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Orinally posted on my Tumblr.

Today Minnow went to the vets’ to get her rabies booster. She’d had her leukemia & core vaccinations earlier (where we went to Sears to pick-up an order after), but I prefer her to have things split-up since she has reactions. Anyway, after that we went to the Royal Bank of Canada (Minnow was so pissed that someone had taken the chair by the window she usually sits in at the vets’, by the way. And gave a little dog a dirty look when he urinated on the bottom outside step).

My mom had an appointment at the bank just to confirm something with investments, so it was only going to be about 10 minutes. It was cold today too, and I didn’t want to wait in the car, especially with Minn. So I asked the clerks if I could bring her in while we waited, they said yes, though I think they may have thought I had a small dog instead. I sat down, and Minnow sat on the floor beside me, watching people come & go, and the sidewalk outside. The tellers had to all come investigate, ask her name, and tell her she was pretty. I then took her into Kate’s office during my mom’s appointment. She peeked through the blinds & door vent of the office, and it was so damn cute. Afterwards her & I waited in the car while Mom went to Tim Horton’s. I told her she was so well behaved, and I was so damn proud of her.

I had such a hard time getting the new tag onto Minnow’s harness, as the ring was so small. I registered her at { } too!
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Since Photobucket is changing over tomorrow (I hate 'infinite scroll'), I went through & uploaded a bunch of photographs I had been meaning to for ages (some since 2011), or that were uploaded on my Facebook. For some reason scrambling filenames turned itself back on (I had disabled it as soon as it could be), but I only noticed after I had uploaded over 500 pictures :/


Nicki in a party hat
Nicolas' 2ND Birthday (2012) ► { }


{ }
Which includes:

minnow daffodil sakura
Flowers ► { }
Cherry Blossoms ► { }

Custom Patent Scrutinizer
Peacock Stuff ► { } (like the desk set I got from the old The Inside Story Bookstore)

Hal-Con 2011 ► { }

Minnow in Christmas-sy best
Cats In Outfits ► { }

Window display at the Salvation Army Thrift Store Robin cookie Me & Lydia The Dante & Nero pillow Douchette gave me in 2011
Holidays 2011 ► { }

my giraffe bowl from when I was little
Miscellaneous ► { }


ALSO here again are the clothes I am trying to give away, or find a charity to donate to where they will actually be given to people instead of sold. They are all in great condition, most only washed and never worn (I lost weight or lost interest), or still with the tags on them.

{ }
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I can edit my user-picture, add pictures, & such later with LJ.NET since it loads the raw text to edit & not the messed-up like the new update page does (it changes things to the alt& etc.). The messing-up stuff is why I backed-up stuff to [ profile] ladys_rambles so much. It can't do 'do not add to RS feeds & Friends' Pages' like the old update page, and I haven't figured-out backdating, but custom Moods & drop-down user-pictures is lovely.

I'll add ■ where I might upload picture's later.


On Monday I went with Matts to Sushi Fang in Greenwood. We both got their bento boxes, but I got sashimi, and he got beef teriyaki, then we split them 50/50. They give more tempura if you eat in, but less rice & miso soup than with take-out. It was so, so much food though D: We devoured it all, but were both hella sleepy/walking blobs for the rest ofnthe day. Their bento boxes come with: miso soup, rice, salad (lettuce with a mayonnaise like sauce), tempura (eggplant, yam, shrimp, & broccoli), 3 California rolls, & a main [beef teriyaki, sashimi (6 pieces, but we got 7), hibachi chicken, salmon teriyaki, or sushi (5 pieces)]. All for about $16.00 ($12.95+15% tax). I've only had their bento & a tempura udon (so, so good D: But I could eat tempura or/and noodles/pasta all day anyway). We also split (*ba-dum-tish*) a deep-fried banana. They gave us the honey (tasted like maple syrup though) & sesame kind instead of the chocolate & ice-cream kind, but brought us a piddly amount of ice-cream when we told them the mistake. I was so, so good D: My damn tooth (old filling, got am appointment afternoon today though, after my last one had to be cancelled due to sick Nicolas) kept being cold sensitive though, so I had to eat the cool bits on one side :/ I also got iced tea, which besides from Arizona green is not something I drink very often.


I also borrowed money from Matts and bought a 100 spindle of blank DVDs since they were on sale for about $30. I planned to get a smaller spindle, but he offered so I got the massive one. Now to burn off things I've been meaning to send to peeps.

