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Originally posted on June 3RD, 2014 at 08:26PM

I've decided to try to organise my Tumblr #Bloodlines2014 posts to here divided into the chapters.


Beginning )
Chapter #1: The Lady By The Sea )
Chapter #2: Heart of the Jyhad )
Chapter #3: Land Of The Fallen Stars )
Chapter #4: Hidden Mysteries of the Eastern Lands )
Chapter #5: Opening Pandora's Box )
Chapter #6: It's The Blood Of Caine That Shapes Your Destiny )
Ending )
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"Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines" was released 10 years ago [on November 16TH (in North America), and November 19TH (Europe)] in 2004!~

I tried to make this as if it was from 2004. I even used a polyphonic ringtone I'd received in a MMS years ago. This was also made in Windows Movie Maker 2.1 :}
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{ }

This guy is very suspicious.
[He’s the same model as the default Male Toreador Player Character, only with a different colouring]

He must be Kindred.
[Because smoking is a way to ward-off Hunters. Because Kindred don’t breath unless they force their lungs to, many smoke (especially in cold weather) to simulate breathing]
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{ }

The pose in this screenshot of the Player Character's dancing in "Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines" made me think of this:

Now I have a hilarious mental image of him dancing to it.

{ }
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Started playing Bloodlines again, because I realised that since it doesn't rely on the mouse so much that I could probably play it 'on-the-go' with R-2E-054. And to keep me playing I am going to try to post about it like I did back in 2006/2007. I'll be posting that to my Tumblr** though as I don't want to clutter my LiveJournal so much.

I'm doing the Character Creation Glitch this time as I'm playing for fun & distraction & plot.


"This is bullshit!" Niiiiiiines~

Tonight I pretty much just started a new file, and saved right after talking to Jack before doing the first task. It was a lot easier to install & get running than I expected with this being an almost 10 year-old game & using Windows 7. I worried it wouldn't save due to the Administrator problems. I was glad I had save my physical game disks as .MDF files because R-2E-054's disk drive is a pull-out tray and hard to put disks in, and I'm worried about damaging the disks. I also keep accidentally opening said tray, and that would be pants since the 1ST disk is required to play. I have stuff to do tomorrow, so I don't know when I'll start back.

**{ } I made a tag just for it!

This post over on Tumblr!
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I played Bloodlines for a bit today. I started over, and played until just before leaving the apartments (at the door). Well I played seriously until then; I went out and went on a spree of sorts until being attacked by the police. I was hoping to frenzy, but even though I had no blood pool, and like 5 Humanity, I didn't. I've never had a frenzy before, but I kept being amused at remembering [ profile] alchemy_hisoka telling me her dad played and frenzied first thing XD I don't know if or when I'll play next (since computer time exhausts me, and I'm going to be away), but here are some screenshots. I think it is fitting that I'm playing a Toreador as I keep finding the shiny things & landscape & such so interesting.

Starting out:
Awakening glitched stats

One of my favourite lines:

Mercurio has very shiny vases.
Mercurio's shiny vases~

Putting the cupboard door in a safe place:
title or description title or description

Toreador Disciplines & Jack under Auspex:
Toreador Disciplines Jack under Auspex

Random p-pizzaaaaaas in the haven & a bitchy LaCroix (with clipping on the Sire):
...Pizza? LaCroix is pissssssed

Lastly Beckett & Knoxx:
Beckett♥ Knoxx :D

Some of those are from when I played in August, and the rest are over {HERE}.

The ones I uploaded here in 2007-2009 are at { }.

And this was posted & updated with LJ.NET (and using my list of LiveJournal codes)!
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Trying the My LJ/Portal posting thing. Shame it lacks User-Picture selection & such, but the submit/such buttons aren't disabled like the new main update page. I Locked my last 2 entries (rambling, almost crying, & upset Voice Posts), so this is a bullet formed attempt here.


→I am about still, not online, feeling very low (Alberta low), pointless, scared, & such. But still floundering about.


