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Pages 19-20 of "Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones


I always plan to do something for my OTP's meeting day, but never get around to it u_u; But I love these characters, world, book, author, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera.
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I've mentioned this game/Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel here before but I thought I'd make a separate post. I've rambled a lot more on it on Twitter & Tumblr. And a lot of screenshots are in my MobyPicture.

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It's available for Android & iOS and works on Android gear & Apple Watch. It's written by Dave Justus who also wrote "The Wolf Among Us" the "Fables" Telltale game CORRECTION: He wrote the comic based-off the game. The first time playing is in real-time (further playthroughs have a fast play & redoing choices options) and takes 3 days if you get to the better endings. But it's not something that has to be continuous checked so is more casual (though the plot might draw in).

It's about a science student named Taylor who wins a trip on a spaceship for running tests. The spaceship crashes on a desolate moon and Taylor seems to be the only survivor. They're panicking and manage to get in contact with the player. It becomes up to the player to make choices for Taylor and to keep them level-headed to try to be rescued--and possibly solve the moon's mysteries along the way.

It really reminded me of "The Dig" an older LucasArts game, and made me really want to see "The Martian". There is also a direct sequel "Lifeline: Silent Night", and a "Lifeline 2" with a more fantasy setting than sci-fi.

I really fell in love with Taylor! We have a lot of in-common interests and I connected more with them than other protagonists. I also was glad to have this & Silent Night when I played them because I had a lot of stressful meetings when I played both and they helped relieve some of that. Though sometimes the worry about Taylor's wellbeing & the plot added different stress! I often figured I'd check to find them dead when I checked :-/ I did manage to fluke having Taylor rescued my first playthrough but it wasn't the best ending. Some Spoilers )

Until I add to [ profile] ladys_rambles here is a doodle of my Taylor head!image → { }
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"It was perfectly normal for May Day, but Sophie was scared of that too. And when a young man in a fantastical blue-and-silver costume spotted Sophie and decided to accost her as well, Sophie shrank into a shop doorway and tried to hide."


"But Howl turned to Sophie just then. "Grey doesn't really suit you," he said. "I thought that when I first saw you." 
"Calcifer’s gone," Sophie said. "I had to break your contract." 
 Howl looked a little sad, but he said, "We were both hoping you would. Neither of us wanted to end up like the Witch and Miss Angorian. Would you call your hair ginger?" 
"Red gold," Sophie said.


From "Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones
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"Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" → DOS 1990

I am playing this using a .PDF of 2011's "The World Almanac and Book of Facts" instead of Google. Sadly not a 1990 version, which has already lead to Russia having a different flag, a change in a different country's capital, and lots of The Soviet Union!

{ } ← Playlist!
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I never knew that there was a "The Vampire Lestat" comic, and it is also all done in rich watercolours. But I found-out when Google Images linked me to this post { } which is a rambling & excerpts from my favourite The Vampire Chronicles character. Hell, I even named my little boy cat after him.

I linked to where I found it at the bottom of the comments in that Nicki post because someone there was asking (I also e-mailed it to them).

{ }

The comic artist painting Armand without eyebrows is amusing me more than it should.
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It's international book week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your post.

"And that man--the one with the torch--is the one who robbed me."

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First off I apologise for not getting back all that fast to people about commissions. I was busy doing errands on the weekend, and Monday was a long day of long car rides & dental work. When I got back I was feeling queasy like usual (something with dental stuff always gives me a headache & makes me gaggy). But by the time I crawled into bed for the night, I was feeling shaky & I ached. The next morning I couldn't even keep a mug of tea down, and I had a full-blown fever. So the last few days have just been of drifting in-and-out of sleep, watching "The Mentalist" season 2, sweating buckets, & playing some "Animal Crossing: Wild World". I've pretty much just subsistent off toaster pastries & apple juice, but did manage to not bring back up a bag of popcorn while watching yesterday's new episode of "The Mentalist". And my brain is an ass. )

So yeah; I have no capacity for e-mailing right now. But I will reply sometime soon. I do really appreciate that people have commissioned me or donated though. I never expected anyone to do so! So thank-you very much. I am all that my brat & brats have after all, even if I can't offer very much. So the help I have received is wonderful. I've raised almost 1/4 of the $200 bill!

