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Feb. 18th, 2015 03:47 am
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Long ramble on MGS3 Snake Eater, more oral surgery [warning for description of bone sawing], and food/balloons.

CORRECTION: The Fear's fight takes place during the day, right at dawn. I haven't played this game since 2006, but I have no idea why I remembered it being pitch black D:

Also; { http://www.silenthillmemories.net/sh2/endings_en.htm } more on the interesting ending requirements. The Leave examining the photograph/letter thing was on the Silent Hill Wikia.


The day of the original surgery for removal of my tori mandibular, one of the first things I felt was that the back part of the right one was still there, only hella sharp where it had been cut. I brought it up when the surgeon saw me in recovery (due to him prescribing acetaminophen which is something we had previously discussed does not agree with me, so I got Toradol instead). I told him he left a piece, he responded “No I didn’t.” (I had fresh stitches, and was still frozen).

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{ http://desertbus.org }

All last week I watched Desert Bus For Hope off-and-on. I'm sad I missed Bill's Mom's shift, but at least I got to stop in & visit Matts for a few minutes during it. We've watched it together since Desert Bus 3 (we didn't get into Desert Bus 1, and was in Alberta during Desert Bus 2). We even had a party during Desert Bus 4. But yeah, I love it. It being on makes me feel calm, and being able to keep checking in is a good distraction that often does not fail to make me laugh. I love how soothing Kate Wyatt [Bill's Mom] is. I love Skeletor [which everyone knows is Ian, but everyone treats as the cartoon character].


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The reason I was up that way was because I had an appointment with Dr. Ross (and not about my jaw as I eventually figured it would be). I've had 2 torus mandibularis since I was little. They've never bothered me, and hadn't grown any. Until last year :/ The right one decided it wanted to grow sharp, and try to erupt through my gum/bottom palate. It's been really sore because as the gum gets thinner, the bone & skin becomes more sensitive to heat. Also the top layer of skin has been susceptible to rubbing-off, and it got really bad the last dental X-rays I had (the film cut right into the thinned gum). Dr. Saxon referred me to Dr. Ross, and we figured he'd just do the in-office shaving the sharp bit down. But no, Dr. Ross (who kept going "Cool!" excitedly) has decided that given my difficulty healing, the fact that disturbing the bone a little bit is the same risk as removing it, and concerns it will erupt & get badly infected, to remove the tori instead. He offered just to do the one that's grown fast, but we both agreed symmetry would be best. I'll be under anesthetic for it, so at least I would be awake unlike with my wisdom teeth. But I'll also be asleep if something goes wrong. I have a lot of dental anxiety after the Dalhousie business, the Alberta root canal, & the Annapolis Royal business. But Dr. Saxon speaks highly of Dr. Ross, and I trust Dr. Saxon [whom I have to see soon too as I chipped sealant off the one I have sensitivity with (after Dalhousie spilt etching on it) and don't want to have hella cold & sweets pain]. The cynic would say he just planned the full removal for money [I pay nothing as MSI (provincial insurance) covers torid removal], but honestly something has to be done about the one growing. I go January 6TH about the anesthesiologist consult. Where I'm having blood problems, and have asthma, they want to make sure things are alright. I go for surgery February 3RD. I'm very scared over it. I'm trying to think on things I'll do though; like watch TNG & DS9. Eat desert baby food & soups. Enjoying the painkillers (he was going to go with Tylenol #3, but given my tolerance from my jaw medication, and the fact I'm on Iron, he's going with Dilaudid.) so I'll be doing a lot of sleeping peacefully. And he's giving me low dose antibiotics too, so I won't run-into the infection I had with my wisdom teeth. He says healing time is less than wisdom teeth too, so maybe I'll have solid food for Saint Valentine's Day!

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{ http://www.plurk.com/p/k73g7n }

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One of my favourite pictures of one of my favourite "DRAMATICAL Murder" characters {because he's a dork [and because his Scrape problems hit chords for my problems (though originally because he looked like Alfred only with tidier hair & ridiculous tattoos)]}:

I stayed-up hella late the 13TH because it was storming here & Nicki was wanting attention. So I stayed-up & read, then spent most of Saint Valentine's Day with painkillers and sleeping. I had asked my mom previously to pick-up whatever dessert was on special at The Eggplant Café when she got off work because last year the sold out fast [it was chocolate cheesecake], and when she got was 2 huge chocolate cupcakes (one for each of us). I ate a bit of one when I got up and didn't feel well at all after because it was so rich D: I had to go check the mail & pick-up C batteries for my Valentine's present and felt like I was going to vomit while doing so. Frozen pizzas weren't on sale at Graves' ValuFoods so I didn't get one despite having been craving pepperoni pizza for over a week (I couldn't justify to myself buying a slice from Mama Sofia's when on sale a whole frozen one is cheaper).

Cupcake on Twitpic

When I got back I was all excited to set-up the Cat's Meow I got as a gift from The Grant's. I got Nicolas & Lydia all excited too, and started taking a video with my Nintendo 3DS (dirt in my camera's lens). Well the screw was made of cheap metal, but my problem was I didn't have the hand strength at all to turn my screwdriver (or open a stupid bottle of apple juice). So I asked adoptive sister to do it, and she ended-up stripping the screw head so that it couldn't come out. Luckily my mom was still visiting so she took me over to exchange it. Also luckily they had one in a beat-up box that they were alright exchanging since both would be hard to sell. But when I got back I couldn't get it turned at all either. My weakness & aches have been getting worse, expecially the lack of hand strength. Not being able to do the one good thing in awhile I was super excited for was the last straw and I just broke-down because of the fears, stress, events, et cetera, et cetera. I planned to try sitting & throw myself into Bloodlines & Alexander to take my mind off myself & other characters, but adoptive sister decided to be snarky about me being upset and I just lost the will to even turn my laptop on. Finally with determination though the screw came out (relatedly; the screw is pointless in the toy because the battery compartment also has one of those plastic latches)). So I spent the rest of the evening watching all 3 of my brats playing with their new toy, and fixing it whenever they pulled the wand out of its socket, or Nick was sitting on the motor. I also had to sew the yellow flappy thing because they got the seam out from around the hem of it, and the wire that keeps it rigid was poking out.

Got it! on Twitpic Adorable brats. on Twitpic Ass!cat. on Twitpic

Watching my brats play instantly improved my mood, and after watching them for a few hours I went to bed. This is actually the first time in over 24 hours my laptop has been on, and I'm only awake right now because I'm uncomfortable & a bit nauseous. My back is getting a lot better, and as I mentioned in my #Bloodlines2014 posts I'm getting so I can sit for about an hour at a time without it bothering too much (still can't lay on my back, which is why I'm uncomfortable right now as I rolled onto it while asleep). It's mostly discomfort than pain now too, but I am still having to be careful with not overdoing things like lifting heavy stuff. I watched the "Maoyū Maō Yūsha" anime though (behind on "Coronation Street" due to the Hayley business). I decided to watch it after reading that it had a female knight character in it, and was doing with the same cast as "Spice and Wolf". Well said Knight is so awesome O: It didn't fully end with the ending though, more satisfying than the "Spice and Wolf" one, and with the idea that things will continue on off-screen. It also is just from last year so maybe a sequel or OVA is possible. There are light novel & manga series too (like the Holo & merchant story), but I'd rather watch anime (and why I haven't read the Holo & merchant ones).

