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My hardcover copy of "Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime" finally came! My name in print :-D

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Nicki had no blockage! His tests showed he had a bladder infection, but besides his urine is a lot better than previous--hardly any crystals now either (and what he has she thinks might be triggered by this infection)! But he does have inflammation, and as I know urinary tract infections are painful & awful. No wonder he has been dribbling or trying to pee everywhere :( They emptied his bladder, and are keeping him overnight for observation. They want to be sure he can empty it himself, and has control with it in general. I can probably pick him up tomorrow around 1:00PM, and he'll have a course of antibiotics & painkillers, but hopefully can go off the steroids since this isn't caused by things spasming (and from experience they are hella hard on someone's system). She also said he doesn't seem very happy, so I expect he is over there wailing pathetically :( (Nick for being a big cat has a high-pitched wail for a meow).

When I came back I was utterly exhausted. I didn't even bother eating lunch or supper, I just flopped in bed and fell asleep wnile watching "Doctor Who" ("Dalek") & mid-text-message with [ profile] watchcry (I RARELY fall asleep with my RAZR open & in my hand) D: I haven't worked any on Snake, and I know I probably won't get it up tonight (that sentence was typed that way and I snorted so it stays). I'll try to once I finish eating though (soup & brown bread)!

Well the day I thought was the 27TH is actually today (That birthday Scheduled Tweet), so here is the return of a ridiculous level of anxiety, and me hiding offline.

I got a "Thank-you!" and no railing or Blocking. Also Nicki's meds are little pills & 4 premeasured syringes (oral ones). He has been following me around since I got back and actually purring (he rarely purrs) with his tail up in the air.
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This is Lydia Georgette Bubbleman Dumphy.

Though I often refer to her as 'Bratface' or Lydiepants. She is a petite cat (just at 8 pounds), but recently turned 1 year-old on April Fools. As you may know she has been to the vets' a lot since I got her, for jumping on the cast iron wood stove & burning her feet, to two chest infections. Anyway today she had to go over again. Yesterday morning she kept vomiting (but had not had any different food, and all my houseplants are cat-safe), and after the 6TH time I made her an appointment. This morning was the soonest I could get her in, but once I called her stomach seemed to settle, so it didn't seem like an extreme emergency. But the rest of the day & night she was dopey, sleepy, & not frisky as she usually is. But though she had perked-up a bit by morning we still went over since she still wasn't quite herself.

Dr. Elson looked her over, and after Lyd hissed & growled we managed to get her temperature; leading to us learning she has a fever. Ever since I got her, her belly has seemed extended a bit, and it had been something we have tried not to worry about, but to watch. Anyway today her stomach felt harder, and Bratface got quite agitated when prodded.--Leading Dr. Elson to suspect a possible obstruction. And since "Lydia eating something she shouldn't." is very possible, I decided to be safe and to have X-rays done (all the while reminded of a past associate's problems with a cat eating thread).

The X-rays showed that her stomach lining is just naturally thicker than average, and thus the cause of her sickness is probably just a bug or infection. So she is on medication to see if that helps her out. ...The thing is; just the X-rays cost $125CAD... And all together today's visit was $170CAD ($190.50 including tax). I charged it, and will work at it over time, but it is still more than I have with my means. So I am posting in the hope of getting some assistance in dealing with this expense by offering $5 commissions.

I doubt that many will even read this, and I am very much aware that I don't have much reach as with a support network, or whut-not. Still even a little bit raised would go for a lot. Examples of my art can be found at:

As can be seen I have several styles from which to choose from, and colouring techniques. ...All of which can be commissioned. Just either leave a comment here (Anonymous is allowed & screening is in place), or send me an e-mail at: ladynoremon at

I can scan the bill if proof is wanted I have scanned the invoice for proof, and I will certainly post more pictures of the brat if requested too. Right now she is back with me, and flaked-out on a footstool resting, but still is not that active & rather annoyed at having to go through today's ordeal.

Lastly, just to provide it, my PayPal is: dumphyse at

I also do some writing, so I guess I should offer drabbles up too. Examples of that can be provided via e-mail by request.

