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I've been doing a daily video blog [vlog] so here is the first week (I plan to do a full month, but might start combining them by a week). The playlist is at: { http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCD7jr1OaMHnCH-74hOzwUSsEVsEJtu0A }

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Since March until last week I had volunteered at a museum in Middleton [I know very little about trains! Just about Blue Coal anthracite, and some unhelpful tidbits like Nova Scotia's new rail abandonment law]. I didn't post about it here because I still am struggling with feeling like anything I do matters, and typing a lot is a lot of energy for me now [LiveJournal removed Voice Posts unannounced which fucked-up me making those]. I was hired via CommunityINC. to do cataloguing/archiving for them because their collection has never been documented before. A lot of the items haven't been stored very well or treated well and it is very depressing. Like stickers stuck directly on a photograph where the stickers peeled up and took parts of the photograph with them. Coffee stains and such. I HATED dealing with taking pictures out of some frames as they often were stapled or held in with little pins. And the glass had a chance of being broken :-( I also ended-up running their Facebook Page, and dealing with patrons/potential donors

Anyway, besides from the depressing condition, and how dirty the place was, and dealing with people, I really enjoyed it. I felt really respected there. And I don't feel much respect towards me in my life. I got a GLOWING letter of reference from one of the Directors and they want me back in the spring (I was supposed to be done the 1ST week of November, but they decided to close it for the season a month early and winterise it now as it's been getting hella cold. It's in an old railway station.). It's not paid though which really sucks. And that's lead to lots of flack from some people in regards to wasting my time and such by working there. They just don't have the funds and only managed to pay me for my birthday. They did give me a name tag though. Anyway, that's another point in my life I went through.

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Next I have the 4 week NEO program [Navigating Employment Opportunities] through PeopleWorx. And I've been hired as a Deputy Returning Officer for the upcoming school board election.
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Voted, voted, voted (@ Bridgetown Volunteer Fire Department - @bridgetownfire) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/irTjLVFKXsD http://t.co/jnAY7v5SKq
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{ http://lady-noremon.tumblr.com/post/123002923055/bridgetown-nova-scotias-canada-day-fireworks }
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{ http://www.mediafire.com/download/nys6aj7828b9yb1/Ringtone_S5.zip }

I realised my S5 has the noise cancelling record feature so recorded the ringtones off my RAZR that are locked onto it because I purchased them over the past 9 years. I use some of its built-in ringtones but I have their files on my laptop.

Enjoy the majority of them being Depeche Mode & Erasure.

{ http://www.mediafire.com/download/zfkg4qo3tod364t/V3c.zip }
Default TELUS Motorola RAZR V3c ringtones & images
{ http://www.mediafire.com/download/bv41n9vhvwl4zxt/MMS_V3c.zip }
And the TELUS Motorola RAZR V3c .GIFs and MIDIs for the MMS templates. As well as some custom music ones I had.

While looking for "Waves.MP3" since it wasn't in the .ZIP of ripped RAZR ringtones some Howard guy has on his website, I learned it and several others were TELUS exclusive to the V3c. So I used BitPim to rip the files off my device myself. I had to use the V710 settings though as it wasn't picking-up the ringtone folder with it's V3c setting. It also failed to find the audio I had saved on there myself (excluding purchased things as they are locked/uncopyable) but luckily I have the version of Motorola Phone Tools that recognises the older devices. Anyway, on searching I discovered a lot of people looking for the older ringtones but most of the links for TELUS & T-Mobile ones are dead. So in the near future I'll make a proper post with a list of what these .ZIP folders contain so Googling can find it easier.