The Knight on her students thinking about going to war. #Maoy... on Twitpic Knight. #`/*/poihvjk56 on Twitpic #NSFW And there was some non-sexual Knight fanservice. [she w... on Twitpic

Anyway; now off to attempt *sleeps-sleeps* as I'm drifting-off despite things. I've got to take the Cat's Meow .AVIs off my 3DS & Windows Movie Maker them, but I plan to upload them.


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I made a similar post on this yesterday with my 3DS that vanished in a Varnish Error :/

I haven't been online much the past week-ish because it's either been too uncomfortable or I've been too doped-up to concentrate to type. I've also not checked my e-mail until earlier today due to that & stress/anxiety. Anyway I'll get into why I've been doped-up & uncomfortable and see how this goes this time. I've installed LiveJournal.NET on my laptop now, but it seems to lack Location (I don't remember it lacking it) so I posted this entry with the Location & as Private and am now editing it now.

According to 2 outpatients doctors I've pulled a ligament along the spikey bony part of my spine. On outpatients & medical rambling )

These pills are helping a lot better (still causing vivid messed-up dreams though**), and have lessened the pulling on my spine feeling I was getting while laying on my side. It's still unbearable to lay on my back, but I've only had 3 doses so far. I can handle pain, but where it's my spine the pressure/pulling is very disconcerting! They aren't making me numb though, which I'd rather (though I could easily get addicted to feeling numb :/ ), but just sleeping through discomfort was pants too. The antibiotics look like bees, while the others are just sort of yellow & hard for me to swallow. [livejournal.com profile] watchcry says to pretend I'm Nicolas Cage while taking the bee ones, so I've decided to pretend to be "The Magician's Apprentice" Nic Cage.

.@PopeRichardCory on Twitpic ← My Nicolas

As for my appointment last month; my count was high, but not high enough yet for him to order marrow testing. I've lost 14 pounds since October (not sure how much stuffing my face with holiday food factored). So he ordered more blood work & now I'm waiting to see another specialist. But given that I'm still waiting to see one since last year, I expect a long wait.

**So far I've dreamt: I had to have my cat euthanised (and had to actually go find him to make sure it was a dream), that I could feel my television from my bed (it's about 4 feet from where I sleep), a dream that was a mix of Batman/"The Midnight Circus"/The Cold War with The Joker, about a Tzmisce fleshcraft place where an experiment (dressed like a 1950's housewife but with 2 torsos/arms sewn together for a head) saw/heard a Bath Fitter commercial & decided to create something with what she had around her (and I awoke hearing large garden shears, and feeling them by my neck), a messed-up gory horror movie dream where a haunted house was killing people, and one of polo on these robotic faux carpeting covered kangaroo things. So though I'm not groggy from medication now, I'm lacking a bit of sleep from said fucked-up dreams.

I should share the Valentinr substitute I posted for this year too { http://ladynoremon-box.livejournal.com/1504.html }.
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Well another post, this time I plan to update on my health since I got more results back on Monday. I'm still feeling pointless though. )

Since the late winter/early spring I've felt so tired. Like not even just depressed tired. But I've had very little energy, and weak with hand strength & such. I at first just figured it was because I had given-up. I had a lot of stress & painful removals in the spring (and more recently), and I thought that I was so tired because I didn't feel much point with anything anymore. But I asked my doctor for bloodwork because it could also be my anaemia being a jerk. Well the first bloodwork showed my Iron was fine, but my white blood cell count was high. So another test, and one for a stomach ulcer, and no infection was found but the white blood cells were even higher. Waited 2 weeks and another test with again the count was high. I've been tested for mono', and that's been negative. No urinary track infections or flus. So Dr. Yafai thinks it could be a warning for something to develop with my bone marrow, like leukemia. I've got to go for bloodwork every 3 months now, and if the count reaches 20,000 he'll have my marrow tested. I have now had my blood tested 4 times in the past 3 months and on average it has been around 15,000.

I also had to see Dr. Ruddy (an ear's nose & throat specialist with a thick Scottish accent) because of that lump Dr. Saunders found, & I've also been having spells of a tightness in my throat & trouble swallowing. Usually the things I have trouble with are things neither liquid or solid--like soup or milkshakes. I had an endoscopy done, and I fucking hate them. It gave me the creeps because it felt like a long, thin snake was going down my throat. He didn't use anesthetic so I had a sore throat for days after too. He thought it might be my stomach causing some of it so on Thanksgiving weekend I also had to go do a barium X-ray/follow-through which is my least favourite test so far. I had one back in 2006 & couldn't keep the barium down, and this time I had to drink 2 smaller cups (one while standing, and one through a straw while laying down), and then 2 large ones in the waiting area (also take gas crystals to start, so my stomach was inflated). My body seems to reject me drinking it, like my throat wanting to close-off (it has the texture of paint or school glue, and a sweet, chemically taste to go with the paint+glue). So it took me awhile to drink it all. I was getting very angry at my mother going "come on, come on, get this show on the road!" and having a huffy fit while waiting. We also had to wait a long time to even begin because there was a problem with the equipments' generator. Anyway I got it all done, but felt hella nauseous (and kept tasting the barium in my burps). I had pizza but it didn't help, but I did spend the rest of the day at Mattsles, and mostly played "Killer Is Dead". His mother made meatloaf and that at least got rid of the bad taste.

