending )
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For Christmas [ profile] alchemy_hisoka gave me a vampire themed magnetic poetry kit. I wanted to get a metal clipboard to use it with, but instead found a little handheld whiteboard at Wal*Mart.

I haven't used the poetry set yet, but I bought a 16 colour pack of dry erase markers at Wal*Mart yesterday, and tried the out tonight!

Sadly about 3 of the markers are dried-out, but I called Wal*Mart and will be able to exchange them when I go up to Greenwood next. I drew a picture of Zinnian, and an "ASHLEY SMASH" picture for @TheDazzlingOne.

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{ }

This guy is very suspicious.
[He’s the same model as the default Male Toreador Player Character, only with a different colouring]

He must be Kindred.
[Because smoking is a way to ward-off Hunters. Because Kindred don’t breath unless they force their lungs to, many smoke (especially in cold weather) to simulate breathing]
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{ }

The pose in this screenshot of the Player Character's dancing in "Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines" made me think of this:

Now I have a hilarious mental image of him dancing to it.

{ }
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I played Bloodlines for a bit today. I started over, and played until just before leaving the apartments (at the door). Well I played seriously until then; I went out and went on a spree of sorts until being attacked by the police. I was hoping to frenzy, but even though I had no blood pool, and like 5 Humanity, I didn't. I've never had a frenzy before, but I kept being amused at remembering [ profile] alchemy_hisoka telling me her dad played and frenzied first thing XD I don't know if or when I'll play next (since computer time exhausts me, and I'm going to be away), but here are some screenshots. I think it is fitting that I'm playing a Toreador as I keep finding the shiny things & landscape & such so interesting.

Starting out:
Awakening glitched stats

One of my favourite lines:

Mercurio has very shiny vases.
Mercurio's shiny vases~

Putting the cupboard door in a safe place:
title or description title or description

Toreador Disciplines & Jack under Auspex:
Toreador Disciplines Jack under Auspex

Random p-pizzaaaaaas in the haven & a bitchy LaCroix (with clipping on the Sire):
...Pizza? LaCroix is pissssssed

Lastly Beckett & Knoxx:
Beckett♥ Knoxx :D

Some of those are from when I played in August, and the rest are over {HERE}.

The ones I uploaded here in 2007-2009 are at { }.

And this was posted & updated with LJ.NET (and using my list of LiveJournal codes)!
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Trying the My LJ/Portal posting thing. Shame it lacks User-Picture selection & such, but the submit/such buttons aren't disabled like the new main update page. I Locked my last 2 entries (rambling, almost crying, & upset Voice Posts), so this is a bullet formed attempt here.


→I am about still, not online, feeling very low (Alberta low), pointless, scared, & such. But still floundering about.


→I had to go with mom to have Lotty [Charlotte] put down on Tuesday. )


→My Nintendo 3DS got back on February 10TH. The hinge is fixed! I also got 9 StreetPasses (1 person twice). One from Antigua, one from Alaska, one from Colorado, and the rest from Washington. They set it back in time 2 years (January 2011), ran some applications that show as a bunch of "??????????". a DS Demonstration program, opened my Internet Browser, then set the time back.
→I haven't been doing much with it though, but did play until Chapter 7 in "Professor Layton and the Unwound Future" (since I finally watched my Eternal Diva DVD). The Slot Machine Gun was so, so cool.


→I managed to play 'Echo Bazaar' for the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. But fucked-up & am 3 Masquing short for Lettice. So I wasted the money, Nex, & all that time. )


→I missed Winterfest this year because being low means I don't deal with dates/time well.
→I bought cheesecake for my mom & I for Saint Valentine's Day. Besides having a card to send Armie (not sent because she sent me a letter, and I want to stick both my response & the card together). I also got a box of pirate valentines, & sent 2 of those out too. And that was how I spent it. I knew my mailbox thing wouldn't get response as I didn't advertise it, and I chose not to reactivate my Twitter for it. Since it was a choice of being alone, or dealing with mass removals & Blocking.
→Because I am terrified that people are just waiting to pounce on doing such as soon as it's activated. I really don't know what to do about my Twitter. I hate feeling so hated. )
→And I really don't know what to do about my Twitter & just everything.