Ripped the ringtones & defaults off Wendy's Motorola W385 ROW:
{ http://www.mediafire.com/file/9bf15dh4md3a1db/W385_ROW.zip }
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Got to write my written driving test finally and passed it the 2ND time (I messed-up the hand signals 1ST time which really bothered me as I use them for bicycling. I was so upset over my notes disappearing and my studying went out of my head.**). I've passed it 6 times before, but not since 2010 and lots of things had changed slightly so I worried I'd fuck-up. The Nova Scotia Beginner's test is a vision test, a 20 question test on signs, and a 20 question test on regulations. They allow 2 wrong on each part of the 40 questions. I had 4 wrong the 1ST 2015 writing--I got the hand signals mixed-up, speed in s crawling lane which I'd never heard of, and selected the wrong answer on a passing question because I erased my original answer and put the letter that had "signal" in the answer. If I hadn't fucked-up the right & stop hand signals I would have passed then. Anyway this time I just had hand position on backing-up wrong (it's 12 o'clock not 10 o'clock). I got pissed at the one grading though because she hasn't been showing-up to when the listed write dates were. It was supposed to be temporarily every other week, but she only went 1 week in April, and 2 in May. And the office doesn't know until the start time so I went 3 times and waited until learning the instructor hadn't arrived. They said she was between 3 jobs but fuuuuuuuuuuck. It takes a 30 minute drive to get there, and I'd studied so hard before. She also made me take the vision test without my eyeglasses on, despite it being in my file and on my expired licence that I need "corrective lenses". She kept pointing-out how I was getting the letters wrong condescendingly in front of the other test takers (most of which were 10 years younger than me). Yesterday she suggested the kids go to Kentville's Registry of Motor Vehicles instead if they could get a way there (Kentville is 1 1/2 hours away) and said she could only guarantee she'd be in Middleton on June 20TH. I didn't even study this time because I was so disgusted the other times.

Anyway there's my licence with my awful picture & bad haircut.


My usual hairdresser is away on leave from surgery and the one I’ve had before decided to go for lunch [after telling her boss she was just going to get a drink. She got back while I was still waiting and gave me a dirty look (probably knowing she’d be in crap) as she carried her Subway meal to the back area.]. So the new student hire they have cut my hair. And though I told her how short I wanted the front she kept going, cut a big chunk off, and panicking had to get the owner to try to even it off so it would grow back better. My next haircut there is free (Nadine was very apologetic and witnessed me telling her to leave the front long, and was glad I remained calm & understanding. She was very unhappy with my scheduled hairdresser.), and she did a good job on the back, but I really hate the front. Nadine gave me a choice of cutting more off or doing a flip-over. I chose more symmetry. The front won’t stay down though, and I tend to feel like a rooster. Or as my friend Marts & I decided maybe Tintin. Or possibly that guy from "Doug". I’ll go with Tintin.


** Posted using Mobypicture.com

I left my notes from Discover Driving in the car and either the heat or moisture caused part of the ink on each page to disappear. It took me hours sitting in a Tim Horton's parking lot going over tge impressions my pen left in order to rewrite them. I had to do it in sunlight to see them. I use FriXion pens.


I've been playing "Bioshock" on PS3 finally too.
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{ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIUrJ2T1rU8 }
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What do you suppose type of bird made this nest & laid these eggs? They are hidden in one of our fields. They are a bit tinier than a gumball. The bird that flew away when I walked past seemed to be very small & brown.

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources suggested a robin when I called their/our local office, but I am doubtful.
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I haven't been posting because I've either been too tired when I've thought of it, or I haven't been able to push through the cloud of 'it does not matter'. I'm thinking of doing this in point form, but I ramble so we'll se

→I finished "KurageHime" and about the last 3 episodes & ending felt rushed & abrupt. I think they changed animation for the last episode too as Kuranosuke's hair was different/spiky-er. I haven't read that far in the manga so I don't know if that arc ends like that or not.

→I started "Durarara!!" and it is fantastic! The 'shit just got real' moment usually saved until an ending happened in episode 11, so I look forward to over half of the series left :O It makes me feel horrible for no longer having a network/group anymore though.

→From about the 7TH until last weekend I've been poorly. Weak, nauseous, dizzy, and such. A combination of my 'monthly cycle' and it being an utter jerk with my anaemia. TMI under here... ) I'm better now, but I lost a whole week of getting things done.