I had a pounding headache when I got back, but I thought it was just the long day (my appointment was at 7:45AM & I got up around 6:00AM), and playing video-games on a big screen television that's also starting to darken with age. I had a bath & ate some French onion soup, took headache pills, and went right to sleep. But I still felt awful the next day. And by the end of it I was having awful intestinal cramps & bright pastel yellow+goldenrod diarrhea. And I couldn't keep much food down, or feel awful after eating. By Sunday I was also sweating profusely. After dinner on Monday I called 811 (Nova Scotia's HealthLink), and the registered nurse thought I might have had a tear somewhere, and the barium leaked into my system. She recommended I go to outpatients immediately. So after being wishy-washy about it for a couple hours, I got my mother to drive me up. I took my laptop & played DMMd for most of the wait. After 4 hours I finally was saw a Dr. Nick [well last name 'Optoff'(sp?) but he wanted to be called Dr. Nick--not sure if he liked "The Simpsons" or not. He was young & blue-eyed with curly blonde hair though. Dressed in the navy blue emergency uniform]. He diagnosed I was having a bad reaction to the barium. So he got a nurse named Paul to put my on IV. I had Gravol (which fucking burned), something like Advil that started with a 'T', lots of saline, & some dialodid(sp?). 2 of those by needles to my hip & the fatty part of my arm. My mom has in the past left me places, and 2 more hours had passed, so though mostly out of it from the Gravol+opioid I got Paul to go check that my mother was still there. She was pissy until she saw that I was on IV. I had to wait even after the 2ND saline because Paul didn't know if Dr. Nick wanted me to stay & have fluids. But it was fine so I got my mom to carry my stuff because I couldn't walk well & we left. I also got my first Hallowe'en Tim Horton's doughnut of the year on the way back. Actually 2, and I ate one when I got back plus a freezer panini sandwich, & a bag of cheese puffs because my stomach was settled so I was ravenous. I sle0t excellently that night. No dreams, or painful feelings beforehand, just the blackness of sleep. I'm mostly over it now, but I've still got a bit of a bruise on my left arm (couldn't find a good vein in my inner elbow, so had it in my wrist, but fuck it bled a lot & I think the Gravol caused more bruising/irritation), and my digestion isn't back to normal yet. Dr. Nick wondered if something could be up with my spleen to cause all the bruising I've been having & all the bleeding at minor things. Feeling around it didn't seem swollen though. But anyway, I'll probably have to have a different contrast medium for an X-ray in the future though.


You may have missed that I said "my laptop". Well my accountant Mr. Brian Neville gave me his old work laptop. I named it "R-2E-054" after Clear's original serial number. It's a Sony Vaio from 2010-2011 with Windows 7. He told me years ago I could have his old work computer (the company pays every few years), but the model couldn't easily be wiped so he couldn't give it to me. But he said the next one I could have instead. Well I didn't count on it, but about a month ago Debbie (who works the desk, but isn't a secretary. She has the credentials to sell/file/process insurance, but mostly does secretary work) called me early one morning. She said Brian had left a box for me on his desk, and I could pick it up when I was around. I expected his even older work laptop which he keeps bolted to his office desk to be there, but instead it was he more recent one. It has nicks & such from wear, but he even had all the little twist-ties for the cords still in the box. I started having problems with my Shaglehod so I've been glad to have it (first it was forgetting my settings & failing at recognising my harddrives, then a svchost.exe problem with it using 100% CPU). I've mostly just played DMMd & used Twitter via Janetter though. My ACNL post was made with it though.


As in my previous post, I got "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" on the 15TH. Now on those fears with it & on other things )


As for my own Hallowe'en events, I've been doing a lot this year since I don't know how my health will be next year, et cetera, et cetera. I went to see the Kentville Pumpkin People (and need to go retake pictures of an inflatable handsom cab outside Greenwood after the pictures corrupted when I Moved instead of Copied with that svchost.exe error and the lag turned my external harddrive off). I have pictures, but I can't get enough of a feeling that it matters to upload them. I did upload some to Twitpic though { http://twitpic.com/photos/Lady_Noremon }. I've also been eating a lot of Hallowe'en doughs from Tim Horton's. They have Boston cream ones with sprinkles & a sugar print-out circle on them. I've mostly had the bat & black cat ones. My main plan is tonight though where I'm going to a haunted house at the MacDonald museum in Middleton. I have a costume for Clear from "DRAMATICAL Murder" together, but I didn't like how my old Killua wig looked, so I ordered a proper wig and as of yesterday it still hasn't arrived. It may be in the may mail this morning, but the mail doesn't get sorted until 10:30AM-ish. I really was excited to dress-up as Clear for the haunted house, but if the wig isn't there today I guess I'll go without a costume. If it's not there tomorrow I'll have to use the Killua one. I did wash it at least, so it's ready. Most of the costume is stuff I already had, so it isn't all that accurate, but I still am giddy about dressing-up as him. I couldn't afford a Avon S10 gas mask (and when I saw the cheaper i had to go to Halifax so responsibly didn't buy one then), but I did by a clear plastic umbrella. If I knew some near a military depot type store, I'd ask them to look for me. My mom thought she'd take me to Annapolis Royal on the 31ST (they go all out, and I thought since I'm short/young looking I could sneak a bit of trick-or-treating in too), but she couldn't get the day off work, so I guess I'm handing-out candy instead. I hung ghosts out in the chestnut tree yesterday, and have 2 pumpkins to carve today or tomorrow. I don't know what to carve in them :/ I usually design my own patterns.

Well my ordered wig didn't arrive, so I wore my old Killua one. It didn't look the best, but it was better than nothing. I really enjoyed dressing-up as Clear. I'd actually like to do it more properly someday. The haunted house was kind of stupid & offensive (middle-school students acting like they thought mental patients would). Even the storyteller they had as terrible (I stayed for "The Yellow Ribbon" but then there was one about a man chopping limbs off his family's dog). But there was a lot on the first floor for little kids though, like face paint & macaroni art. I wore a gold opera mask for most of it because there was a bigger crowd than expected, and I didn't want to be recognised (a lot of the bullies I had in school now have kids & I worried they'd be there). I'm glad my mother decided to wait around because I was done with the place before 7:00PM :/ I did like the fake books they had stuck on the museum's gift shop shelves. One was like "How To Easily Train Your Black Cat" which made me think of my Lydie. And they gave me a purple (my favourite colour) glow bracelet at least. Also I seem to have snagged my white boots on something there because I had a hole in them when I got back, so I'm pissed about that too. My first time wearing them (I had to take the price tags off that day ffs), and I got them from Zellers years ago. There was all kinds of stuff in the hallways that brush against people, so I suspect that was what caused it (It looks like a cup hook mark).

Also I forgot that Tuesday I got my 2 pumpkins for jack-o'-lanterns, and while I was waiting for the seller's help (Avery's sells them by the pound up but no more than $5.00), a woman interrupted and snootily pointed at the 2 I had & goes "I want that one, and that one.". I told her I had already picked them out & was just waiting to pay, so she got right huffy & gave me dirty looks the whole time it took to pay/load them into the car. On Thursday afternoon I carved that Sock's (cute cat) pattern into one, but didn't know what to carve into the 2ND. I then remembered the screenshot of Clear when he punches the brainwashed Morpheus Ribstez members (I didn't want to do another gas mask where I carved 999!Zero last year, but I only had a few minutes before trick-or-treater time). So I went to print it off, but my printer decided to be out of ink. So I freehanded it instead by looking at the image on my 3DS for reference. Luckily since I've been making my own patterns for around 10 years, I know well how much space is needed to maintain integrity, et cetera, et cetera (that probably wasn't explained well). I'll try to get myself pumped enough to make a proper pattern of it someday. I haven't even uploaded my design from last year though.

