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♪Diggin' around for Ore Chunks♪
♪Diggin' down for more chunks♪
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I was going to post about "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" & my Sea Monkeys, but I've been miserable all evening so I was going to post about that. Instead I reinstalled my scanner, and scanned the covers of 3 doujinshi I've had ranging from between 2008 to the begining of last September. Mainly because I've been asked about finishing my scan of that huge Shink anthology; "For My Love".

Melody of Love

Secret Sheik

Hero * Naoto only book


And here is what my guess is they are about... )


And here are 2 "The Legend of Zelda" postcards I got (probably from samuraicar--who I greatly recommend!) with one of the Shink doujinshi (I may re-scan them as I see there is a fair bit of lint that showed-up):


I scanned the whole Souji/Naoto doujinshi and it can be found {HERE} [also I ship Naoto/Kanji moreso]
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I wasn't going to make another post until I had beaten Spirit Tracks, but I have decided to make a follow-up to my last entry.


Minnow's appointment went well. She has actually gained more weight, which is what I was dreading, but besides that she is fantastic. Well she does need to take this awful smelling, meat flavoured antibiotic paste to try and clear-up some sores on her chin. Fleas were awful this year, and though the cats have now all been defleaed, Minnow gouged under her chin. I had tried mixing the antibiotic in her food, and with tuna (she only has to take 2ML a day), but she refused to eat either (and the other cats wanted to eat it).--So I am having to give it to her the hard way -__-

But Lydia started having that racking cough again, so she needed to go on meds again too. So between Minnow, Minnow's food, and Bratface, I owed over $200--Which is about all I have for a whole month. Luckily I had my GST [Nova Scotians get a refund every 4 months on some taxes. It is usually about $60-ish (a bit more if you are very low income)], but things are still quite tight now. Though it should be fine eventually/next month. But though I hate doing so, it did prompt me to go about asking for refunds on some commissions I paid for, but that never were done.


And on my test results. Well they did show that my kidneys are fine. That was what the suspected cause was (relatedly; I may have mentioned here before that mine are about the size of, and development of a 12 year-old). So now my doctor doesn't really know what is up, leading to me spending Friday morning at SMH for even more tests. Also I am awaiting a call for an ultrasound appointment. Now to be honest this isn't really phasing me at all. I do dread the waiting & the long!ass drives, but I am not really too perturbed by possible sickness. I'm not saying that I want to be sick or anything like that; just that with all thd rest of the crap going-on, it just really doesn't add much/bother me. But it probably isn't anything major anyway, now that the kidney thing has been ruled-out!
Read more... )

In un-health related news, I just finished the Byrne fight in Spirit Tracks. So not much of the game is left, and I don't really know what I will do for after. I do have a few side-quest-y bits that I can do outside of the main story though. I just started buying the Golden Train for one thing. I just need 1 Dragon Scale, 1 Regal Ring, & 3(4) Gold Pieces to have all the cars for it. I bought the Brawny Cannon & the Golden Freight last night. It doesn't look as nice as the Golden Ship from Phantom Hourglass though. That was all really shiney with purple gem accents. But my favourite set from that was the Iron set. A boat with a drill on it! But back to Spirit Tracks I beat the 2ND Slippery Station course, gave up on the 3RD after getting RIGHT AT THE DOOR repeatedly and failing. I also have-I think-like 26 rabbits, & 5 Force Gem warping portals (which I call A, B, C, D, & E). Lastly I just need 3 more Stamps to be done one of my favourite side-quests.