→I had to go with mom to have Lotty [Charlotte] put down on Tuesday. )


→My Nintendo 3DS got back on February 10TH. The hinge is fixed! I also got 9 StreetPasses (1 person twice). One from Antigua, one from Alaska, one from Colorado, and the rest from Washington. They set it back in time 2 years (January 2011), ran some applications that show as a bunch of "??????????". a DS Demonstration program, opened my Internet Browser, then set the time back.
→I haven't been doing much with it though, but did play until Chapter 7 in "Professor Layton and the Unwound Future" (since I finally watched my Eternal Diva DVD). The Slot Machine Gun was so, so cool.


→I managed to play 'Echo Bazaar' for the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. But fucked-up & am 3 Masquing short for Lettice. So I wasted the money, Nex, & all that time. )


→I missed Winterfest this year because being low means I don't deal with dates/time well.
→I bought cheesecake for my mom & I for Saint Valentine's Day. Besides having a card to send Armie (not sent because she sent me a letter, and I want to stick both my response & the card together). I also got a box of pirate valentines, & sent 2 of those out too. And that was how I spent it. I knew my mailbox thing wouldn't get response as I didn't advertise it, and I chose not to reactivate my Twitter for it. Since it was a choice of being alone, or dealing with mass removals & Blocking.
→Because I am terrified that people are just waiting to pounce on doing such as soon as it's activated. I really don't know what to do about my Twitter. I hate feeling so hated. )
→And I really don't know what to do about my Twitter & just everything.


→I did finally manage to get a copy of "The Erciyes Fragments".
→And I had reinstalled Bloodlines last weekend, but haven't played past the tutorial with all the other things happening. I am having to play without the official patch though, since it seems it was the cause of the not saving screenshots & getting stuck in windowed mode from my last time installing before my reformat. There are work-arounds if I encounter the bugs at least. And it's no different than when I played it extensively last time as I had no Internet to download the patch anyway. I'm using the extra stat dots on character creation glitch this time too, as I planned playing this time for the story & a distraction.
→By the way: Beckett is so cool. I wonder if he'll glitch & stay in wolf!form this time too? [Every time I met Beckett in 2007-2009 he stayed as a blue wolf, and thus all my conversations were him talking to Zinnian's crotch]
→Zinnian/Alexander has changed since first creation. Though I guess I and him are older now. I'd still give him higher Auspex than Celerity, and NO Presence though. And he still is a terrible Toreador. And still would rather be Independent. So if I do play Bloodlines again, I'm not going to focus on Seduction so much this time, and I gave him points in Scholarship (which having been a university student, he'd have).
→I should type a character sheet thing using that role-play template for him.

Stuck it all together. I hate the new update/edit page.


I cannot express how grateful I am, and I have no idea how to respond!
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Well an attempt at another entry after the one I tried before this ended-up different than I planned.

Well the past two weeks have been urgh to the point that I am so damn run-down. Things actually seemed a bit alright after going to the AVEX, and eating good food and just getting out of the house. I started talking again to someone who I thought had dropped me, after finally admitting I was scared to talk after weeks of not talking along with my birthday going by. I even tried coming back to Twitter a bit since I was feeling a bit relieved/things might not be good but at least they were stable. But pretty much after things just fell.


On Twitter... )

It feels like words just dissipate once they leave my mouth or hands. That sound happens, but is just into air. None of my fears or feelings seem to mean anything. Nothing I have ever done mattered.


I don't know if I'd be so numb if I wasn't sick, or if I'm too beaten-down anyway. But maybe being sick is a bit of a blessing right now.

On being sick... )


So to try as a last ditch thing to distract myself, I decided to try a restart of "Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines".

On my Shaglehod... )

I do know that Bloodlines will be one of the early things I do install though. But if it doesn't help; well I probably won't be around much as I have said before.