As can be seen in the next entry, I decorated more, including a "Ghostbusters" singing ghost. That video was taken before I hung my window lights up (the ones I won in elementary school for a pumpkin I carved then), or got the Clear pumpkin set-up. I took pictures after though that I'll try to upload. I didn't get many of myself though. I didn't take the brats out for a walk in the morning as I planned to either, but I did put festive collars on them for an hour-ish. Lydia didn't have a good time this year, unlike last year. She acted very scared the whole evening, and I was even worried she'd have some sort of spell. She just wasn't herself until yesterday (Friday, November 1ST), and was tired all morning. I told her she wasn't a very good black Hallowe'en cat, but I was worried about her. Timid Nicki on the other hand was quite perky (and as can be seen in the next entry, still loves pumpkins). Minnow even ran outside while I was setting-up the Clear pumpkin. And surprised me by running to the vack door to come back in after I said to her that it wasn't a good time at all to escape (Hallowe'en).

On my way! on Twitpic Me in front of that hansom cab, on Twitpic Cat on Twitpic I freehanded a carving of Clear. #DMMd on Twitpic

I brought stuff in around 9:00PM, and reheated garlic fingers & got ready to watch the 1922 "Nosferatu". I had been drinking diluted perry most of the evening (after having it with supper), and had the rest with it too so got quite contently tipsy. I also ate cookies I had baked the day before (chocolate chip oatmeal with Reece's Pieces in them too). I love in the 1922 retelling that Jonathan kisses a picture of Nina (Mina) while scared in his room (right after the count menaced him by being weird about blood from a cut Jonathan had). I also love in the novel how he makes notes of trivial things to tell Mina, and being the character that types the diaries up she even keeps the notes in it. I dislike consensual/actively seeking each other Dracula/Mina, preferring my loyal light of all lights Mina (the Van Helsing conversation is where Lorrie's 'lights in the darkness' comes from). So it contents me that in the 1922 silent film they take it so far that she breaks the Nosferatu curse. I love Mina. Sure she can be stupid at times (not getting that of course Lucy could be wandering around in just her nightdress without shoes on), and cares too much about what people think. But she is so clever & level-headed. I know some people dislike her "I want to be an excellent wife & help my husband!", but I don't. Anyway, if you can see "Nosferatu" I recommend it. I bought it on DVD off ebay for about $3.00USD XD And just as I finished Tom really surprised me by inviting me to his New Leaf town for pieces of the Spooky set, so I got comfortable again & did. His villagers kept ambushing me (the Hallowe'en event was on in HoleTown, but I'd set my Nintendo 3DS clock back so Frampton's hadn't begun yet). I ended-up running from them from place to place like from monsters. Limburgh(sp?) & Teddy still changed part of my outfit into the patchwork set though. My lovely cute outfit :( (white lily, purple glasses, beaded top, black formal skirt, black stockings, & black tasselled loafers). I did buy a princess dress & other cute things in HoleTown though. I still haven't done the Hallowe'en event in Frampton though. Too tired Thursday, hopped-up on muscle relaxants Friday, so may get to today. I'm not feeling the game enough to really go out of my way, so :/

"And when he had crossed the bridge, the phantoms came t... on Twitpic Oh, *gawh*! 1922!Jonathan kissing a picture of Nina [Mina] wh... on Twitpic The iconic scene. "The master is dead!" #Nosferatu on Twitpic I visited HoleTown & @PopeRichardCory's kept chasing... on Twitpic


I also finally did the Hallowmas & Liberation Of Night events )


Lastly I guess I'll ramble about the findings with Dr. Saunders. The X-rays showed that the bone may not connect right, but is inmgood shape & not worn down/deteriorated as I feared. She also found that my sternocleidomastoid & masseter muscles are hella tight, like she compared the neck ones to guitar or cello strings made of meat. She doesn't know if the tightness is caused my the jaw irritation or the tightness causes the increased irritation. But any way she put me on a soft food diet (which I've mostly been following, except for chewy bread/crust, and notice when I don't follow it. Like I had something sticky earlier in the week and felt how much my muscles hurt when I used my tongue to get it off my teeth), and wrote me a referral for massage therapy to try to loosen the muscles. She also recommended a bite plate to try, but at $1,200+ dollars for something that might not help and isn't covered by my insurance, I'm going to pass on it--I don't want one anyway. If massage therapy doesn't work she has that I should talk with Dr. Saxon about injections for pain & also Botox to help the muscles. I'm also to stay on my Vimovo for inflammation. She doesn't think surgery should be thought of until I've tried a lot of other things, so we'll see. The surgery would be to break & align my jaw how it should be in the left socket. But it'd also be $10,000-ish & hella painful with other risks. At least the instances where I'd lose hearing & be unable to eat have been fewer now. Dr. Saunders also felt something like a cyst in my neck where I've been having trouble, but Dr. Ruddy doesn't think it needs treatment as it is.

I also got my knee brace ordered from Sole's Provider, but haven't gone to pick it up (because I'm waiting for a refund from SunLife so I'll have the funds). I also finally broke-down and got lenses of my new prescription put in my old spare frames. I haven't been able to find eyeglass frames I like, so at least I liks my spares & only wore them a few times. My right eye (my 'good' eye, my left has an astigmatism. I'm also nearsighted) has gotten worse since my last examination & I have had trouble reading books in this dark old house, so now I can see better. I had my last pair of eyeglasses since 2007 (but had examinations after that, though the prescriptions expired due to me not finding frames). I still need to get the nose piece replaced with something like my old pair though, as this is a bit too tall & I see it out of the corner of my eye and think my glasses are dirty/I've got Kleenex snagged in it.

Oh and we had a rain & wind storm Thursday & Friday so I doubt I'll get to go to that corn maze this year because it's probably been flattened/ruined by said storm.

I've uploaded some pictures & linked to the PhotoBucket album in the next post after this.

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Jun. 8th, 2013 02:40 am
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I haven't been posting because there doesn't seem to be much point. I'll load up the update page and then feel like it doesn't matter. I haven't updated about replaying "The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons" beyond those 2 Subrosian quotes. I started listening to "Welcome To Night Vale" [oh gawh, Cecil rambling about Carlos. And fugitive Hiram McDaniels(sp?). The Dog Park.] I didn't post about the crap Mothers' Day weekend. My garden/yard work. I did add more on my VLR entry. I haven't posted anymore about how much nonexistence hurts. And no more on my health recently [will say that my emergency inhaler tastes awful/makes me gag (I've been taking it more due to the season/air & Singular no longer being covered by my insurance). My jaw problem is effecting my ears now. And my previous urine tests have shown blood without infection, so waiting to see a specialist]. And my 25TH birthday is next Friday (June 21ST). But I feel so pointless.

Sad rambling vent that you may skip... )
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I don't really think that it matters if I update. But I might as well. I have been ridiculously low, and a lot of distractions haven't been working. This is a type of distraction too, so again I might as well.


