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So [ profile] boobjection informed me that there is going to be a new Ace Attorney game. I am excited even though I haven't finished Justice For All (I played a bit of it last night though, and know where I am again!), or started Apollo Justice or the Edgeworth game. I really hope it has Godot in it though. The ending is left vague as to his fate, though I have it as he survived and was put on trial. Godot/Armando is my favourite Ace Attorney character, and one that I've even RPed in the past (along with Phoenix stuck in a cellular-telephone--I kept getting the 'e' & 'n' switched so decided to go for Crack). I know he is a bastard (and not the best to women), but I love him like a film noir character. And he really is very sad.

Spoilers for Trials and Tribulations )


I also started "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance" since my package from [ profile] alchemy_hisoka arrived yesterday. I originally just played the tutorial, but I got a lot of reminders of "Kingdom Hearts II" when Braig & Ansem showed-up (the cutscene after the optional tutorial). I really haven't played much of any of the Kingdom Hearts games besides II & 358/2 days, since I dislike Riku, and Sora tends to annoy me. I really love Organization XIII though, so the thought of a reoccurrence of them makes me happy. My favourite KH character is Demyx, but I still love Roxas & Axel--especially AkuRoku. I love that in 358/2 Days that Demyx is a playable character, but I really hate that the other Organization XIII besides Roxas are weaker & more awkward in combat. Meaning enemies take a lot more hits to kill with the Melodious Nocturne & Arpeggio than with Roxy. I'm not minding DDD too much though, and I like getting two sides to each World. Maybe it's because they're older/because of their struggles but I'm not getting as infuriated with Riku & Sora as I did in KH or KHII. Riku is still a bit of a jerk though, but he is trying as seen with his interaction with Quasimodo. I'm currently stuck on Riku's Wargoyle boss battle though, and keep dying horribly. It seems to be able to kill you in 3 hits, and even less with those damn glowing fireball things. If I am a second late with a dodge, I better be fast with Cure or I'm dead next hit. I have died so many times just as I hit to heal. I may just Drop back to Sora so I can continue the story a bit longer until I am able to fight that Wargoyle without flailing in frustration. I'll have to fight him with Sora, but most people are claiming his fight is easier when I searched on Google to make sure I was doing Riku's right (I am, and that's pretty much ATTACK VICIOUSLY & DODGEDODGEDODGE). I will also say that I wish Riku had kicked Judge Frollo off of Notre-Dame! Why did Judge Frollo get an E For Everyone rating? )

Here is my adorable Komory Bay though!:

The concept for DDD is kinda creepy though, but the premise of the first world is especially. I'll put it behind a LJ-Cut, even though it's revealed about 14 minutes in (and I already said it on Plurk/Twitter).OoooOOooo )
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I haven't read your e-mail yet, as I have to keep myself calm so I can pass my re-write tomorrow [and I am scared (I will get to it eventually)]. But I want to apologise. Also the Tracking Number is: "CX 278 716 451 CA" [it was sent on the 20th]


And I guess I should make a post about what I have been doing lately, since I haven't posted a real entry in over 6 weeks.

on Twitter ) 

So I haven't been checking/active on LiveJournal much at all in the past few months, but I want people to know it is not about not wanting to talk to any of you! I just don't know how to go about it. I am going to start being more active around here again though, just as soon as things get a little less busy.

on difficulty talking with text lately )
on my phone or how I do not recommend Bell-Aliant )
on breathing problems )

I also had a very good Christmas. I didn't over-eat this year~ Last year I ate way too much, and gained a lot of my weight back. My pants are a bit snug now, but I don't feel as bloated as I did in 2008. I ate so much because I missed most of Chistmas the year I was in college, and most of the good food that is avalible over the holidays. I got a graphics tablet, and a bunch of games [2 plus 6 months of RuneScape membership], and A LOT of Vancouver Canucks stuff. Avon had a set of NHL team glasses & bowls, so my mom got me a set of Canucks' ones. I think they are right cool~ I also got Christmas crackers this year. Last year I didn't get any, and finally got a box of party ones at Easter-time. They have become a kind of tradition with June, me, & Wendy. We open a box on Christmas Eve and on New Years' Eve :3 I like the popping sound the best, but I also love getting a real-life party hat [party hats are old, rare, and expensive items in RuneScape]

on video-games )

on 'Doctor Who' )
on the #Twubquiz and mail from QI )


But I should be getting to bed now, as it is later than I planned-on, and I need to go to a doctor's appointment and then rewrite my license test. And THEN hopefully I can get back with TELUS and be settled finally.

Ciao, and I hope not to disappear for another 6 weeks loves,

Sarah A.K.A. Lady Norémon

**what I imagive Google Wave must be like, though I have yet to activate my invite for it, as I heard it is really laggy, and I don't have a lot of RAM :(
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Well I'm trying to get this: down to 40kb so I can use it as a user-picture. I can get it down to 47kb. I'm probably going to have to use The Gimp to edit the frames to contain less detail in the background. I just love little dancing Godot :3 [it's from 2 screenshots from the following video. I'd also looooooove to know if there is a "Devil May Cry" version of the meme & what the original anime is :3
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The two characters I play at [ profile] justiceforsome :3
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'A little <u>lower</u> Godot~' )

The board is located at

I made Kristoph into a pimp, and added bows to Apollo XD


Malkavian Maya became Atmey D: )

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Finally cleared "Trials and Tribulations" today! I felt really bad over finding the real killer, but I think he wanted to be caught...atleast there is the argument that it was to protect life, so I don't think he would get too long...Don't you just love how I've stopped posting massive spoilers, and instead am posting vague ones? XD

I got "Justice for All" & need to pay for PW1 so I'll have all but "Apollo Justice" :3 Atleast I don't have to worry about going months without playing my DS again because it makes me upset :P

Well I am 10k from lvl 58 Agility :D [I have failed at my goal, so I guess I'll have to postpone it for a long time], I'm guessing maybe Saint Valentine's Day now...WILDY AGILITY IS SOOOO GREAT :D [been doing in PK worlds]

I got the horn-thing and the emote from killing turkeys, but is it the same as if I had gone and found all the hidden ones? [also got it on Edwardochan :3]

I organized and cleaned my bank!~ I have like 21 free spaces now (I'll have more once I finish cooking and Prayer training...I'd have a FUCK LOAD more if I actually trained Farming XD)! I wish I had 200k more so I could buy a Regeneration Bracelette >.> (Lady never has a lot of gp...)...