I can't take the filtering, removals, Blocks, ignoring or any of it. I can't take being so scared to even contact people (to even say 'hey' to people). Leaving people be seems to be the wrong thing; being sociable seems to be the wrong thing. I get told to go back to Twitter, so I tweet things & let things go to it, and yet I get hardly any replies. People would rather unFollow me than respond to anything. I can't take any more broken promises. I can't take words that feel pacifying and never are backed-up by any proof. I can't take feeling so alone. I can't take that everything I have every done never mattered. I don't know what people want me to do. I don't know what they expect me to say.

I just can't handle things anymore.


And I really don't think most of the people understand that things just aren't crap online. Online feels the worst because it is my sanctuary, and one of my main places where I have confidence & worth. But there is a lot of family crap (most of which I have mentioned before) and such as well.

On life stuff... )

Also my Sea Monkeys are starting to die. My 3 large males (including Julius), and a female have been floundering around the bottom of the tank. I moved them to another glass with some of the tank water as suggested by Sea Monkey Worship, but when I checked on them the next day Julius kept following me around the side so I decided isolating them was cruel if they were going to die anyway. I actually think he was asking me to move them back. I've been too worried/dreadful to check on them yet today, but I will before I go to bed (it's also a feeding day). I need to get the tank set-up soon as well as it is getting colder and I don't want to lose all that are left.

But there is some good news in that I have a very pregnant female, a few other adults, and lots of younger Sea Monkeys swimming around. I thoroughly plan to have them & care for them for the foreseeable future, so I really, really want them to keep doing well.


But I want a lot of things. I want to feel like a person, I want to have promises kept, I want to be able to not be so scared & trust, I really want a hug, I want adventures to look forward to, I want my family to care, I want to be able to eat Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners, I want to be remembered on my birthday, I want my education money back, I want to get my knee sorted, I want to see about my jaw, I want good contact from people, I want people to not ignore me on Twitter & online, I want to feel like I am not just talking to air, I just want people to sillily respond to tweets, I want to be unfiltered, unBlocked, and added back, I want to just have the friends that I thought I had, I want things I have been involved in doing to exist, I want those things to have mentions, I want to not be terrified that things will be deleted, I want to send & receive stuff in the mail with more than just one person again, I want my RAZR to be more than just a fancy clock again, I want to have silly & random conversations with people again, I want to be able to say 'Hippo Burpdae' to people without fear they'll remove me, I want to feel like I am wanted to exist, I want to feel that there is a point to it.

And so I am pathetic.


Anyway I'll stop rambling now. I need to work on my back-up, have a bath, & make sure my tank works anyway. And try to get to bed early & get sleep if I can breath. Maybe it will help me feel less run-down? I'm hoping to get a drive to outpatients as well. Tomorrow night will probably be devoted to the big install -____-
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Well technically Im a Poser...

Armiiiie; I require your awesome assistance with Bloodlines! (still stuck and want to know how to make a virtual disk...)

I promise I wont later deny ever getting help and wont disband your coven...and will bake you Internet muffins :3

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Yes, I started playing it again :D

Apparently it is now October in-game. It was April during the plague mission...Did it take me months to complete the mission, or does my Toreador have amnesia o_o;

of awesome hide-a-ways, octopieseses, & 'It's Tradition!' :D )

doesn't the LA Museum of Natural History pay well enough? )

news in a cubicle )

To be continued when I have had some sleep...

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At the begining of this month I wanted to try-on the new pinstripe dress pants I bought for Kio. After deciding that the were damn awesome, I put on my regular Kio outfit and went to look at myself in the mirror. That was when Wendy decided she needed pictures ^^;


The rest of the pictures from the mini-shoot can be found HERE.

I played some Bloodlines since being home, but haven't played on my main game yet (I fear addiction when I have other things to do). I also played Redemption, but I am stuck in Perin(sp?) Hill with Mercurio (that WEASEL!). Armie helped me with ho to revive Wilhim though, so I should have some more luck using her stragety(bah no spelling for me todayz), when I start playing itgain.