Ardene (one of my favourite stores) has closed since I was at the Greenwood Mall last. The Inside Story bookstore moved to a nearby old store, and is now no longer in the mall and is also now just one cheap looking room. They just sell books & cards now (I used to get art supplies there & gift items), have a Wal*Mart variety, & pretty much is not the store they were. There old place felt like a bookstore, had variety, & was helpful (I waited over 10 minutes in the new place for one of the 2 workers to assist me in an otherwise empty store). I think they even got rid of the old manager :[ The mall has also lumped together all the clearance items from various stores into where the La Senza used to be. They only have 25% off and most of it left is broken though. There were 2 large faux stone wall arts there that Douchette & I kept joking about (he even laughed saying he'd buy them to put on either side of one of my room's windows):


After we hobbled to the transit bus & hung-out back at his place. I played more "The Unfinished Swan" [giving the controller to him when the Nighttime level started really creeping me out (you have to stay in the small bits of light, while navigating through a pitch-black forest...where giant glowy-eyed spider things can attack you...and actually kill Monroe. Very little music too, only the sounds of the spiders rustling about, your running, Monroe's heartbeat & cries when not in the light, and crickets)]. I love how creative that game is! But it has to be played in little bits because it can become tedious. I got up until the page about The King creating love, then it was supper time.

Matt's stepdad cooked stuffed & Shake-n-Bake chicken breasts, with mashed potaties, & vegetables. I was glad & surprised he did (the last few times I've visited, Matt's mom has been going to pick us up supper, but he has said we'd already had ate, but tells us she is bringing something, so we don't cook, and thus miss supper. That's the ind of person he is :/ ). And it was delisous~ We were surprised how hungry we were since it had only been 4-5 hours since the massive Sushi Fang meal. After we both were even sleepier D:

I also played with the character creator in "SoulCaliber V". I made a knight!Lorel (or The Lonely Knight) because there is a character named Hilde that is a female knight-type. So I picked her fighting style, but chose a hella long trident & bastard sword. The nose on the face I picked isn't quite right, and she doesn't have that much top-lip-dip-thing, and the cheeks aren't podgy enough (which is one of my favourite things of her), but the rest is close to my head!image (or at least in the SoulCalibur style!).

I even managed to get the right type of voice--except the accent. Her whole under armour (which is not the Hilde!armour, and took me ages to get all the pieces edited to be in the same colour scheme) is bandages under multi button-fronted trousers & a billowy/poet shirt, with a blue leather vest over top. I am terrible at the game so I didn't actually play her much, but I did beat Ezio (from Assassin's Creed) over the head with the trident quite a lot! The Hilde fighting style is a long range melee weapon for the main attacks, but a sword or other such short ranged weapon for closer attacks. Also kicking/stomping and not very graceful tossing (but pretty fast given the whole covered in armour thing).
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{ }

I plan to update this later (I'm dealing with allergies right now & allergy meds) with my videos and an actual entry, but here are links to the Facebook albums for now:

Queen Street Café

Ingles' Apple Orchard Tour

Parades, Rubber Ducks, & Cardboard Boat Regatta

Show and Shine:

Don't know when I'll get to the videos or an entry now. Nicolas may be sick, and I've got a lot of running about to do anyway. [And besides I'm too upset to go on my computer for awhile. Apparently tweeting just about Ciderfest, video-games, television, my cats, & talking to people I'm not terrified to talk to means I deserved to have my Following go down more (meaning I was probably Blocked by 3 more people). I just can't take how easy it is, and how nothing matters.]

Nicolas had a partially blocked bladder and had to be sedated to have it drained. He is staying at the vets' overnight for observation & to see if he can pee on his own now/if he'll eat any food. They put a blanket over his cage like a budgerigar! But this means more money to be budgeted for special food (Minnow is already on a special diet).
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First off, HERE is a video of Nicki & Lydie washing each other ---> { }