So yeah; I'll probably post again once I beat it, and I'll probably also be able to have the results from thesd tests by then too. And my brats will probably be all well again--As long as no-one catches the chest infection from Lyd :/ (Because Nicki passed around something in the Summer that took awhile to get rid of)


I forgot to mention that I am pissed-off, and in a bit of shock over MegaUpload. It is a site that I frequently used, and I had quite a few videos up on MegaVideo.--I was actually going to upload/e-mail a video I took for someone the next time I was on. Now I'll have to .RAR & split it to use with MediaFire :<

Oh, and happy Year of the Dragon! I was born in 1988~ I already bought my yearly Canada Post stamps (I have been collecting since I was in high school) :3
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It is a little after 4AM, and again I cannot seem to fall back asleep. So when I get up I may regret posting this, but for now here is an entry posted from my 3DS.

I have a rather long entry before this, but I have yet to recombine the continuing comments to the entry, so I still have it set to Private. But given my actual now physical aversion to even turning my Shaglehod on-let alone going online-I may not actually get around to doing such (...took me 2 weeks before I ordered a new card-reader...). The gist is basically; I love my 3DS, I visited Douchette, we got a ridiculous score in "Noby Noby Boy", "Braid" ruined my good mood, and then there was venting. Not that anyone really cares if I make LiveJournal entries or not though.


Since then my set of posters from Nintendo arrived in the mail (I traded-in 400 Club Nintendo coins for a set of 3 The Legend of Zelda posters). I don't know how I would take pictures of them though since they are so very huge. Even the smallest is far too huge for that back-up Persona 4 frame, 'in any case'. I have them stogged(sp?) in their poster tube upstairs in storage for now. And I hung a wall calendar from the Chinese restaurant at Greenwood Mall where I was going to hang the 1986-2007 poster. Year of the Dragon~

Yeah, when I posted before I had just beat the Snow Temple. Since then I have beat the Ocean Temple, the Fire Temple, Snowdrift Station, and am now just at the 15(?) floor of the Tower of Spirits. Whatever the one is that you go to after restoring the Fire Spirit Tracks. It took years for me to get up to/feel like starting it, but I am really enjoying it so far. The Legend of Zelda games are my favourite series of games. They have a way of making me feel hella good at them, they have a linear difficulty/puzzle progression, they have a recurring canon (never the same story, sometimes a retelling though, but there is always races or bits in all of them), and Link in many ways is an underdog (in Ocarina of Time he was an outcast even). I prefer the 'top-down' style ones though. I have a bad sense of direction in 3-D games (and in real life!), so I tend to spend a lot of my time wandering around, looking at the map, and getting turned-around/confused. That mixed with my love to explore is why I have never gotten very far with Majora's Mask :< I also get very creeped-out with under water things, and top-down has a better atmosphere with them. I blame "Ecco the Dolphin", MGS3, and a special I watchec on poisonous water snakes I watched when I was little for it. I am freaked-out by sharks, eels, water snakes (but not land snakes!), alligators, crocodiles, leeches, piranhas, etc., plus the dark eeriness of deep water. There is a room in OoT's Water Temple where you have to get a small key, but the room is like only a few squares large and full of Shell Blades (giant, mostly impervious, clams). You drop into the room and arw immediately swarmed & attacked by these snapping enemies. I don't think you have the Iron Boots yet, so you keep floating up, and the ceiling is mostly grates. I remember playing it late at night & it may be less worst than I remember (but I still dread the Water Temple in the 3DS remake!). Twilight Princess has Skullfish that also give me the creeps, and to make it worse you can catch them with the Fishing Rod for a close-up. They kinda remind me of the things from "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" that grab your feet and weigh you down in the 2nd level. But anyway, Spirit Tracks' water-themed level actually had a plant!Boss. And that 'toon!Link' games usually have bright colours/a tropical feel, even the underwater train ride down there wasn't too bad. Fucking Dark Trains & that shielded one though. I much prefer fighting the tanks/pirates than having to flee/avoid those things.