→I have an "EDIT" bit that I need to retype on my last post because it kept failing to save, but "Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure" is still awesome. I'm finding traveling all over the large map a bit tedious (especially since I keep clicking on everything not wanting to miss Sound Disks, Medals, & Recorder Noises). Marie is a great partner. Like she originally reminded me of Colette from "Tales of Symphonia" (which I never finished), but she is actually really valuable. Like there have been times when Raphael hasn't known what to do, but she had a very clever idea. She is also good at sneaking. And she isn't a 'damsel in distress'--the only time she took off crying is because of something very harsh (she had been raised in an convent and they thought they'd finally found her mother, but the woman was all "No." and acted like Marie was an unsightly bug). And even Raphael trying to pull they "I don't want to put you in danger!" was founded in the fact that what seems to be a resurrected (zombie?) Napoléon wants Raphael actually dead & keeps sending his knights to physically attack. It wasn't because she's be 'in the way' since she really is smart & helpful, but actually because she'd really be in danger. But Raphael gave in and they've broken into a few places together so far [I'm only on Chapter 5 (of at least 10)]. Also I am pretty much fangirling over Charlie! I can only get D Rank in the two fights I've had with him, but he is just so cool. Little serious detective with something to prove~ I've asked [livejournal.com profile] ahnjehleehn to draw me a picture of him.
→My 3DS' right shoulder button [R Button] has been selectively responsive, and if a cleaning (Nintendo recommends a clean & dry toothbrush, but I can't afford one right now) doesn't remedy it, I'll have to send it off for repairs again. Luckily I got another year added to my warranty because of the hinge repair. I first thought the unresponsiveness was just in the newly updated Internet Browser (which seems slower now & I dislike how the loading bar is), but on playing "Mighty Switch Force!" (which the shoulder button is the switch button) I kept dying because it didn't respond all the times when pressed. It doesn't seem like a physical issue since it makes the satisfying *click* that the other buttons do.
On Wednesday morning I scalded my right hand. )
→On Thursday I put a vinyl glove on and cleaned my room though. I was planning to anyway (while Wendy was away & thus not here to complain or snoop through my stuff), and I decided I was too sick of it to wait for my hand to heal. I love clean bedding, and my new sheets have chickadees on them. Nicki isn't very happy with it though since I didn't put his blanket back on, and instead put my purple throw at the foot. He used to love the purple throw, and liked to suck on the fringe, but since he has a blanket he really loves all others don't compare?
→I caught-up on "Doctor Who" except for "The Angels Take Manhattan" & "Demon's Run: Two Days After". The first I have ready, but am not in the mood for as ⇒
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I haven't been posting because I've either been too tired when I've thought of it, or I haven't been able to push through the cloud of 'it does not matter'. I'm thinking of doing this in point form, but I ramble so we'll se

→I finished "KurageHime" and about the last 3 episodes & ending felt rushed & abrupt. I think they changed animation for the last episode too as Kuranosuke's hair was different/spiky-er. I haven't read that far in the manga so I don't know if that arc ends like that or not.

→I started "Durarara!!" and it is fantastic! The 'shit just got real' moment usually saved until an ending happened in episode 11, so I look forward to over half of the series left :O It makes me feel horrible for no longer having a network/group anymore though.

→From about the 7TH until last weekend I've been poorly. Weak, nauseous, dizzy, and such. A combination of my 'monthly cycle' and it being an utter jerk with my anaemia. TMI under here... ) I'm better now, but I lost a whole week of getting things done.

→On December 13TH I had to travel up to Halifax (3 hours away & my provincial capital). One of my visits to Dr. Michael my lung/breathing specialist (Dr. Roger T. Michael; International Medicine & Pulmonary Function). I like him because he doesn't make me feel stressed or like I'm wasting his time. My appointment went well, and I might not even need to go back in 6 months time. Though my trip to Halifax wasn't as exciting as i
they usually are and I only bought a can of Starbuck's Awake tea as a souvenir this time. I was too tired to even walk to Dalhousie University's bookshop (where I've bought art pens in the past, and where someone I have a crush on now works) which is only a few blocks away. I did wear my new Joe Fresh sweater (I had voting on Twitter what to wear: Option A or Option B) though and my freshly drycleaned wool coat.

→I finished my Seven lineart for that secret collaboration project. I started to colour it but was too sleepy on that night, yesterday I was too lingeringly angry (mostly at television; blaming video-games, interviewing the children, the WBC protests), and today I'm going out for shopping. I'll try to do the flat colouring tonight or tomorrow, and then hightlight/shadow after (I haven't decided yet if I'll do my normal way, or try OpenCanvas 3.03E+'s airbrush). I only have until the 23RD D: and I've been very anxious about it. Worried about that they'll change their minds about me being in it, that I'm not good enough, that though I think I know the deadline/rules I'll be mistaken/they'll change them, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera. Seven is one of my favourite Zero Escape characters though.

→I managed to get my questions in for Aksys' question & answer with the Zero Escape creator. I got them in less than 12 hours before close D: I asked if he had decided on a name for Seven yet (Seven is his codename), the reasoning behind Snake's hilarious career choices & Snake's thoughts on his little sister's new skimpy dress sense, and about Alice's dislike of shirts, where she stores items she carries, & if it has caused any workplace problems.
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Well still feeling terrible (Blocking and such), but I figure I might as well update about my physiotherapy.

So I switched to a new physiotherapy place... )


Oct. 19th, 2012 04:44 am
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I'm going to wait to post the fullsize directly here (I want them all together in a post), but here is my VLR Countdown picture of my favourite 999 character--Snake~:

#VLR COUNTDOWN -- DAY 2: SNAKE #999 on Twitpic

This is my attempt at his taken aback pose, as I was thinking of his reaction to when Junpei examines lights outloud (Snake's real name is Light).


I also got my MRI results: My ligaments are messed (healed all funny & such), so much scar tissue, & I have a cyst.

So I'm to get a brace to wear daily to try to help. And hopefully the cyst will break on its own, so they don't have to open anything up. As it is I'm supposed to keep going to physiotherapy, do my exercises, & hopefully no surgery will be needed! I also got a different anti-inflammatory to try since my Meloxicam has stopped being very effective even on a doubled dose.

[I might post more after sleeps]
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I tried to write an entry on Friday, but I couldn't finish it, so I tried yesterday and just gave up. Maybe it will get done, or I'll post what I got, but this will do. I've pretty much said all I was going to post elsewhere anyway (Plurk/Twitter/Facebook). I had a crappy week, and Thanksgiving made me feel like it doesn't matter if I'm alive or dead to most, and that feeling has yet to bugger off.


→Last Friday I went to visit Douchette for the first time in 2 months. We warched "Hudson Hawk" [Davis Caruso (Horatio) played a mute disguise artist named Kit-Kat], and played "You Don't Know Jack" & I played "Sorcery" (a PlayStation Move game with Erline the annoying/mean cow). I earned 13 PSN trophies (my PSN is 'Lady_Noremon' or whatever my LJ profile links to). We ate a Subway submarine sandwich, and almost a whole lasagna. I also injured my arm after using the Move controller so much and had to wear my arm brace for most of the following week.