Well yesterday [July 14TH, 2012] my mother & I went to Dalhousie Days out/up in West Dalhousie. West Dalhousie is located on the South Mountain, and is very, very rural. Quite a ways into it is also where [ profile] krogoth5 used to live, and is a place I've been to so, so many times :/ I haven't been since...2005? but I wanted to go to Dalhousie Days this year to see the reptile show that they were hosting. And besides from gas & a hella long drive the price is free (excluding $5 for optional breakfast). It isn't the event that it used to be, but the now organisers seem to be trying to get it more attention and things for a 'hip-er' crowd (holding a video dance & variety show). I got breakfast which was 2 pancakes, 3 sausages, & some-sort of murky juice (the jug said 'orange', but it tasted kinda like peach, so I figure they mixed them). The pancakes were burnt on the outside, but had a nice fluffy texture. But I only managed to eat one (my mother had the other) & the sausages as I wasn't feeling very well [I did not sleep well the night before--between the heat & a dream about Hal-Con 2011 (I fell asleep to eTalk covering Comic-Con) that put me in a very grumpy mood (I spent a lot of money, trust, & belief for it, and felt unwanted, in the way, & ditched for most of it)]. But after I ate we went around and looked at the tables of things some people were selling, and also bought 4 envelopes of tickets for the Chinese suction. My mom bought me a faux wood peacock ring, and later that day also a pineapple one too ($3 each). There wasn't much I was interested in for the auction, but I did fail to win passes for Oaklawn Farm & Upper Clements Park though. I also StreetPassed with 2 kids that were also attending, and even got to StreetPass with FreakyForms (It seems no-one I StreetPass with has that game, or has nothing set-up to send out with it)! So now Saunder, Lorrie, & Pïäté are Visitors on Planet Ethan C. :}

And then after lunch, Bingo, & the children's games had temporarily been put-away, Maritime Reptile Adventures set-up. They brought 7 reptiles to show [they planned to bring an 8TH (some sort of red snake), but he was filled-up with fluid getting ready to shed his skin, so they didn't think the loooong trip would be very fun for him]; 3 lizards, 3 snakes, & a tortoise~

Bandit: a male Taiwanese beauty
Peaches: a female German giant bearded dragon
Illusion: a male speckled king snake
Stitch: a male water monitor
Tortilla: a female red-footed tortoise
Jigsaw: a male ball python
Bear: a male black & white tegu

I really enjoyed it, and it seemed like at least Mike (a zookeeper) loved what he was doing. I also really loved Peaches and got to hold her on my lap twice. I fond it adorable that she was named such a cute name, and that her favourite food is strawberries. I also learned that they think she is about 6 years-old, but aren't certain as she was found abandoned & wandering around Halifax. I also loved Tortilla, and she took off and trottled around the floor when she was put on it (even running over my foot XD ). I thought being named after a 'little cake' was so cute, and also learned that she goes...well bananas for bananas ("I like bananas. Bananas are good.") XD And Bear was also awesome! He was just like a big cuddly lug, and I kept being reminded of Nicolas (my middle brat) & Bear from ".Hack//Sign" XD


The rest of the pictures I took can be found {HERE}

Also there is 3 short videos I took of the reptile show {HERE}


I also recently played the "Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure" demo' and now I really want the game. The music is lovely, and the main character looks really cool. My favourite mini-game from the demo was 'Looting the Louvre', and my favourite pose is for C-Rank. I took a pretty poor quality video of me playing the demo, and the soundtrack can be found {HERE}. Sadly I've blown my video-game budget until the autumn (excluding pre-ordering "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"), and I'm trying to save-up some for the Annapolis Valley Exhibition next month.

But last night I bought "Mighty Switch Force!" as it was $5 off until 9:00PM PST today, which means I only paid $3.15CAD for it--though I used my Nintendo eShop balance. It's about a cybernetic cop named Patricia tracking-down escaped prisoners/Space Hooligans. It's all done in Megaman-type sprites (which are 3-D layered if one chooses to use the 3DS' slider), and is really not a very serious game. I'm currently stuck at the end of 'Incident .12' because there is a tricky jump & switch that I can't seem to time right, and just end-up- squishing myself, or landing on spikes. Here is a 'realistic' art of Officer Wagon. And since that page links to the OST on BandCamp {and is no longer really Free :/ [virt (yes THAT virt) & WayForward originally posted it to be free]}, here can hopefully be found a .ZIP of it on MediaFire.

Lastly; I am on the room after the Library in "9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors" (is it officially now "Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors"/"Zero Escape: 999"?). I haven't been playing much, but I have completed the steering wheel puzzle, and the number balls computer puzzle (and I thought how each ball was a different colour was really cool) now. I love Seven & Snake's banter, especially when Seven calls Snake 'kid' XD Like when Seven said something like 'Hurry-up, or we'll be here 'till the cows come home', and Snake replied 'Well then at least we wouldn't have to bring them back ourselves'. Also when Snake corrected Jupei's "Like they say, practice makes prefects!" with "Don't you mean '-Practice makes perfect-'?" and Junpei told him to do the puzzle himself then. ...The puzzle was on a computer screen and involved sorting coloured numbered balls. So yeah; make the blind guy do a quite sight-required puzzle while everyone is in a hurry because the ship is sinking. Well it might work slowly with a screen reader describing things--and Snake probably could find a way to do it anyway. Snake~♥ XD