Her X-rays showed just how tiny she is. Her ribs reminded me of a fish's, and her bone structure of a little bird's. There really isn't all that much to my little brat.

A reminder that I am Canadian and thus this amount is in Canadian Dollars (CAD) ^^;

Update: Lydie is doing a lot better! Last night (May 4TH) I finally got her to eat something substantial-a piece of haddock-and then she went & stole Minnow's (I have 3 cats: Minnow, Nicolas, & Lydia) supper. Today is Nicki's birthday so I opened a can of tuna, and she was a thief for that too. Then later I walked past her, she grabbed my jeans & purposely pulled my sandal off. And soon after she batted Nick, stole his new toy, and then went to the water dish & plunked it into it! This is normal brat behaviour~

...I accidentally paid for an online purchase from my PayPal balance, instead of my chequing account, so I paid that $13.00 amount on my veterinary bill today (04-07-2012) from my bank account. I have scanned the invoice to show so.

Lydia's X-Rays from 2012. I asked Bridgetown Animal Hospital to send me copies for curiosity's sake.

 photo Lydia_Dumphy_8630-20120503103431-original.jpeg  photo Lydia_Dumphy_8630-20120503103428-original.jpeg
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I have a bunch of pictures I plan to post, so I was going to wait to post. But I want to publicly thank someone for something, so I might as well post about other things now too.

Firstly I am doing better after my last post (which is now set to Private. I am debating whether to unlock it though. It is very emotional, but it has many things I haven't said before.). In part because I am *blah* from painkillers (which I will elaborate on in a bit), but mostly because in the pit of worthlessnotexistingpain I received a parcel in the mail from Armadei. A parcel that was promised, and one that was like 'hey, I care'. ...Which was kinda an anchor to hold onto. So; Thank-you, Armie.


So yeah, Thursday I slipped while coming down stairs (I mentioned this on Plurk & Facebook already, but not here.). My feet came right out from under me, my slip-on sandals went flying off, I fell backwards, I hit the around 70 year-old stairs hard, then slide down the remaining steps. I hit my left back/ribs, arm, and my butt. My arm got a bit of carpet-burn and bottom & it bruised. But my back/ribs hit first, and it hit right around where my kidney is. It hurt, and I was worried because I felt right shaky after, and on Friday the pain was worst & had spread. So I called Nova Scotia's 811 HealthLink number, and they told me to put ice on it, keep it elevated as best I could, and to go to a doctor/outpatients within a few days, unless it felt worse. Saturday it hurt all down my side, and I was having difficulty sitting so my mom took me to Annapolis Royal's outpatients (Middleton has a stomach flu outbreak). After a long wait I found-out that I had just bruised my ribs. Luckily I didn't crack or break them! So I was prescribed a painkiller, and told to rest, not lift anything heavy, et cetera, et cetera. So as of today the pain is much better, and the bruising is more visible. Still hurts when I cough/sneeze/laugh/inhale though. And I've been using a bag of frozen peas instead of ice! So I am relieved that it is nothing major, but it is hard getting in-and-out of bed, I haven't been able to have a proper bath (we don't have a shower, and it hurt too much to contemplate crawling into the bathtub.), and I hate not sleeping on my left side [I don't sleep well on my back (or more I tend to jolt awake), and kink my neck sleeping on my right side]. I have a painkiller!*blah* which is making like a barrier from getting too upset about anything really. Like it isn't a numbness, it is just a wall/dampener--I've been trying to get difficult things done while it lasts. And sleeping with a pillow between my legs is weird.


Last week I finally beat/finished "Again". My hunches were right, though the last part wasn't very much fitting with the pattern of the copy killings. Still I kept deep examining things too early so by the last bit I only had 1 more try in my gauge, meaning that if I messed-up just 1 time in the final gauged crime scene, I would have got a Game Over, & had to do like an hour over again. Lastly Officer Martinez is fantastic (and I thought he would be the last-minute Gumshoe/calvary).


I also baked a lemon meringue pie last week, and used True Lemon instead of lemon juice. It turned-out alright, but I found it too sweet...then again I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I will hopefully post a picture sometime of it.


June & I think that we saw a cardinal. I also have a few poor-quality pictures of him, I hope to post. I haven't seen a cardinal since I was about 7 years-old, and this one was far away though.