→On December 13TH I had to travel up to Halifax (3 hours away & my provincial capital). One of my visits to Dr. Michael my lung/breathing specialist (Dr. Roger T. Michael; International Medicine & Pulmonary Function). I like him because he doesn't make me feel stressed or like I'm wasting his time. My appointment went well, and I might not even need to go back in 6 months time. Though my trip to Halifax wasn't as exciting as i
they usually are and I only bought a can of Starbuck's Awake tea as a souvenir this time. I was too tired to even walk to Dalhousie University's bookshop (where I've bought art pens in the past, and where someone I have a crush on now works) which is only a few blocks away. I did wear my new Joe Fresh sweater (I had voting on Twitter what to wear: Option A or Option B) though and my freshly drycleaned wool coat.

→I finished my Seven lineart for that secret collaboration project. I started to colour it but was too sleepy on that night, yesterday I was too lingeringly angry (mostly at television; blaming video-games, interviewing the children, the WBC protests), and today I'm going out for shopping. I'll try to do the flat colouring tonight or tomorrow, and then hightlight/shadow after (I haven't decided yet if I'll do my normal way, or try OpenCanvas 3.03E+'s airbrush). I only have until the 23RD D: and I've been very anxious about it. Worried about that they'll change their minds about me being in it, that I'm not good enough, that though I think I know the deadline/rules I'll be mistaken/they'll change them, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera. Seven is one of my favourite Zero Escape characters though.

→I managed to get my questions in for Aksys' question & answer with the Zero Escape creator. I got them in less than 12 hours before close D: I asked if he had decided on a name for Seven yet (Seven is his codename), the reasoning behind Snake's hilarious career choices & Snake's thoughts on his little sister's new skimpy dress sense, and about Alice's dislike of shirts, where she stores items she carries, & if it has caused any workplace problems.


Oct. 28th, 2012 09:46 pm
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Me with a dinosaur (Rex from Toy Story):

Yesterday I went with my mom to look at the Kentville, Nova Scotia pumpkin people! And today I went through the Evan's Family corn maze. I haven't gone through my pictures yet, but I did upload some to my Twitpic {HERE}.

Also my VLR countdown art just has Lotus & the 9th Man to draw, everyone from Akane up to scan/colour, & Junpei to finish colouring. I also have to make my pumpkin pattern for this year & go to the library to print it off D:

Also TweetDeck for web let me in, but it doesn't recall my timed-tweets, so I still can do nothing about them. I can upload multiple pictures at a time to Twitpic though, so that will be helpful for now. So, yeah, Scheduled Updates can not be prevented.
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Firstly here is Lydia yawning (recorded with my RAZR):


As I mentioned before, I took my 3 brats out for little walks on Saturday.:

"Yesterday I took my 3 brats out for 10 minute walks. I had hoped for a repeat of last year's adorableness in the autumn leaves, but Minnow is the only one that briefly pounced on anything. I have 3 videos from it/them to upload to YouTube once they convert. I had a hard time getting them to even go out though D: Minnow got harnessed fine, but then ran up stairs and hid. Nicolas was freaked-out that he was going to the vets' again.--So I let him walk where he wanted instead of carrying him to the front lawn where the leaves are. Lydia thought that I wanted to play chase with her, and ran up-and-down the stairs and bounced all over the place not letting me catch her. However once all of them were outside, they were fine! Lydia is probably the vest to walk as she doesn't squirm if I have to pick her up."

3 videos of walking cats & me rambling... )


And yesterday (Monday) I took Minnow for a very small one, and Nicolas for an over an half hour one. I wasn't planning on, but my mom had just washed their sweaters, and I just put them on to see if they had shrunk any. Well Minnow ran right to the door & started meowing, so I had to take her out. But once outside she just sat on the stump of the old crab-apple tree & ate grass. It wasn't very cold out (though it looked like it would rain) so I was content to just sit or stand and let Nick do his own thing until it started getting dark.

The rest of the pictures & video can be found {HERE}

Here is a picture of a robin:

I love watching them hop all over our lawns, getting into scuffles, and looking at people like 'Whut?'. I know ours (Nova Scotia's) aren't robin-robins, but I think the North American robins have better eyeliner :P


I've also been doing that "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" countdown thing I mentioned. I've just drawn Zero & Ace, but as long as I can keep calm and enjoying it, I should be fine. Today/Tomorrow is Snake, but I really am not looking forward to his intricate jacket. Why do you wear such a ridiculous to draw jacket, Snake?