I should go to outpatients, but my mother is working, my adoptive family won't drive me, & I don't feel like taking a 1 1/2 bus ride then walking in the rain. And I don't think it would be good for either my stomach or fever. I also was planning on going to see the BRHS drama club perform "Dracula" tonight or tomorrow. But I don't know if I am well enough to even venture out to do that. :(

The book "Dracula" has a line in it that Van Helsing says to Mina (I also really like Wilhelmina Harker) about "light in the dark", and that is something that has stuck with me. I am Guthixian, and try to have a belief in Balance (of course that hasn't been easy lately at all). But yeah, it stuck with me just like the concept of 'no good or evil' did back when I read most of The Sword of Truth series. But I am not focused enough to ramble on that at this time.

...ANYWAY...I probably should try to go see that play, even just for a distraction. Maybe I can get some ice-cream too...

On another topic; I feel so sad for Patrick Jane after last night's new episode. But it did show his sincerity towards and protectiveness of children, just how much his family's murder effects him when he is alone, and it also showed his cruel/ruthless side that hasn't been shown much lately. I wish I had started watching this series prior to last summer, but at least I can go about catching-up on the earlier episides [I'm on episode 16(?) of season 2].

Lastly; before this flu I had started reading "The Invisible Man" again.

I ventured out to go see the play. And though the front sign still had "May 10-12", and all the posters in town & on the way there. The place was empty when I arrived, and after walking the halls I found one poster with "Rescheduled" on it. So -______-

I'll hopefully get to see it on the 24TH-26TH now, but no idea. Anyway I did manage to get a hot fudge (with strawberry ice-cream) sundae though, so at least there is that! I think the peanuts were leftover from last year though as they were hella stale :S
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 Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence AS YOUR STATUS. And post these instructions in a comment to this status.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST book....

"There, as a twenty-one-year-old subaltern attached, in the capacity of Assistant Consultant on Interrogations, to Major Pak of the North Korean Army, he had the opportunity of getting to know the British soldier intimately."

My closest book was: "Colonel Sun -- A James Bond Adventure" written by Robert Markham.

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I've been avoiding posting this since I read the first chapter as I wanted to wait till it was complete. I started this fic before the crap with Matt, and if figures it would finish when today I decided I had moved-on. I used to think I was like Roxas & Matt was like Axel, always there for me even when I was down. I guess as Roxas grew in the story I myself grew. I'm still working-on it, but I'm a Sarah I want to be again. Not the same as before, but I like it anyway and I'm stronger. I also have friends to remind me that I should be wanted and what-not.

This fanfic has made me laugh, made me cry on soooo many occasions, 'entertained' me, and always kept me waiting for the next chapter. I read it when I was sad, depressed, giddy, and drunk. I read a chapter on January 7th, and it helped me go to sleep the night Matt dropped me. I thank it for getting my through that night...and Armie for getting me through the rest :P I read a chapter in NH when I had a panic attack...sure it cost me like $30 roaming...but it stopped me from throwing-up because I didn't want to bother anyone when they have it worst than me.

I've had memories sturred by this fic, and have been jealous of the characters at times. I've always been in awe of risokura though!

Yes. It is a "Kingdom Hearts" fanfic. But yet it isn't. It's Alternate Reality, and set in New York City. The characters could be their-own and not Roxas & Axel. But the scenario fits anyway. I wish this could be published, or made into a television series. I recommend this to EVERYONE, even if they don't like KH ^^;

I would go-on more but it's 4am and I need sleep -___-; I am so rambling... <------- READ NOOOOOW :)

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I think I have a new erotica love...sorry "The Vampire Armand"...I spent $1 on this piece of wonderful snickerable literature; "The Dark Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning. The title is what caught me, as I am a big "Highlander" fan. "When time has no boundaries, the seduction never ends..."! I promptly paid right-then-and-there. I figured it would be a rip-off/fanfic of Duncan, but he is the only immortal so far. He is also possed by 13 spirits of evil druids. "Dageus MacKeltar is a man with a good conscience--and thirteen bad ones.". The only way that he seems to fight the darkness is with sex... "Day by day he continued to change...felt colder, less connected, less fettered by human emotion. More detached god, less man. Except when he tooped--och, then he was alive. Then he felt. ... Making love to a woman staved off the darkness, replentished his essential humanity."[page 12]. The last 'romance novel' I bought was a gem-"Masquerade"-but I want to keep reading this :-D


Aug. 13th, 2008 10:43 pm
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"I'll be very good, a saint," I said. "But if I'm not will you whip me again, please?"___Armand ["The Vampire Armand" pg 98]
Bwahahaha! *falls-over laughing* Thank you for this lovely OOC canon Armadei~♥

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