Also with this painkiller *blah* (most is "Echo Bazaar" related), I uploaded a bunch of art I did-mostly from the last 2 years-to Photobucket. I am debating trying to take/do commissions, probably for around $3-$5, and probably just in that faux watercolour cute/simple style. The Album can be viewed here:


I had a "Vampire The Masquerade" dream last night (probably related to Armie posting Redemption screenshots, and a Facebook friend using the word 'obfuscate'), and it makes me want to try to finish Bloodlines finally. I love the rare dreams with Zinnian (who after all these years I call 'Alexander').


Lastly would any of my American peeps please be able/willing to let me ship something to them, and then ship it to me (with me paying for shipping costs)? I want to order some things from Something Silver & Nite Ize. Particularly a gorgeous peacock bracelet, and some rubber twist-ties.
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Aunt Ruth has been asking for one of my paper-quilled cards for awhile, and today I finally got it done.

I had no idea what to make, so I pulled-out a few strips of paper and doodled with Sharpie on the waxed-paper...

...and it became a daffodil.

the completed card and other pictures under here... )
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Today I got up at 6:40AM to get ready to catch a bus to New Minas to pick-up my pre-order of "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" bundle. AND to pre-order the fantastic looking limited edition Zelda Nintendo 3DS.As I said in my last entry; my mom drove me up instead. So instead of not arriving until Noon-ish, we actually had everything done and had left the area at 12:30PM! I would just be getting back here now if I had taken the bus. Anyway the price of Skyward Sword was more than I was told it was expected to be months, and months ago, so now I am owed money (Skyward Sword is a Christmas gift), and I had to cancel my oder of the new Professor Layton game :( So I will have to wait to get it later--maybe with my brand new 3DS? Yesterday the bundle was not even in the nearest store's system, so I am also glad that it was there today.--the nearest EB Ganes is around an hour and a half's drive's away, and so much more if using the transit bus. I even had time to mail the first lot of my holiday cards early! Huzzah!

A picture of the receipt ~

Skyward Sword get! )

Persona 4 fanart poster is now framed )

Link & Navi now on my window )

Now I have just eaten supper (a Wendy's wrap picked-up when we were 'up-the-line'), I am drinking a can of perry, and am now watching "Coronation Street". And due to a severe blizzard warning, I probably won't get to visit Matt tomorrow :( So we are also trying to work-out what to do. Probably it will end-up being a week or so from now and without the actual fundraiser to watch on his HUGE television. No idea quite yet though :(
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By  [ profile] gileonnen ♥♥♥

[Seriously; I can't stop grinning looking at this XD THANK-YOU!!!!]
(Velocipede! Velocipede! Velocipede! & VELOCIPEDE ALL THE WAY!)
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Paints n' stuff
Paints n' stuff

and we painted a peacock... )

And a probably miscoloured peahen )
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It is a self-contained one, so less mess. [not as sexy organic looking writing though]


I tried it out signing my "Echo Bazaar" character's name [I actually wrote a in-character letter for someone for when I go back to zea]:
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[ profile] krogoth5's mother -finally- sent my art portfolio back. Eventhough I sent her money to send it 3 years ago. $200 just to send it, and who knows how much since then. Calling and "oh we will send it next time we are in town", or not returning calls. Sending letters because the calls made me too upset. Finally got to sending Text-to-Landline messages once a month because I had given up hope, and just expected that it was long garbaged and that I'd never see it again, let alone hear anything back.

This is like 8 months of my life though. Something to prove that at least something came out of spending all that money and dealing with that crap. It is such a relief to finally have it back, and to finally be able to close that chapter of my life. To be done with The Spragues, and it just feels so good.

I was surprised that everything was in good shape, not really damaged and that everything (but 2 pieces) were there. Some of my anime posters I got from N00bcon2008 need to be repaired a bit, but I was expecting everything to be water damaged, the pastels to be melted, maybe even stuff ripped-up. My 'study in blue' is missing, and of course my egg drawlings, which I never got back after they were shown in the art gallery.