I plan to make an entry with all 9 (maybe 10) drawings when I finish, but here:

Zero → { http://twitpic.com/b4ake6 }

Ace → { http://twitpic.com/b4ll62 }

My point is to get them done, so I'm just doing that cute style with flat colouring. I use Standard layers so the white cutout background isn't needed, but I think things 'pop' more/I like it. To colour Ace took me 1 hour, 40 minutes.
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{ http://www.bridgetownciderfest.com/ }

I plan to update this later (I'm dealing with allergies right now & allergy meds) with my videos and an actual entry, but here are links to the Facebook albums for now:

Queen Street Café

Ingles' Apple Orchard Tour

Parades, Rubber Ducks, & Cardboard Boat Regatta

Show and Shine:

Don't know when I'll get to the videos or an entry now. Nicolas may be sick, and I've got a lot of running about to do anyway. [And besides I'm too upset to go on my computer for awhile. Apparently tweeting just about Ciderfest, video-games, television, my cats, & talking to people I'm not terrified to talk to means I deserved to have my Following go down more (meaning I was probably Blocked by 3 more people). I just can't take how easy it is, and how nothing matters.]

Nicolas had a partially blocked bladder and had to be sedated to have it drained. He is staying at the vets' overnight for observation & to see if he can pee on his own now/if he'll eat any food. They put a blanket over his cage like a budgerigar! But this means more money to be budgeted for special food (Minnow is already on a special diet).
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Well I had just posted that my Sea Monkeys weren't old enough for fighting (& mating) yet...:

I checked on them around 7:00AM on Saturday (August 18TH) and they all seemed fine. And then June told me to look at them around 10:00AM and two of the three large adult males were fighting. She thought that they were stuck together & couldn't get unstuck, or that they were "riding" each other. But I had to explain that they were just fighting (like oxen do). Mine aren't 4 weeks old yet which is when they are mature, and none of my other adults seem to be female, so I think they are just acting-up like teenagers or it's a dominance thing. Anyway the larger male involved was Julius, and I haven't yet named the other 2 [{HERE} is a picture of the 3 of them. Any name suggestions?]. The one he fought with was the smallest of the 3 large males, and he has a shorter tail. They fought from sometime after 7:00AM until sometime between 11:00PM & 1:00AM--Since they were fighting when I checked on them during CTV National News, but had stopped when I checked on them at 1:00AM. They even kept fighting when I aerated the water! D: During times they'd unlock one side of their graspers and slow down, but then go right back to slamming & pushing each other about. They are still swimming about relatively normally now though, so I guess they didn't hurt each other too bad. Though Julius was doing what I think were joyful victory circles that night after. I've also uploaded all the video & pictures I was behind in uploading of my Sea Monkeys.


Jean Havoc is probably appropriate for talking about physiotherapy. Though I prefer his steady happiness in the plot of the original anime over the manga (I've yet to watch Brotherhood). Then again he gets to be more heroic/have a bigger role in the manga, and in the end it works out anyway. Havoc is my favourite "FullMetal Alchemist"** character, in any case.

But anyway; I now have a date for my MRI! October 3RD, at 5:30PM. If it was any later I'd find it even creepier. See the imaging machines are in a secluded lower level of the hospital it's at (and it will probably be dark then). I know because I went there when I had my concussion. But yeah, got an appointment!