I find driving around so slow with the train tedious though, and I spent my play time Saturday just doing various side/fetch-quests to get them out of the way. I didn't feel like playing all day yesterday though, so I think I might have made myself tired with it. I still have a few I want to finish before going back to the Tower of Spirits, since usually they add more Dark Trains to the map each time I finish a level in it. I also worry that like in Phantom Hourglass, & Twilight Princess, getting all the side collection things really won't matter. Spent the whole game collecting bugs, or ship parts, and there really wasn't any point :( And having to blow into the microphone to use the Spirit Flute & Whirlwind (bring back the Gust Jar!) is hard for those of us with lower lung capacity! There are a few other things that bug me too, but 4AM!brain-farting. Linebeck III is fantastical though~ (Becky is one of my all time favourite Zelda characters, & his grandson is wonderful too.)


In other news I take Minnow for her yearly check-up & booster shots today. I worry that she hasn't lost anymore weight.--she has only lost 1 pound. And tomorrow I go about my test results *bah*.
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Today I got up at 6:40AM to get ready to catch a bus to New Minas to pick-up my pre-order of "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" bundle. AND to pre-order the fantastic looking limited edition Zelda Nintendo 3DS.As I said in my last entry; my mom drove me up instead. So instead of not arriving until Noon-ish, we actually had everything done and had left the area at 12:30PM! I would just be getting back here now if I had taken the bus. Anyway the price of Skyward Sword was more than I was told it was expected to be months, and months ago, so now I am owed money (Skyward Sword is a Christmas gift), and I had to cancel my oder of the new Professor Layton game :( So I will have to wait to get it later--maybe with my brand new 3DS? Yesterday the bundle was not even in the nearest store's system, so I am also glad that it was there today.--the nearest EB Ganes is around an hour and a half's drive's away, and so much more if using the transit bus. I even had time to mail the first lot of my holiday cards early! Huzzah!

A picture of the receipt ~

Skyward Sword get! )

Persona 4 fanart poster is now framed )

Link & Navi now on my window )

Now I have just eaten supper (a Wendy's wrap picked-up when we were 'up-the-line'), I am drinking a can of perry, and am now watching "Coronation Street". And due to a severe blizzard warning, I probably won't get to visit Matt tomorrow :( So we are also trying to work-out what to do. Probably it will end-up being a week or so from now and without the actual fundraiser to watch on his HUGE television. No idea quite yet though :(
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Well today I am on my way to New Minas to pick Skyward Sword up, pre-order the Zelda 3DS, and to provide proof to Pets Unlimited that Lydia has been spayed. I wont have a Wii until the WiiU(sp?) comes out, but I pre-ordered the Skyward Sword special edition anyway. The Legend of Zelda is my favourite video-game series ever~ Though I worry because Twilight Princess & Phantom Hourglass had such drop-off/rushed endings :-( And the Oracle games are my favourites (and Ocarina of Time of course! I did found [ profile] sheikxlink_fc after all :-P ).

My mom offered to drhve me up, and I am so glad! Long ass bus rides are long. And I did not sleep very well between Lydia actting-up, the awful "watching the clock" panic, and the terrible "they arent even okay with me existing" feeling. I eventually put Lydia in the cage and dozed-off for 3-ish hours -_- And in those hours I missed the shout-out to Douchette I paid for from Desert Bus for Hope :-( I just hope KumquatDumpling saw it!

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This is the latest in the long tradition of getting a "The Legend of Zelda" themed birthday cake :3


I also was amazed to find that one of my custom designs from a 'few' [o_o 2004!] years ago was in the Greenwood Dairy Queen's cake design cards!

This one:

I was too lazy this year to make a design, so I just looked through their cards and :D [I will try to sneak a picture someday!]
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I thought I'd post this:


I read it today, and it made me laugh hard. It's from the Windwaker koma manga :3 [scanlation found here]. Link is such a hero!~
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Only one of the set again this year, because I am so very lazy, and because I did the outline before I got a tablet, and thus only did the one in Vector.

I am planning-on spending most of the day playing "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" because this holiday tends to make me melancholy & bitter :{ [Last year was the first year I had a real Valentine, and there is someone I want to ask to be 'my Valentine' this year but as I am a coward, I haven't yet :/] So Link should help keep me from moping-around.