But I am so happy right now.
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#EBz For my fellow Fallen Londoners, here is the old front pa... on Twitpic


The old main page of, I think it provided a good beginning tone for those who have not played "Echo Bazaar". So I am sharing it to everyone [I planned on showing it to Armadei, but they changed their main page so I had to upload it]

A drawing I made of my character: L.S. Cassius. Blocked on colour over a ArtRage pencil sketch.
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Made lovingly from a screencap from the website and MS Paint. It looks very slammin' on my RAZR :3


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This is based off of the picture I drew last year, but never got scanned and now I can't find it :( I wanted to try a new colouring style as it has been a long time since I've drawn anything on the computer. I drew this in OpenCanvas 1.1, and did the cop-out background in OpenCanvas 3.03 :3 I tried to draw your character Jack, but I'm not sure if I got it right. I remember saying you liked ducks once, so I wanted to have him riding an orange duck XD The duck is angry because of his rider's recklessness :P


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Yesterday I beat up to Fortitudo in "Bayonetta" :D [BEAUTIFUL!] I love how polished that game is~ Fortitudo was a diiiiick to beat though D:

Today was an 'ex'-'friend''s birthday so I was happy that I had things to keep my mind off it. [As bad as I feel, I didn't even bother sending an e-mail this year or a card. I have tried sending messages and what-not, but I just have no importance. It often seems to be the case with people...]

I have started playing Echo Bazaar because of [ profile] telophase . It is a very lovely premise and I am enjoying it immensely! :D I will have to make a separate post on it and my L.S. Cassius character ["a charming and keen-eyed individual of mysterious and indistinct gender"] sometime in the near future [if I remember D:]

My mom took me to Pearls in Paradise for food because she got paid today. and I have been sick to my stomach the last few days and haven't felt much like eating and I had a craving for onion rings. I loooove their food D:

I drew a little doodle with ARTRAGE this FABULOUS art program I found via the artist for Echo Bazaar. It is the best pencil-mimicker I have used so far, and I just love how well it works with my tablet :3 I hope to save enough for the Studio version :3

Anyway, I be off to bed; ciao♥

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This is an MMS message. Please go to to view the message.

This is a fuzzy RAZR picture of the bedrail/footboard I sanded Sunday, and painted yesterday. I also installed it back where it was last night at dusk [I wanted to get it in before it rained and filled the holes it came from with rain...which sounds somewhat 'dirty' D:]. The holes and grove [it was the whole footboard, including one of the wheels still] were over a foot deep, and I had to cart over even more dirt to fill them back up enough. I basically painted the gold bits in the dark, because I didn't want to leave them until after it rained, and I would have to clean it off again. I think I'll wait awhile before re-doing the 2nd one though! :P


Here you can see the one I still need to dig-up and re-paint:

not many plants because I had to move them out of the way... )
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[strike]I don't start for about 1 1/2 hours, but I am antsy, so creating my topic now ^^[/strike]

12:00AM-02:00AM )

01:00AM-sometime after 5:00AM + 10:20ishAM-12:00PM )

12:00PM-05:00PM )

05:00PM-08:00PM )

more to come...
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I drew this for Douchette :P It is me riding an orca. Because today is the first day of the 2009 Play-Offs and the Vancouver Canucks totally rocked it :D I coloured it kinda half-assedly in Gimp while trying the kill the last 30mins before game time. As you can see I just blurred the outline 'cause I paint-bucketed most of it :P

doing flips and shit♪ )

I also took a picture of what I was decked-out-in [hat, jersey, and blankie] to make a new Twitter user-picture;

sup'? )

Night mates!~
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Yep, I felt like doodling in OC, and it turned into Canada, so yep I thought I might as well post it ;P

My mouse is dying I'm sure :( Also this is different from my usual style and I lazily used the smudge tool to highlight this time [and I missed smudging a few parts].
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chipcaramel & me were being random about how our phone-number read in 1337-speak. I had previously talked to Douchette about it and how mine is Bao Etta. Somehow my head has decided Bao Etta is a alien space pirate with pink hair. Leading a Tattage invasion? Ended-up larger than the paper so I had to tap another piece to the bottom. Also I can not outline when I'n sleepy D:


Yarrr? )

So there yah go, I'm too lazy to type anymore on it atm D:

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