→I did finally manage to get a copy of "The Erciyes Fragments".
→And I had reinstalled Bloodlines last weekend, but haven't played past the tutorial with all the other things happening. I am having to play without the official patch though, since it seems it was the cause of the not saving screenshots & getting stuck in windowed mode from my last time installing before my reformat. There are work-arounds if I encounter the bugs at least. And it's no different than when I played it extensively last time as I had no Internet to download the patch anyway. I'm using the extra stat dots on character creation glitch this time too, as I planned playing this time for the story & a distraction.
→By the way: Beckett is so cool. I wonder if he'll glitch & stay in wolf!form this time too? [Every time I met Beckett in 2007-2009 he stayed as a blue wolf, and thus all my conversations were him talking to Zinnian's crotch]
→Zinnian/Alexander has changed since first creation. Though I guess I and him are older now. I'd still give him higher Auspex than Celerity, and NO Presence though. And he still is a terrible Toreador. And still would rather be Independent. So if I do play Bloodlines again, I'm not going to focus on Seduction so much this time, and I gave him points in Scholarship (which having been a university student, he'd have).
→I should type a character sheet thing using that role-play template for him.

Stuck it all together. I hate the new update/edit page.


I cannot express how grateful I am, and I have no idea how to respond!
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Well today started-out alright (Eventhough I slept in late because I felt achey & worried that I was getting sick). I found-out that there is going to be an update for the 3DS on Wednesday. It is supposed to "help organise the Home screen", so maybe folders. I hope copy&paste or autofill is added to the Internet Browser, or Bookmarks saved to the SD Card to ease the limit on them. There are rumours of patch support too, so maybe downloadable content will be added or become more common. I also bought the redone original "Kid Icarus", which I played on a GameBoy at the IWK moments before I went into surgery when I was little. And the Animal Crossing for 3DS release date was announced for Japan in 3RD Quarter 2012. So I even less regret buying "Animal Crossing Wild World" to play now (it hasn't arrived yet). I also watched an episode of "Ringer" and it had a florist in it that sounded like the TV Newscaster from "Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines" (did Brian Mitsoda voice him?), and I laughed so hard. I've been thinking about starting that game up again so hard lately. A new game but playing my Toreador the same way, as I keep thinking of things and wanting to replay them (like "Traffik!"(sp?), and the 'it scares me right bad' haunted "Ocean House"). But Kotaku also mentioned "Grim Fandango" today, so I now really want ro play that again too (but I don't have a disk anymore as it was one of the things I lost when my mom kicked me out).

...But the afternoon lead to crap... )

So now I am finishing another cup of tea, & trying to steady enough to mend one of my dress shirts. Then I am going to head-off to attempt sleeps (though I suck at it lately), or maybe read more of "The Wrong Box" then attempt sleeps [a fantastic book that I greatly recommend! It's by Lloyd Osbourne & his stepfather; Robert Louis Stevenson. (but then again I chose it as Cassius' favourite book, so maybe it is not the best read for tonight)]. Tomorrow I need to search for where I claimed my Knowledge First (or whatever it was called back then) withdrawal on my income-tax back in 2008, and try to guard myself for Monday.--I'm going to go to my first legal advice/looking-into of the *poof* education money (luckily the person I'm seeing is my old financial adviser & family friend, so I don't have to worry about fees yet). And then I will have a hella long bath.

Oh, & there is an interview I should share (if I go on my Shaglehod again)! A Fox News reporter interviewed Kevin Bieksa, but thought that he was interviewing Ryan Kesler (I assume by the background noises it was rinkside, so Bieksa was wearing his own uniform too). Bieksa thus made a good but ridiculous Kesler impersonation. He kept praising America & everything. It was wonderful XD

*flump* Well I'm not going to that meeting now today.
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"You Toreadors are all like Van Gogh, you'd cut off your ear because people don't understand."

Couldnt sleep so had a bath. Washed-out most of the dye ;_; Man, I love the feeling of being freshly clean! Nice washed hair smells so nice~

I am getting forms for Interest Deferral for my Student Loan :3 I am eligable for it. That means I dont have to pay for 6 months and the governmemt will pay the interest for those months. I hope all goes well.

As you can see by my quotes, I am watching "Kindred: The Embraced". Since when can Assamites change shape on a whim? I must have misremembed my favorite episode; I thought there was no `ho shit, I just fed so I can eat and go in full sun :D` scenes, but there is like 3 :-| I love "Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corspe" anyway. The depiction of Toreadors always makes me giggle. Also it is one of the very few not extremely cheesy episodes ^^; Oh & Brujah=mobsters! I really wish they could has completed the series.

I am pretty happy atm~

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I've been watching a lot of "Torchwood" the past 2 days >.> [I may be starting to like Owen, simply because I feel bad for him]...I'll probably post my thoughts on a big spoiler later but too tired tonight, and need to think it out more.