→Thanksgiving was awful. )

→I got an appointment with my family doctor to get my MRI results, and to talk about my circulation (vein problems run in my family, and I've developed 2 spider veins on my leg, been having numbness, & not been able to keep warm.). I also called the physiotherapy department to make an appointment now that I've had my MRI. Well the one working the desk couldn't find my file. After a lot of searching she found it in the 'to discharge' folder, listed as the day I called in sick. So pretty much my new physiotherapist tried to discharge me :/ Which did not help my value level very much at all. I mentioned here before that she called me out-of-the-blue wanting to discharge me after only 1 appointment with her & booking another. I know that they have all of Pat's patients to deal with now, but for fuck sakes. I'm going to see what my results are & how Friday's session goes, but I think I'll request another reassignment (though the one I have is who Patrick thought would be best). I can't 'shop around' much though because I'm in a rural area, and my treatments need to be in a hospital for my provincial health insurance to cover it.

→Nicki had his recheck and it was excellent. So I got his innoculations & was very, very as ease. But right after those telephone calls (doctor/physio') Nicolas had an accident on the table. So I called the vets' and was told to come pick-up another round of those pills he was on since his physical examination was so great. Hopefully this will help :( But June really, really upset me when as I was getting back in the car after getting the ($7) pills, she said that I probably should have Nick put down as it has been expensive. He has a urinary tract problem, that now that it's been caught, that if he eats his food will have no impact on his quality of life, FFS.

→Yesterday I took my 3 brats out for 10 minute walks. I had hoped for a repeat of last year's adorableness in the autumn leaves, but Minnow is the only one that briefly pounced on anything. I have 3 videos from it/them to upload to YouTube once they convert. I had a hard time getting them to even go out though D: Minnow got harnessed fine, but then ran up stairs and hid. Nicolas was freaked-out that he was going to the vets' again.--So I let him walk where he wanted instead of carrying him to the front lawn where the leaves are. Lydia thought that I wanted to play chase with her, and ran up-and-down the stairs and bounced all over the place not letting me catch her. However once all of them were outside, they were fine! Lydia is probably the vest to walk as she doesn't squirm if I have to pick her up.

→I plan to do countdown pictures for "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" like [livejournal.com profile] ahnjehleehn, only using "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" characters as I don't know the VLR cast very well [I'm hoping to like Dio & Sigma though, and Cloooooover (older than in 999 though, but she's Snake's little sister :} )]. I've been blah today so I've yet to scan or colour my little Zero doodle yet, or start Ace for tomorrow. I'm just doing doodles though in that little cute style because it already is daunting enough D: Zero's gasmask is frustrating to draw. I'm also saddened that the game comes out on the 24TH, and not the 20TH as I had thought :/

→I'm not looking forward to LiveJournal's new posting page. I like the drop-down lists, and the new page hates my crappy Internet & old computer :[ (I'm trying to edit some entries before, like I unlocked one last night).

→I'm getting less ignored on Twitter, but still enough that I feel like I'm tweeting to air or myself. I'm also still too scared to check the main stream usually, because I don't want to know who's not there anymore. I know the Blocks were from people I cared about, but I don't know all of who, and I don't want to either which is why I haven't used Friend Or Follow's service in over a year. Withdrawing off online wasn't the right thing to do, being sociable isn't the right thing to do, so I just don't know anymore.

→I feel like a pariah.

→I have some timed tweets I set-up back in March when I still had hope, and wasn't as scared. But now I'm scared that by letting even "I hope you have a fantastic day" to someone on their birthday will lead to Blocking. But there is nothing I can do, as I reinstalled TweetDeck, but it won't let me log-in. I even tried the web & Google Chrome versions, but I cannot log-in there either. It isn't my password, because entering something else gives a wrong or bad password error. I'm not planning on using TweetDeck anymore anyway, but it just means that any Scheduled Tweets are going to tweet. I'm worried most about the one for the 28TH, and sm thinking about deactivating my account for that day, but I don't know if that would even work--I'm also scared that it might be seen as a reason to go about deleting things (if they haven't already been as I'm too terrified to check now. I posted "Watching The Detectives" with the mobile site even).

→"The Mentalist" is on tonight, and I worry about Jane even more after last week's episode. But Jane & the rabbit was adorable, and had an Alice feel (and I liked that it was a brown rabbit instead of a white)!


Oct. 4th, 2012 11:54 pm
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First off; the week before last, I finally got my bathouse up! 16 feet up!


Well yesterday was my MRI. We left early because it is a long drive, and I had a lot of errands to do beforehand. I took back a package of No Name beef patties that I was going to return anyway as they were greasy, salty, & had a mealy (like suet) texture, but because of the beef recall I received a full refund instead of an exchange. I only got that kind because on the day I did Atlantic Superstore was out of the President's Choice kind I get in either the beef or vegetarian. I feel blasphemous though because sometimes I make gravy with beef OXO for vegetarian burgers (I eat them like sailsbury steak or with eggs). While there I managed to find a case of San Pellegrino Aranciata [I love it but it seems that if a place starts carrying it, they ten stop. San Pellegrino also changed the packaging & can colour (from a lovely deep blue, to a light blue & orange)] & some Pocky. And Joe Fresh has sweaters that I want one of, so if anyone's local Superstore sells the mustard style, I'd pay for it/shipping. I also had to exchange on the bags in the peacock set I got because it was missing a foot when I unpacked them to take pictures. Being a Bentley bag it has a warranty~ I also finally picked-up that Sir Isaac Brock book I ordered. My nausea was also horrible that day, along with heartburn, and on the drive I had to get my mom to pull-over to the side of the road so I could vomit into a ditch :/ Anyway I also shopped around for a giraffe baby toy (preferably that squeaked) for the son of a guy I grew-up with that's a family friend of June's. He is younger than me FFS :/ Shopper's Drugmart was out of their version of that fancy squeaky giraffe, and so I decided to wait until I got up to Wal*Mart even though I saw a nice giraffe rattle at Mind Bender Toys. Well Wal*Mart is very, very lacking on baby toys & such. But I eventually after searching found their last baby towel & washcloth with a giraffe on it set (and "Little Cutie" with a palm tree). I also bought a cheap blue horse named 'Clip-Clop' that squeaks loudly. Giraffes are my favourite things for baby items, especially with teal or green. I almost bought some Hallowe'en outfits for the cats, but they only had 4 (we have 5 cats) collars & the sweaters were a few dollars more than I had left in my budget--So I'll wait until the Greenwood Wal*Mart (where Zellers was) opens and see if they have seasonal stuff in. Pumpkin sweaters for my brats at least. I also didn't find any wigs I could use for anything either :( I was thinking of maybe going as Snake (999!Snake) without the fancy jacket, but I couldn't find a short wig that I could either dye or that was already grey. I have the short-sleeved white shirt, dress pants, and a reddish tie. I'm not doing Lorel this year (I have the last 2 years), and none of my cosplays are really good for Hallowe'en, so I don't know what to be. I outgrew my Eighth Doctor jacket (when I gained some weight back), and the ascot fell apart. I have the hair for Armand, but if any Vampire Chronicles character, I'd go for Lestat again (Nicki is my favourite character though). I asked for suggestions on Plurk/Twitter/Facebook, but I don't think I'll get any answers.