I've also been rewatching "Gallery Fake" (one of my favourite animes)~ I want a Rhythm Thief & "Gallery Fake" crossover now though! And I've beeing trying to rewatch/finish original "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" anime which I started back when I had my wisdom teeth out ^^; (so 2006 or 2007) BURNT VCDS XD


Well MediaFire keeps losing connection while uploading, so I'm going to leave it and hope that it uploads overnight :/

It uploaded! So a .ZIP of the "Mighty Switch Force!" OST is now in my Music MediaFire folder --- >
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I uploaded two videos of walking around Hal-Con 2011 & Scotia Square+the Delta up on to my YouTube. (might work)

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I slept through the night, and remember dreaming about fish & dogs at a mall fountain o_o I had planned to sleep in, but Minnow decided that I needed to be awake :-| I am going to try and go back to sleep again for a bit though. Today I am just going to rest, but tomorrow & Wednesday I need to clean my room as my new bed and matress arrives Thursday. I will miss my current bed headboard+footboard. But I need a new matress and 3/4 sized ones are hard to find. I dont know how I will take to a larger bed.

I have pictures to take off my camera and upload. I might try Photobucket this time, as my LiveJournal Scrapbook is almost full. I took a lot with my RAZR too. And I had fun for the most part! I really enjoyed hanging-out. I hope someday to chill again, but in a less rushed manner!

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I also have a bunch of pictures to upload too! When I am less tired that is. But I sent many from my RAZR which can be viewed at: :-)

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I got back in Bridgetown at 10:11PM, and I was going to make another post; but I started talking to Tom, and getting ready for bed, then like the last few days sleep hit me suddenly. I have gone from tired but not sleepy, to being unable to keep my eyes open! I feel kinda bad just suddenly leaving GTalk conversation, but other wise I would fall asleep with my RAZR open :-(

Anyway, I grabbed my stuff from where it was checked-in at around 5:20PM, and caught a Casino Taxi cab to the train station/bus stop. The bus was late and I stood out in 4C with my things until 6:40PM. My hands were numb D: I didnt listen to "The Silver Turk" on the way back as I figured it would mess-up my dreams. Nor did I nap as I couldnt get comfortable enough to. We drove past the Avery`s I was stuck at and sobbed outside of last month. At one stop, I watche a mouse/rat scurry across a parking lot.

My 3 brats were glad to see me--the horde followed me around & are still on my bed! Late supper was a not very tasty TV dinner.

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Well I cant really take a cab until 5:45PM-ish to the train station because my bus doesnt leave until 6:40PM and it is nippy out. Right now I am camped at the Delta resting my feet. I should eat something, but not much is open and I dont want to walk far.

I bought a cameo necklace, a TARDIS necklace, a Nyan Cat ring, a present for Douchette, and though I have stopped playing it; a Persona 4 "Trial of the the Dragon" parody print from the Artist Alley. There arent really many things that have caught my eye.

I am so tired now though, and I will probably nap on the bus. I had fun, but a lot of things didnt work-out. Still I was very happy to meet Linnet, LAN, Patrick, and their mom (well not Lan`s mom). I just wish I was in better form and not as upset/thinking on things. And now I am off to look for food, grab my suitcase & checked coat, call my cab, then catch my autobus. I hope to finish "The Silver Turk"!

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Well we didnt go swimming last night. But we did go to the Taj Mahal Indian food place that Linnet loves. I had chicken khorma and it was so delicious, but spicier than expected and sooo filling. I also had a mango shake. There was an 80th birthday party going on in the same room as us, and the people gave us two HUGE slices of cake. The raspberry was really good, and the chocolate was too but hella rich. I went up to my room when we got back. I turned the heater on, had a shower, and talked to Tom before dozing-off. I sleep terribkf despite the awesome bed. :-(

I got up at 9:00AM and went swimming by myself. Check-out time is Noon so I didnt want to miss out. Then I bothered the peeps a bit before coming back to my room. I showered and am now eating cheese on my bed and trying not to think on things. Then I need to pack fully and go check-out. I will probably wander around a bit more and maybe catch the "Doctor Who" thing at 2:30PM?

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Well doing a lot better from my low but panicked state of the morning. Still a bit down over things, and I have a lot on my mind, but I am relieved thing are so well!