And I heard back from physiotherapy too. All the time I was out Friday I dreaded having to take the call. I had planned to let it go to voicemail, but decided I had better deal with it then since it might mean having to find a different department at another hospital. Well I received none so besides from Twitter*** I relaxed this weekend. I didn't hear my RAZR go off this morning, but I had a voicemail when I woke-up. I had to wait until my mom stopped in after work because I was so anxious about listening to it :/

I was told that I should call during business hours if I wanted to speak to someone (which is why I waited until closing to call). But she says I should come every 2 weeks then until my MRI, since it is helping, she guesses. I'll have to call during business hours tomorrow :/ But I just hope I won't get half-assed treatment because I'm redundant or something :/


As I said before I was going to the Annapolis Valley Exhibition. Well Douchette wasn't sure he was going, and after waiting all week to find-out, I finally just went with my mother on Friday. I had saved $50 for it, and ended-up spending it all on 8 cat toys (from CAPS!), a ride on the Sea-Ray, and food. I am a very exciting person! I love the Chinese food (the family used to have a restaurant, but sold it), donairs, caramel & candy apples, cider, poutines, and pretty much I love exhibition food. I took a lot of pictures, and a few videos of the Exhibition {HERE}, but I haven't gone through & posted the pictures yet. I just don't like going alone because it isn't much fun by myself anymore. I wish I had someone to go on rides with though. They used to be my favourite part. I don't think my mom & I were there over 2 hours, and I had done all I really wanted to do. Though after I ate the donair I had brought back the next day (Saturday), my mom asked if I wanted to go again to get another one & her some of the fancy fudge a vender sells up there. So she gave me enough to do so, and I even had enough to play 2 midway games. I won a little purple elephant from the one where you shoot cups with a cork-rifle, and a small stuffed anthropomorphic kite (I will mail the kite to whoever wants me to!) at the one where you pay 25¢ to roll a ball down and try to get it stuck in the dip and not have it roll back.

Also 3 of the cat toys were handmade mice (the other 5 were of the 5 for $2 kind),and like always I let Minnow, Nicolas, & Lydia choose which one each wanted. Well not even 2 hours later I went to throw the one Lydie got for her, and noticed she had ripped the tail off of it, so I had to take it away from her until I can make it a new one/re-sew it (the tail could very well have been eaten :/). Then I was getting a drink of Beep when she brought me the one Nicki had picked and dropped it on my foot. The toy was soaking wet and she had dropped it into a water dish -_____- So I rinsed it out and set it up to dry. The next day it was dry, so I rubbed catnip on it and gave it back to Nick. An hour later Lydie brought it to me and dropped it once again soaking wet :/ She has left it alone the last 2 days though.


**I actually had a messed-up dream a few weeks ago that went from a cheesy actiony spy type to a scientist going all Shou Tucker on his family. The Mina part & the 'can't you fix her?' cat part is why I haven't rewatched the anime or yet watched Brotherhood. FMA was the 2ND anime I ever watched in fansubs (the first being "DN Angel") and both of those parts really upset me & gave me nightmares.

***No-one seems to understand or really care. [But I need to be calm before I reply at all. (Though my Following has already gone from 707 to 706)]

Well calmness didn't matter. I was getting ready to go up to outpatients (I've been sick and my fever reached 103°F), and checked my e-mail after I got done calling my mom. I had a 'removed you from their friends list' notification from the person I meant to reply to, removing me from one of the RP journals. Why the Hell if not to make me feel awful. But I panicked and tried replying anyway and again no-one cares about anything I say. I also am now at 704 Followers. One of which had Followed me back, just to Block me right after. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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First off, HERE is a video of Nicki & Lydie washing each other ---> { http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmWZebZotgA }


Well yesterday [July 14TH, 2012] my mother & I went to Dalhousie Days out/up in West Dalhousie. West Dalhousie is located on the South Mountain, and is very, very rural. Quite a ways into it is also where [livejournal.com profile] krogoth5 used to live, and is a place I've been to so, so many times :/ I haven't been since...2005? but I wanted to go to Dalhousie Days this year to see the reptile show that they were hosting. And besides from gas & a hella long drive the price is free (excluding $5 for optional breakfast). It isn't the event that it used to be, but the now organisers seem to be trying to get it more attention and things for a 'hip-er' crowd (holding a video dance & variety show). I got breakfast which was 2 pancakes, 3 sausages, & some-sort of murky juice (the jug said 'orange', but it tasted kinda like peach, so I figure they mixed them). The pancakes were burnt on the outside, but had a nice fluffy texture. But I only managed to eat one (my mother had the other) & the sausages as I wasn't feeling very well [I did not sleep well the night before--between the heat & a dream about Hal-Con 2011 (I fell asleep to eTalk covering Comic-Con) that put me in a very grumpy mood (I spent a lot of money, trust, & belief for it, and felt unwanted, in the way, & ditched for most of it)]. But after I ate we went around and looked at the tables of things some people were selling, and also bought 4 envelopes of tickets for the Chinese suction. My mom bought me a faux wood peacock ring, and later that day also a pineapple one too ($3 each). There wasn't much I was interested in for the auction, but I did fail to win passes for Oaklawn Farm & Upper Clements Park though. I also StreetPassed with 2 kids that were also attending, and even got to StreetPass with FreakyForms (It seems no-one I StreetPass with has that game, or has nothing set-up to send out with it)! So now Saunder, Lorrie, & Pïäté are Visitors on Planet Ethan C. :}

And then after lunch, Bingo, & the children's games had temporarily been put-away, Maritime Reptile Adventures set-up. They brought 7 reptiles to show [they planned to bring an 8TH (some sort of red snake), but he was filled-up with fluid getting ready to shed his skin, so they didn't think the loooong trip would be very fun for him]; 3 lizards, 3 snakes, & a tortoise~

Bandit: a male Taiwanese beauty
Peaches: a female German giant bearded dragon
Illusion: a male speckled king snake
Stitch: a male water monitor
Tortilla: a female red-footed tortoise
Jigsaw: a male ball python
Bear: a male black & white tegu

I really enjoyed it, and it seemed like at least Mike (a zookeeper) loved what he was doing. I also really loved Peaches and got to hold her on my lap twice. I fond it adorable that she was named such a cute name, and that her favourite food is strawberries. I also learned that they think she is about 6 years-old, but aren't certain as she was found abandoned & wandering around Halifax. I also loved Tortilla, and she took off and trottled around the floor when she was put on it (even running over my foot XD ). I thought being named after a 'little cake' was so cute, and also learned that she goes...well bananas for bananas ("I like bananas. Bananas are good.") XD And Bear was also awesome! He was just like a big cuddly lug, and I kept being reminded of Nicolas (my middle brat) & Bear from ".Hack//Sign" XD


The rest of the pictures I took can be found {HERE}

Also there is 3 short videos I took of the reptile show {HERE}


I also recently played the "Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure" demo' and now I really want the game. The music is lovely, and the main character looks really cool. My favourite mini-game from the demo was 'Looting the Louvre', and my favourite pose is for C-Rank. I took a pretty poor quality video of me playing the demo, and the soundtrack can be found {HERE}. Sadly I've blown my video-game budget until the autumn (excluding pre-ordering "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"), and I'm trying to save-up some for the Annapolis Valley Exhibition next month.

But last night I bought "Mighty Switch Force!" as it was $5 off until 9:00PM PST today, which means I only paid $3.15CAD for it--though I used my Nintendo eShop balance. It's about a cybernetic cop named Patricia tracking-down escaped prisoners/Space Hooligans. It's all done in Megaman-type sprites (which are 3-D layered if one chooses to use the 3DS' slider), and is really not a very serious game. I'm currently stuck at the end of 'Incident .12' because there is a tricky jump & switch that I can't seem to time right, and just end-up- squishing myself, or landing on spikes. Here is a 'realistic' art of Officer Wagon. And since that page links to the OST on BandCamp {and is no longer really Free :/ [virt (yes THAT virt) & WayForward originally posted it to be free]}, here can hopefully be found a .ZIP of it on MediaFire.