I'm also caught-up in "Doctor Who", and can start watching it on CBC again [I watched the few episodes I missed on, and I have only missed the 1st part of the library episodes, and the one that was on Friday...]

I REALLY want to listen to the "Unregenerate!" audio-drama! The idea of people being made into TARDISes makes me want to know more. [and I want to know if the experiment was tried on Time Lords...>.> (the idea of constantly hearing the sound of the universe and having looked into the unprotected schism plotbunnies me...)] I have been listening to audio-dramas all weekend, and they are soooooo cool!


I really feel like playing Bloodlines, but I keep getting distracted until it is too late at night D: [I miss my little Toreador so much]

I've been in a Masquerade mood all week too, and  it really sucks because I can't do anything for it. I can play Bloodlines, but I want to work more with Alexander on things, and I really am unable to.

I want to play a RPG soooo bad (D20 or V;tM or anything), and I can't because I have no one to play with ;____;


This is just a ramble post D:

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Tremere beats Tzimisce & Brujah beats all? I BEAT MERCURIO, THAT WEASEL! I didnt find him very hard at all now that I had Wilhim with me. I go now to fight the Golem![which I may put-off till later] Death is Truth? [I thought; "In quiet, you will know beauty, in beauty you will know truth, in truth you will know love, in love, you will know quiet."...] Seem to be all I have been dealing with thus far...
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At the begining of this month I wanted to try-on the new pinstripe dress pants I bought for Kio. After deciding that the were damn awesome, I put on my regular Kio outfit and went to look at myself in the mirror. That was when Wendy decided she needed pictures ^^;


The rest of the pictures from the mini-shoot can be found HERE.

I played some Bloodlines since being home, but haven't played on my main game yet (I fear addiction when I have other things to do). I also played Redemption, but I am stuck in Perin(sp?) Hill with Mercurio (that WEASEL!). Armie helped me with ho to revive Wilhim though, so I should have some more luck using her stragety(bah no spelling for me todayz), when I start playing itgain.

Bloodlines screenshots;

And here are a few Redemption ones;

Scenery,  )


Now back to using a cellphone after I finish resumé template finding D:

Meme#4: via Facebook

Comment and I will; 
-Tell you what I find attractive about you.
-Tell you where I would want to go on a date with you to.

In trade, write a note make a post, and I'll comment!

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Thanks to Heather I'm on one of my "I want a Ninth Doctor action figure" kicks again. I shall put-it-off till I'm back in Nova Scotia however ^^; I also want to get one of those nifty TARDIS USB hubs :3 [for purely funtional reasons, including that all my USB ports are in use currently, and I have to un-plug something to plug-in my jump-drive...].

So I shall be ordering; a Ninth Doctor action figure, and a TARDIS USB hub, and most likely a Dalek figure as the online-store I found has them for $6USD...and maybe a sonic screwdriver ^^; [total $52.76USD+shipping]

But this is a later thing, and won't be done till after I'm bask East & after I book everything for PortCon2008 and such :3


I'm a sloth. I'm blah & lazy and apparently storing food as I'm not hungry and I've only had supper and a snack today, compared to yesterday's semi-gluttonish evening...


Armadei is full of win I must say repeatedly. Hopefully tonight will contain more crack however. Also I want more dev as I'm a dev fangirl :P [I want to draw him, but I don't have enough reference ;)]


I made some wallpaers for my phone :D [176pxX220px is the size that will fit good. 200pxX250px also works, but it a picture is too big my phone will crop only the top corner of it...]


The daffodil one I made for a more Spring-type wallpaer for my cell-phone, and the 3 Vampire: The Masquerade Clan ones I made...currently only the Toreador one is being used as my screensaver, but Armie likes Malkavian (I do too) & Tremere (which I find creepy and not very trustworthy...).

I went by the colours on the letterhead for these. I want to make the rest of the clans, but I'm having a hard time finding pictures of the letterhead so I know what colours to use. I do have pics of Brujah & Gangrel's letterhead so I'll make thise next. I want to make a Ventrue one though. [I have found another letterhead but I'm not sure what Clan...]


Oh and Happy Easter~!♥

I wish I had ham & pineapple sauce to eat...I'll have a ham sammich instead though ;___; and maybe some pineapple chunks with it...

I did cook a awesome dinner for myself Friday. Pork-roast with a maple-garlic glaze, a AWESOME salad (mixed greens, grated carrot, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, blueberries, bacon, cabbage, red onion, and poppyseed vinegarette), and some 'Uncle Ben's' rice. Chocolate-marble cheesecake for dessert with maple-syrup & blueberries. I'm having the last of it for lunch tomorrow ^^;

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