We arrived at Valley Regional around 4:40PM and I went to the front desk. I showed them my referral & asked about the telephone. They told me not to worry about it as I was pre-registered, and just go sit in the waiting room. So that's what I did. And I waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually people in scrubs came and escorted everyone out for their tests. At 1/4 to 6:00PM I was worried so I went & tried the telephone.

The couple of ladies let me in and were worried that I wasn't going to show. I was anxious that they'd scold me, or that I wouldn't get to have my MRI (leading to another 6 month wait & maybe seeing Dr. Clarke again). BUT it's a common thing for the front desk to send people to the wrong room & they weren't really fazed at all. I sat in the MRI waiting room proper, which had a a large television with rabbit ears that were the goldish colour old floor model/panelled models have. I wanted to take a picture because the room reminded me of an old spy movie, but the younger of the 2 entered then. I had to orally answer questions about my health, if there was a chance I had any metal inside me, my hernia surgery, and such. I have no idea if I've had an MRI before, but given that I had a seizure when I was little (I had a ridiculous fever that got too high), I probably have but don't remember it. My mom doesn't know either. Anyway the other lady gave me a Johnny shirt and told me to go choose a locker for my stuff & to go get changed. I snuck a few pictures since I decided to take my purse with me [I was going to leave it with Mom, but she was agitated and has in the past just taken-off & left me places (thus me wanting my purse)]. I chose locker #1, despite 3 being my favourite number, because the keyholder reminded me of the Kocher Forceps from the Operating Room in 999. The lockers were in reverse numbered order (3-1). ...And alsi reminded me of a puzzle in the Operating Room in 999...

After I was done I went to the magnet room & knocked and the cold air hit me as soon as I entered. The lights were very dim, and there was a blue hue to everything. The Bone Density/Mammography/MRI waiting room was poorly lit, but this was as if all the florescent lights could barely stay on (no flickering though). I thought the room would be noisy, but there was just the hum of fans. I had forgotten to take my glasses off, so one technologist took my glasses & the keyholder, while the other put a sheet over the MRI table/bed. I laid down on it, and after I had my knee in the little foam trough(sp?) and had something that felt like pads of X-ray vest material tucked-in over it, I got a pillow to put under my head. I have a habit of holding my hands together/interlocking my fingers, but they gave me little pads to put under my forearms & told me not to have my hands touch and to keep my arms resting on my abdomen. After I was given a 'call button' to squeeze if I needed them, (it looked like the end of blood-pressure pump, attached to a long cord) and then they covered my feet/right leg with a towel (and was told to keep said leg turned in). They placed giant headphones over my ears (to muffle the noise, and so they could communicate to me) and headed-off into their little room.

The slow glide into the chamber wasn't so bad, but it off-put my low blood-pressure a bit when it first jolted into motion. I wasn't in all the way at first, just up to my elbows. But after the first 4 minute picture they slid me in farther. I actually found it roomy, but I also prefer small spaces, so there's that. I probably could have moved around a bit if I was allowed to. I actually recalled that old late-night sexual education show where in one episode they showed MRI's of couples & masturbation. But anyway I could feel the fans' air hitting me, and on top of the already cold room I was freeeeeeezing! To the point I had borderline painful goosebumps all over...among other things. I really wish they had given me a towel for over my arms & neck. I was expecting sounds like a jackhammer, but the noise was more various beeps, a sound like an old scanner, fans, and a whirring. Their was occasionally clicks as the table moved, but it was mostly just lower octave beeps. It lasted around an hour, with each picture taking around 4-5 minutes. One of the technologists would say when one was going to start for most of them. And until I was slid in farther, I could look-up and see the timer counting-down in bright neon green numbers like a microwave display. One leg fell asleep, while the one under the pile of stuff started spasming because of the weight on the kneecap. I managed to slip the cord of the call button into my left hand to give it something to hold, and held the valve/pump in my right, but I kept wanting to place my arms over my chest/clasp my hands. It was so quiet even though there was a lot of noise. And after the first few pictures I started to be hit by melancholy thoughts & how alone I feel. Normally I try to concentrate on surrounding noises for distraction, but the MRI sounds seemed to be one of those that the brain tends to block-out. I remember reading or hearing recently about how the ability to filter-out noises is one of the first skills a baby learns in the womb. Like how you have to concentrate to hear a clock ticking, even if you are alone in a room with it. So all I had was the muffled sounds of myself that I could hear with the headphones closed around my ears/jaw. I started tearing-up a bit, and the tightening of my chest made my asthma want me to cough. So I ended-up holding my breathe to suppress the cough and so until I calmed-down I was in there freezing, trying not to cough, and hearing my heart beating in my ears. I got so I was bothered by the weight of the heavy headphone cord on my chest, and was grasping the call button cord tightly. But I did calm-down before they slid me back out, so I spent the last bit taking slow breaths, and trying to doze-off (I had no idea how much time was passing once I couldn't see the timer). It was so cold though that I couldn't relax too much, and by then my nose was running from the fan air, and my ears were hot/itchy from the headphones. Eventually a technologist told me they were just going to look over the images, then pull me out. The first thing I did was rub/wipe my eyes with the back of my hand (not wanting evidence of tears), and started to stretch my arms. I had to wait until they got the stuff off my leg though, and collected the pads before I could do too much though. I was so stiff when I swung around/strode up, and my right leg had fallen asleep. I got my glasses and was sent to go change again. I was so, so cold that I regretted not wearing a hoodie or jacket. I also had a hella hard time getting my stiff/cold hands to unlock/open my locker :/

My mom was still around when I finally left the magnet room, and quit ready to drive back. But there is a kiosk/food stand in the lobby that sells beverages/sandwiches/sweets, so I offered to buy her a tea if she'd wait so I could get one. I also got a roast-beef sandwich because I figured I should eat something before the long car ride back (I get car sick anyway, but still had nausea/heartburn).--And I convinced my mom to have a pumpkin cookie (I got one too, but stepped on it by accident in the car). I also got a chance to gawk at the art the hospital had on display/for sale and took pictures of a forest scene & an apple. And then we started to head back, but June called and asked to have one of those 3M adhesive remover pens picked-up from Staples, so I had an excuse to also buy a pack of Pilot Frixion pens. They are erasable gel pens, and the colours are very vibrant. I was using a purple one a lot, but I have no idea where it went (I suspect Lydia), and every store I found that sells them single was out of purple or not getting anymore in. So though I already have 2 maroon-ish ones, and a black, I now have a 6-pack with; purple, pink, sky blue, orange, lime green, & maroon. And in the $1 bin were mini legal pads, so I got a pack of 3 too (I prefer to write on yellow legal pads). I missed getting to Foodland on the way back (it was almost 10:00P< by the time we got to Middleton), but I did get to go to Subway so I had food for the next day (a foot-long Italian BMT, honey oat, toasted, bacon, Monterrey Jack, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, and cut into 4 pieces). She finally dropped me off at my residence around 10:30PM o_o And in all that time I StreetPassed with no-one, and had "A View To A Kill" stuck in my head.