Lastly; I am on the room after the Library in "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" (is it officially now "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"/"Zero Escape: 999"?). I haven't been playing much, but I have completed the steering wheel puzzle, and the number balls computer puzzle (and I thought how each ball was a different colour was really cool) now. I love Seven & Snake's banter, especially when Seven calls Snake 'kid' XD Like when Seven said something like 'Hurry-up, or we'll be here 'till the cows come home', and Snake replied 'Well then at least we wouldn't have to bring them back ourselves'. Also when Snake corrected Jupei's "Like they say, practice makes prefects!" with "Don't you mean '-Practice makes perfect-'?" and Junpei told him to do the puzzle himself then. ...The puzzle was on a computer screen and involved sorting coloured numbered balls. So yeah; make the blind guy do a quite sight-required puzzle while everyone is in a hurry because the ship is sinking. Well it might work slowly with a screen reader describing things--and Snake probably could find a way to do it anyway. Snake~♥ XD

I've also been rewatching "Gallery Fake" (one of my favourite animes)~ I want a Rhythm Thief & "Gallery Fake" crossover now though! And I've beeing trying to rewatch/finish original "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" anime which I started back when I had my wisdom teeth out ^^; (so 2006 or 2007) BURNT VCDS XD


Well MediaFire keeps losing connection while uploading, so I'm going to leave it and hope that it uploads overnight :/

It uploaded! So a .ZIP of the "Mighty Switch Force!" OST is now in my Music MediaFire folder --- > http://www.mediafire.com/?brt7llecvb5ee


Jun. 14th, 2012 07:25 pm
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Here is a picture from the other night of Minnow & Lydia:


And here are some taken from our dining room window of a sunset & snow from yesterday:

7 more under here )

Apologises for the large pictures, but I can't really edit their size from my 3DS (I turned my now dusted Shaglehod back off).


Mar. 8th, 2011 04:38 pm
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In Canada, we have Shrove Tuesday A.K.A. Pancake Day to use up all the stuff before Lent instead of Mardi Gras :)
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Originally posted on Facebook on August, 24th, 2009.

So my peep Fandude41 asked me to translate the lyrics from the French version of "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?" {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrcYQO0ImJs}, so since I was unable to sleep I decided to try. Now I think this probably isn't the best [read that as 'terrible' lol], but I did waste an hour or so on it so I'm going to post it here. So yeah laugh if you want :P but this is what I did at 3am today. This is basically a copy&paste from the file I sent him:

"Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (French)"

Translation by Sarah A.K.A. Lady Norémon
[lyrics transcribed by rodneymack1999 { http://www.youtube.com/user/rodneymack1999 } on YouTube]

{ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrcYQO0ImJs }

Chase the crooks[1]! Mysterious!
Aboard the vessel MC2[2].
With our forces combined, they will succumb.
Return the treasure to it's rightful place in history!

Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego.
Stop her crimes through[3] the doors of time.
Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego.
With hard skill, we will be on her heels.[4]

The Round Table of The Knights[5][11],
The apple of Newton[6]: is stolen!
The ancient treasures of the Roman Empire[7],
The tea of China[8],
The ship of Champlain[9],
We must return them![10]

Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego.
Stop her crimes through the doors of time.
Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego.
With hard skill, we will be on her heels.

Come on the pursuit of Carmen Sandiego. -repeats with occasional "the pursuit!" thrown in-

[1] could also be 'con artist' or I guess 'VILE Henchmen' ;P
[2] which I also hear, but I thought it was ACME? Like in the show it was the ACME ChronoSkimmer?
[3] like pass
[4] now I don't quite get this line, because rodneymack1999's take makes no sense, and I can't really make out what they say. I hear 'dur talent' though...
[5] but they say it like 'the round table, the knights, the apple of Newton' like in a list
[6] or 'Newton's apple' :P
[7] but I kinda think they sing it as 'the treasures of the ancients, the Roman Empire', but the 'de' in there makes it treasures of something'.
[8] ‘le téa de Chine' I can make out after listening to a bunch of times.
[9] or 'Champlain's ship', but yeah it's Samuel de Champlain :D Which makes perfect sense since it was shown in Québec~ { http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_de_Champlain }
[10] 'retrouver' the verb can mean 'to retrieve', 'to find', 'to track down', or 'to trace'. I think 'to return' works here since they want them back where the pieces came from.
[11] [livejournal.com profile] alchemy_hisoka suggested the correction of the table of the knights!

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