Bloodlines screenshots;

And here are a few Redemption ones;

Scenery,  )


Now back to using a cellphone after I finish resumé template finding D:

Meme#4: via Facebook

Comment and I will; 
-Tell you what I find attractive about you.
-Tell you where I would want to go on a date with you to.

In trade, write a note make a post, and I'll comment!

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So I decided to buy a fire-axe since it's Lethality is 12 and my highest melee weapon is only 9.

I was asked by Fat Larry to go steal a suitcase from the Tong [he said he noticed I was buying from him regularly and not just like someone trying to guard their property). I loved how he discribed what he was looking for! It was this convoluted discription that ended in 'yojimbo' :D I said sure!

I think I'd like to re-play this quest just to see if I could get around killing the smoking-guy. I may just since I saved just before entering :D 

I'm debating taking Pisha's quest now while I'm back in the Downtown...should I? I still don't like the idea of sending the poor man to be eaten just because she slipped-up in her 'food harvesting'...

[will continue after I get back from shopping] 

Did Trafik again :D 5mins to get to the man I have to kill [didn't slit his throat this time, I broke his neck blood ^^;]. 10mins after that to steal the briefcase. Then the hard part...escapeing unseen. Took me almost 35mins -___-; but I bet the looks on the faces of the Tong & the gang were priceless :D 

"Where did the briefcase go?" 
"Wait! A Tong is dead!" 
"You planned to steal the case all along right? Didn't want to pay!" 

So now I am taking a break since I am weighing doing Necromatic or not...

[will continue once I decide what to do...] 

Tried playing a character with only 1 the hell do you feed in Santa Monica?! My only plan was to follow a chick down to the Gimble entrance and then I only got like 1/3 full. After I did the medical clinic area I was short after using Blood Buff a lot so I had to resort to crawling down to the sewers and finding as many rats as I could D: [as you can see if I can't seduce I'm useless playing this game] I was scared I was going to Frenzy (I have no idea what triggers it, but I'm guessing going a long-time without feeding while low on blood). I'm glad my main game is a 6 Seduction Toreador~
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Yep decided to make a separate entry for this area.

Also I came acrossed this room that was blocked by clutter. I shot the experiments in this room with my revolver from a safe distance.

There was another explosion that blocked my path back.

escaping! )

I also ran to The Last Round to see about Nines...I don't care for the Anarchs that much, but I am fond of Nines & Jack.

[to be continued in my 04-08-2008 Bloodlines entry]

Also my character is wondering dev's thoughts on his late-Primogen?

(atleast everything will be taken-care-of by the fire...hopefully I am all that escaped...)
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Checked-out the Elizabeth Dane. Finally got to see what the Thin Bloods look like! [E doesn't not look like I thought he would]

So after I checked my e-mail [remember not to touch the butter! Even if it tasted like margarine~] I went back to Downtown LA.

Primogen )

My new Haven is awesome!~♥ [I so want a place like this in real-life someday!~]

Decide(s) I was too curious and had to go use Auspex on the cabby...

So while I was playing, I decided to take a peek of Dr.Grout's house to see what my adventures tomorrow will hold.

I decided to explore the outside before I went in.

I entered.

Speaking of Malkavians I just remember this** painting that Lane showed us, that reminded me of Malkavians?

[will continue when I am done class tomorrow] 

Here is the wraith of Bloodlines...I.E. action games make me drink/need cafeine.

[will continue after I pack my art supplies]

[Continued here**]

**"Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X

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No more glitches! (*knocks on wood*) [I thought I had the latest driver for my NIVIDIA video-card, as I just updated around Valentine's Day. Guess I was wrong after reinstalling DirectX for the 3rd time I decided to re-check the updates. No more graphical glitches! Though my RealPlayer has had the music shuffled-all-up in a weird order now.]

[will continue this when I play tomorrow, bed for me now] 

Here are 2 .MP3s I captired of the conversations with Jezebel Locke & Brother Kanker [so I can convey how creepy they are...'specially the "fleeeaaassh" part with Brother Kanker]

I am now off to hunt zombies with a shotgun (after I visit Fat Larry yet again). 