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Douchette made a post on /v/ involving the AWESOME "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" case that we found in EB Games :D
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Okay, my lovely friend Douchette pointed this out to me. Take a good hard look at the Google Earth Day 2009 logo;

[a hint to what you are looking for is my user-picture & tags]


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April started-out looking like it was going to be a fantastic month, but a week into it and it just crashed;

Well 'the Al thing' really knocked me off that tower of awesome I was on. Maybe I am not supposed to be in love with people? I don't know, but I do know that I still feel like I was stabbed in the chest with a hammer. I just opened myself up so far and shit, that I just don't know how to get over him/it.

Thus eventhough there was a lot of what I was giddy for, I kinda just stopped. I told Armie I was going to call her in the next two weeks (talked to her on the 5th), and I didn't because I went into myself. I haven't even mailed-out the stuff I have for her :( I feel really bad about that. Though one of the things I ordered never came due to low stock, so I am having it shipped to her directly. I feel like a really bad friend though! I may call her tomorrow in fact now...

"PLANET OF THE DEAD" WAS AWESOME!!!!!! [I need to re-watch it & the confidential, and make a post on it.] I watched it on Easter Sunday :D I will say; "OH MY FUCK! MOTHERFUCKING FLYING BUS!" *ahahaha*

I'm so happy that it's The Stanley Cup Playoffs, because it keeps me from going completely M.I.A. & gives me something to look forward to and to get excited about. I love the Vancouver Canucks' Fan Zone Live Blog to bits! It is a hella-lot of fun bitches. I haven't been as active there as I usually am, but again I haven't been myself (wind-out-of-my-sails), and the games have been to awesome that I don't have the ability to Live Blog, Twitter, watch, eat, and chat on MSN (plus the frequent boucing around & dancing I do) ;P I DON'T KNOW HOW THE PEEPS TO IT D:

THE CANUCKS SWEEPED TONIGHT (yes my Engrish!)! First team to go to Round #02 :D [though again I wish the Blues had played someone else first, because I had wanted to see them go farther in the playoffs ;__;] The players need the break, but I kinda wish they played again sooner :P I hope O'Brian gets a goal soon :D OH! And CBC had a info-thing about how O'Brian does a dance routine to "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa *bwahahaha*, it was told to them by Hordichuk, so I hope O'Brian punches him ;P I also will admit that I love Ohlund >.>; and I made a 'Peanut Butter Burrows Time!' thing for t-shirts/etc. PLEASE USE IT! [but credit 'Lady Norémon' of you do ;P] My skippy mouse killed it though...but I still put a lot of work into it, and I am proud of it :D

AND I got a story accepted into Thaumatrope :D I hope my other one gets accepted too :3 [a hint to the one that got in, is that it is one of these ;P]

Besides from hockey, not a lot has been going-on besides me mourning the end of me having 'my dorky cheeky monkey rockstar sexpot & countertop magician'...I'm going to miss calling him that, I really am. Really I did adore him completely; besides from distance he was 'The Total Package' -____-; And I feel stupid for falling so hard. But atleast this time besides from the minor "I wasn't worth it" thought poking at the back of my mind & feeling very stupid, I don't hate myself. It wasn't my fault at all, and I don't have the blame that it was, or that I am a disgusting retarded pityfuck. So I guess I am confident in myself as alright material. That means a lot, because for the past over a year I have thought that I would make a terrible anything. If I can enthrall the lead singer of The DnA Project for 4 months, I must be rather sexy, hilarious, and wonderful *lmao*

I've been bicycling again :D I had started in late March, but we got FUCKING SNOW-then lots of rain-so this past weekend has been when I could start again. I went to town and got some groceries *hehe*! Biking back was hilarious though, because I was off-balance and thus had a hard time getting back--'specially up the hill I live on! My hips were really sore D: I'm going to go again tomorrow if the weather is better [we got a bunch of rain & it is REALLY windy], and if not I'll go Saturday or Sunday. I WILL MAKE IT TO TIM HORTON'S BITCHES! I am going to go and get a sexy Ice Cappuccino and sit and drink it :P It's about 2km from my house, and kinda uphill so it will kinda take a bit of effort, since I am out-of-shape D: Here is a map to show you the route!