The rest of the pictures I uploaded can be found {HERE}.

I also took pictures of some Batman stuff for [livejournal.com profile] alchemy_hisoka, that I might as well share here too.
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I've been listening to a lot of "Vampire: The Masquerade" music (and a hella lot of Elvis Costello) the last while to try to keep myself excited to play Bloodlines once I get stuff reformatted. I really want to get back to Santa Monica :[


I finally got back to outpatients yesterday. And I had Dr. Cole and she was all 'poor dear' and gave me a prescription for antibiotics because my ears are blocked/ringing/red & my throat is sore so it's more likely bacterial instead of a virus. If this doesn't help I'm to go back, but I hope it does as I am so tired of this d---able cough, and it hurting to breath. I'm allergic to Pediazole(sp?) which is contained in Zithromax (one of the better medications for respiratory infections) so it is usually harder to prescribe something. My insurance is also crap now that they've changed names, and since I've had scarlet fever in the past they don't like to cover many antibiotics. They did cover about $40 of the Biaxin/Clarithromycin though, but it did still cost me about $14.95 :/ the pills look really familiar & huge so I think I have been on these before. I also bought a pack of probiotics to prevent a side-effect that I had with the ones these remind me of :/

I had restful sleep for the first time in two weeks last night though, so at least there is that. I'm still feeling very rundown though, and I'm still stressed and have that gnawing panicky knot in my stomach. I don't know if my loss of appetite is caused by that or being sick, but what I do know is that I just don't know what to do. Withdrawing seems to be wrong, being sociable seems to be wrong. I have so many fears, and very little trust. And people seem to rather be detrimental to any lessening & building to that in the better order. It's like someone saying 'I'm sore' then someone else beats them with a kitchen stool, and wondering why they're bruised. I feel like a pariah. And I just can't handle it.


I did transfer my Sea Monkeys to a bigger tank today, however. The front porch is getting so cold at night (where the tank was set-up in a window of), and I think that is what lead to the deaths of 2/3 of the large males, and 1 small female. Julius is floundering at the bottom still, and if he doesn't make it I think I'll remove & bury or burn him (the other corpses I cannot find. I think they either already decomposed...or were cannibalised). The other Monkeys seem to be doing well in their new tank though, and are being very active. Skipper (my pregnant & green female) & What's-His-Face still haven't even bothered to uncouple [Skipper had egg sacs showing, which I think she decided to impregnant herself (female Artemia NYOS are capable of parthenogenesis...and necrovoviviparity). But still one of the smaller males latched on a few days after. They stopped for a day, and have been back at it since Thursday-ish. I don't know if Sea Monkey mating is recreational or not, but I hope so if it last so damn long.]

I bought a 1/2 gallon betta tank [in purple! (my favourire colour--not yellow)], a thermometer, some glass pebbles/stones/marbles (I also bought a castle, but it took up too much room so I'm going to save it and/but buy a smaller one when I get to PetsUnlimited next), and 2 Sea Monkey refil packs. I arranged a layer of glass scenery, added 24 ounces of bottled/reverse osmosis water to the tank, the 2 Water Purification packets, and waited 24 hours. Then I added a packet of the Instant-Life Eggs (since I've got 5 Monkeys going into 36 ounces of water), and a few hours later poured the Ocean Zoo tank in (leaving a bit of tank water in to swish about to make sure I got everything). The Monkeys seem to be really enjoying it [they also will playfully(?) follow a flashlight now, something they weren't interested in last week], and are still exploring all over. A group of them are really interested in the thermometer XD
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Yesterday I had my second physiotherapy appointment. The day before I had my appointment with my doctor-doctor about seeing about an MRI and to get my depo' injection. Well I learned that it's up to a specialist to refer me for that sort of MRI, so he is referring me to Dr. Clark(e?)--an orthopedic surgeon. Which is good, though it means more running around, because if it is my meniscus, or a foreign body I'll need to see him anyway. My doctor also asked me if I had a boyfriend, and kept suggesting that I join the armed forces -_______-

Anyway; at physiotherapy, Patrick-who-is-not-a-doctor-Young (who I also went to school with) decided to try a machine that runs electricity through my knee to try to at least bring the swelling down. After all besides exercises & tests, my treatment currently is more symptomatic instead of curative until there is a more positive & definitive diagnosis.

So for 25 minutes I was hooked-up to this apparatus:

More pictures and rambling below here... )
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Well today I was supossed to meet my mom's lawyer to read over her will (Mom is updating it, and what-not to avoid any of the crap involved in Uncle Clarence's estate). On the way I was having the sharp pain like I have been having on-and-off-fading-to-a-dull-throbbing-pain, so I decided to go to outpatients in Annapolis Royal about it before the appointment. I missed the meeting with the lawyer because the on-call nurses/doctor did another test, but I did find-out about my ultrasound.

I have a very bad urinary tract infection, and my left kidney is swollen. The colour & frequency doesn't suggest possible this thing that I don't know how to spell--nephritus(sp?), but the rest of the things are iffy for it. Anyway, I am on a prescription of antibiotics to hopefully clear everything up. ...But there is a small chance that my kidney still might be wonky. The doctor doesn't know why the last tests I have had didn't pick-up on all the things that the one tonight did (blood in it even, for fuck sakes).

So yeah, that is what is up with all that. Not too major-major, but glad I didn't wait to whenever the Hell I could have an appointment with my doctor next.


I am also going to be sending my 3DS off for repairs next month. The left hinge has been wobbly since I bought it, but I have just been taking it as a minor inconvenience that I'd just live with. But since playing "Again" with it, I noticed it more. I decided to call about it since I want to finish Hotel Dusk (and start Last Window), and I also worry it will get more wobbly as time goes on. So this helpful customer-service guy named Chase has the fully covered but my 14 month warrenty (and known issue on some limited edition devices) repair all filed, I just need to send it off by Purolator (they'll even look into that Nikki disappearance issue). It will take about 3 weeks before I get it back though...So I'll be pretty M.I.A. except by telephone/txts for that time. I don't plan to send it off this month though, as I have a few long car rides & waiting rooms first.--Hopefully I'll hang-out with Jeremy beforehand too (he just got a Nintendo 3DS). I guess while it is off in Montréal I'll be watching Season 2 of "The Mentalist", "Castle" (I finally watched "The Blue Butterfly" which was fantastic cheesy film noir!), & a hella lot of Classic!"Doctor Who". Maybe I'll even clean my room again & sort through clothes (stuff to donate that no longer fits, or ratty things to use for rags. And put my strictly!winter things away.). I'll post when I ship it out, 'in any case'.

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