[will continue once I figure-out what to do...and buy more shotgun shells...]



Now I am heading back to Santa Monica to my lovely ladies, and to check-out The Elizabeth Dane.

Taxi! [yes I know I am supossed to ride in them, not go car surfing...]

I also must say the Regent is growing-on me. [though the item he gave me reminds me of bunny-ears attached to a bag of blood...]

[to be continued...]
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*does a little "I shotgunned Jezebel Locke dance*

One of the attemps I made [before I started using Celerity to run around while reloading...took 10 shots at close-range D:], when she was talking to me it glitched and she kept using Presence almost made her look pretty. 

Regent )


On-ward to Victory Damsel! 

Damn I'm getting glitches in the other sewers!!! 


[will continue up until the Canucks' game]
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Decided to keep exploring what I found-out is a abandoned hospital. Discouvered that it is what I am guessing to be a Nagaraja...a messed-up Nagaraja that appears to eat more than she needs to, and is very....gruesome with it. She goes by the name of a old lover; Pisha. I told her that I'd go get Millton (so I could escape from her), but I told him to run-like-hell D: I felt bad that the door was locked and I couldn't save goth-guy...[I didn't save, because I plan-on finishing with Jezebel Locke first].

Pisha )

Speaking of the 'Oh. My. Fuck. I hate that bitch' Jezebel Locke, I am having a hard time beating her. I think I may need to return to Fat Joe (is that is name?) and get some more ammo for my 12-gauge...I can only get her down to about 1/3 health with what I have now. I can't do very good with melee ether. My revolver isn't very lethal on Kindred, so I'm stuck to my shotgun....

I shall have to try and beat the Plaguebearer(s?) tomorrow as I am exhausted for tonight.

[will continue this tomorrow]
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I used Seduction to get the information about Hannah's work from her >.> [I've also gotten 1 willing chick in Confession, and 2 in The Asylum. I also had that "I'm waiting for a car mechanic." guy as part of my 'Herd', until he disappeared after the Warehouse mission ;___; I am afraid to drink from most of the people in Downtown because of the sickness...] --Player!

I actually asked around the Homeless AND went to Skylines. I'm avoiding the sewers though because I fear glitches like from Santa Monica. [EDIT---> They due cause the glitchs D:]

Is it wrong I only feel bad about killing (I drained her >.>) Patty because I lost 2 Humanity for it? Like I even thought about knifing her, but that would leave too much blood. Shooting would make a noise, and thus get those thugs on my case (they are the worst thugs ever! They watched a chick dressed in designer clothes walk into a dark alley, and just went back to smoking D:). Then again I could get in trouble with Kent Ryan Allen later-on for draining her because of the handiwork....I should have punched her....

Of course I talked to her before I killed her, so she would have a chance to be scared and run ^^;

I 'took care' of Boris :3


And I think the Jewish homeless women resemble The Sherif somewhat >.> I also can't find a dance-thing in The Empire Hotel so I can boogie D:

Also the Tremere's Regent is very creepy, and I think they are more like Tzimisce then they know D: [I need to find another adjective besides 'creepy' to start I don't hate them, I'm not scared of them, I just am off-feeling about them] --I have deemed LA Regent the Squeaky Regent because he looks to be dressed in shiney vinyl, and must make sqeaky-noises when he walks >.> (then again I'm not Tremere so I am not privy to their secrets such as what noise the Regent makes when he walks....)

[Will update as I continue tomorrow]


Apr. 2nd, 2008 01:34 pm
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I love how things keep trying to kill me D: 


I thought here was beautiful.
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 Armadei commented that my Toreador Zinnian reminded her somewhat of Jeanette from "Vampire: The Masquerade; Bloodlines" well tonight I find-out they even have the same eye-colour(s) o_o;


I find this very creepy O_o;

Also Blood-Bank-Guy is batshit and creepy D:

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