I FINALLY GET MY FILLING TOMORROW [Thursday]! This tooth has been really hurting (though not as much as the one I had a root-canal on in Alberta), and I've been trying to get in since February D: I HOPE I CAN CONTROL MY NERVES! It's also one of the front ones, so I hope the dentist colour!matches the enamel good >:|

Theeeeeeen Friday; Douchette & me are going to New Minas LIKE A BOSS :D I reeeeaaaally need to buy a new optical-mouse ;___; This one has been dying for the past month-or-so. I also need to look at monitors, because mine is on its last legs, and is almost 7 years old so no wonder :,( I also want to look into pre-ordering "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" & see if I can find a cheap PS2 "Guitar Hero" & "Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes" FINALLY.


Soooo Wendy is going away this weekend, so anyone want to hit me up [Warning: NO ACTUAL HITTING OF SARAH D:]? I plan to watch "Moonlight", "Kuroshitsuji", and play "Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines" & "RuneScape", and just stay-up all night hopped-up on sugary food >.> Call my 'cell if you want, or catch me on MSN or Gizmo :D

Ciao mateys, and I hope that I will be more active again...,

---Sarah A.K.A. Lady Norémon [who will be 'Lady Sarah of Sealand' in the near-future :D (sooner if anyone wants to surprise her ;) )]
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Happy Saint Valentine's Day!~♥

I totally made that :D With a combo of Gimp, Inkscape (which glitched so the stroke is not smooth >_<), PhotoStudio5.5, & OpenCanvas 3.3 ^______^ I ripped-off/re-made one of the 'retro' valentines from [[here]] ;P I plan to re-make the whole set before next year *hehehe*! Heeeeeeeey Armie, reconise the font?~♥
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Yep, so after beating Phantom Hourglass I kind-of stared at the screen for a few moments and was at a loss.

"No more Zelda for Sarah?"

Then I remembered; I still haven't beaten "A Link to the Past" because I did something in a dungion out-of-order, and can't continue with it [no way to get another key...?]. So I started a new game (I didn't erase my old one as it is the one I beat Four Swords with [ profile] fox_avenger  with)! I forgot how damn hard only having 3 hearts in the begining was D: Also I think my thumb is cramping with the A+B+Y+X buttons...I want a GameBoy Advance SP soooooo bad ;_;

I also haven't beaten Oracle of Ages. The Goron Dance is sooooo hard with a linked!game -__-; I had no problems with the Subrosian Dance, but the Goron one is HARD.

If I ever work on/make a Zelda game, I want there to be a desert with hidden camp of Sheikah in it, and a lave+mining area with Subrosians. I'd also like to have different worlds or different times too. Like maybe have you go to the past and there be a island of River Zora & Tokay, then in the present have that island be inhabited by Zora...There also needs to be Anouki, Yook, and those 'yetis' from Twilight Princess. Oooo and the Tokay could have developed into Lizalfos ^^; I think having to learn songs is important to a game too, to teleport or to gain access to protected areas. I also think a Zelda game should have Gossip Stones ^^; The Dark World trippy place thing from A Link to the Past where you get turned into a bunny would also be cool. I think there could be a awesome tricky dungion made in it. IT WOULD ALSO HAVE TO BE ABLE TO BE PLAYED AFTER BEATING IT D: [I HATE THAT SOOOOOOO MUCH WITH THE 2 NEWER GAMES!]

So ends my rambling for now lol XD I hope some day to post my theory-of-Timeline or lack there-of XD

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