I need to finish my shopping so bad and get my parcels sent-out -___-; I fail at it...Like I even failed at getting my thank-you cards sent-out from when I went to America...I think I'll send them with the parcels so to save shipping...I also need to wrap what I have bought D:

Oh and we got like 4 feet of snow this past weekend, and I just wish it would finish melting so I could go bicycling ;__;


Happy Thanksgiving!~

I'm not American, but still hope you had a good one and got to do what you enjoy and spend time with those you are thankful for ^_^ *wooo*
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Well I was in the middle of trying to make a entry for [ profile] justiceforsome/getting caught-up at [ profile] justiceforsome, when I see a ADVERTISMENT for [ profile] cpslk_drssngrm. After pressure from yet another Edgeworth, I decided to try it out...

Oh my fuck the crack!

I also need to catch-up at [ profile] tastydelicious >.> *flails*


[ profile] ghostmia from JFS is there too :D *lots of hearts*~ I wonder if anyone else from JFS will join/is there? :D

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Here is my finished Godot pumpkin...;

'Of course, being extradited from Hell is a tedious affair.' )

I wonder if any of the Trick-orTreaters will know who he is? ;3

Also my Void Knight costume will not be finished because it had rained for about the last 2 weeks and that meant I could not spray-paint or dye anything -___-; So while it will be completed at a later date (as I bought everything for it already), I will most likely be wearing my Leorio suit and my Waya wig when I hand out candy.


I want to say that those are both quotes from Godot ^^; I could have said something about coffee too...
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I will post the bits of the Canadian judge, salt in your coffee?, and other Diego quotes later-on...

1337aZnPrInceSz! )

things about angels, because angels remind me of Armand... )

'Are you for real?' )

So yes;

Oct. 19th, 2008 04:02 am
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I've been RPing at [ profile] justiceforsome , and went on the [ profile] boobjection  pchat tonight, to be greeted with a mass of JFS characters...

I drew what is circled in red, but I'm wondering who drew [ profile] dark_gumshoe , [ profile] phoneix_wright , and coloured the big [ profile] princess_gavin  :O I play Phonenix, and I certainly didn't draw qui?!
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Guuuuuummmmmmmmssshooooooooooooooooooooooeeee~!!!! You are sooooooo awesome! *flails*


spoilers follow )

Art Deco?

Oct. 14th, 2008 11:06 pm
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"! People are like coffee; the darker it is, the stronger it becomes. The hardest part is the bitterness. The question is; are you a man that can stomach a bitter brew? *points* You don't look like one to me!"**



So Yeah I'm Cross-Examining Armstrong. I'm glad the partitions are finally coming into play, because I noticed them when I first went to Trés Bien...I AM STILL upset that the list of blackmail amounts didn't get brought-up in Stolen Turnabout ;___; I WANTED TO PUSH ATMEY FURTHER!

So yes, and that chick was not a ghost afterall. Though I am now calling her "Giovanni-Girl", since she be Italian and named 'Viola Cadaverinni'...She is just a creppy girl who likes to burn things...

**something I typed for RP >.>
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Well it is after 5 D: I am still awake. I have been playing T&T because there was this ghosty chick at the resterant that only Phoenix saw. I was scared I would have a bad dream from it so I decided to play a tad furthur to get it off my immediate mind. I have a thing where I need to avoid ghost-things before bed/when Im so tired. It makes me have bad dreams lol. Then I got caught-up in the case and was all "you are cool Gumshoe!" The I was so tired I kept reading "Byrde" as Bride instead of Bird, thus amusing myself. Then Godot said something that sounded really terrible and I was all "what the hell man?" O: it was something about Gumshoe driving the nails into Maggey's coffin. It seemed really harse! So now I am tryhng to sleep but Minn is being a ass so I am typing till she settles down -_-* Also my hand hurts and my arm is sore[stitches and needle].

Role Play

Oct. 12th, 2008 11:19 pm
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Well I started RPing somewhat again. Not too sure I do the character well, but it's practice :P

I might as well come clean;

*clears throat*

My RP journals are; [ profile] narukami_tenshi , [ profile] piece_from_dark , [ profile] chupa_chup_man , [ profile] eleganszi , and [ profile] cup_number_17 [I'm debating making a Crack!Lestat one...]

And I rarely use any of them [actually I doubt my ability so much]. The one that has gotten the most use has been chupa_chup_man...I really should try joining some other communities, but I am so AMATURISH I am afraid to. Maybe I should ask [ profile] gargantsurprise  to show me the ropes (since I won't hear from [personal profile] unite /[personal profile] skyseer apparently)? :P


Oct. 11th, 2008 09:16 pm
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Yep FINALLY figured-out that part of Atmey's testimony I was stuck with in the 2nd part of Stolen Turnabout :3


Now I need to figure-out the vital piece with this one as I only have 1 chance...Damn I like Godot~ [and I made that image with a sprite from Court Records]


Now I'm on "Recipe for Turnabout" :D

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