We walked to the Delta from the bus stop, and then I checked-in. Then turned my convention ticket in and got my bracelet. It is neon green. After lunch (I had KFC which was good except the sauce on my wrap was pure pepper, and my salad tasted off so I didnt eat it) we wandered the vendor area and I bought a Link hat. Then we parted and I came back to my room. I dressed as Andromeda Shun and walked around with Jeremy.

Now I am off to go bother Linnet & Lan, then hopefully dinner and/or swimming. I really want to go swimming!

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I am sitting on the bus up to Hal-Con. And I am wearing my Guthix shirt. I am Guthixian, or as much as one can apply it to the real-world. Things Balance out. But right now I am terrified. I just seem to have confirmations that I am crap or meaningless, just because I am me. So much adoptive & biological family drama + disowning, a supposed friend deleting me from everything. All done seemingly so easy. Which has almost completely drained my socialaility & want to be online. I havent felt this low in a very long time. But I am going to try to stay brave. And hope that this weekend is awesome ADVENTURE and that the friends I am meeting want to hang-out with me. ...If not, well I Balance someone else who is fantastic then. And at least this will be a vacation! With swimming. Still I dont know if I am more excited, or more afraid.

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So! A LiveJournal entry! OHOHOHO *sigh*

I haven't bothered typing one of these up since before December, not a proper one. I guess I feel I am doing nothing interesting enough for anyone to want to read about, or that they are sick of hearing about me. And thus I don't get the motivation to say "This journal is for me, bitches" >:

But here is where I will hopefully try to ramble and ramble and get something out:


I have been role-playing a lot lately. "Echo Bazaar" with my character L.S. Cassius. It has been so interesting to watch how the character has grown over the last half year, and I think right now they are into their own self. When I started playing #EBZ I had an idea for a character, and started-off playing that character, but Cassius developed themself, and I ended-up playing someone that most of the time I don't feel I created. They decided not to even look like what I had planned D: I wanted to avoid giving them red-hair because I have mine dyed red, and had planned for light brown, somewhat auburn. But every time I had a mental image of them doing something, they had the short red-hair, and thus I finally gave-up on it. There are a lot of things I have given-up on fighting with them, and have mostly let them write and play themself. Sometimes in-game this had led to difficulty, like they refused to duel with the Black Ribbon [duelling to the death], and thus I had to grind fighting Jack of Smiles for quite some time to level over all the duelling. And I thus ended-up with over 1000 Diamonds. What can one do (besides sell-off) that many DIAMONDS O:  That is an awful lot of them! I also had around 30,000 Rostygold after. [ profile] adele_1  suggested that Cassius should build a new shack out of it. A shack made entirely out of gold and diamonds. I don't even. They also would not go to Court so I had to cap twice Persuasive without it. And they won't get involved with the mirror stuff at the University, and thus will never get to go to Flute Street, so I am busy working on 8 Watchful levels with just lower-end stuff. But I think by doing the in-game as in-character, it makes it better to play it true. I have also gotten involved in my first role-play pairing that I was not default-ly forced into. It has developed over months. Narciso. And for them to fall for someone that is so far from my own type and what-not is just further proof that they are a rather full character. Like when they are upset, I am. Even if I have no damn reason to be. They get angry, and I find I have to try not to be snippy. The last few days they have been feeling ill over being harassed over marriage and things that they cannot work into proper words, and can't quite work out. And though I have my garden to start, and am looking HELLA forward to getting "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4" in a few days, I have felt a little of this. 'Out of sorts' as it were. But they are taking a trip to The Surface for the next week-two weeks, so I am hoping they will settle. I personally have to take time off because of my yardwork, and wanting to heavy clean my room, and thus besides from being busy, I will cramp my hands and wrists right up, and be unable to type as much as I currently am. I mostly play on Twitter and some on LiveJournal.

I find that it has helped with a lot of my older role-playing problems. I used to get shoved into roles I did not like, get paired-up with characters when I didn't want to. Always ending-up playing the girl, etc. And then when they weren't happy with a scene, it just up and never happened. So it was all confusing and have we met yet? and all that. And I was never good enough, etc. The people I played with never kept me in the loop or anything. Work on creating a character, get told "well you can only play if you change this", try playing it that way, get told a week later "oh we decided this thing was boring, and decided not to play it any more". Fuck you guys, you wouldn't even reconise me now. </rant>
I also have a drawing to share, but I will make that a separate post...


Which leaves us to ramble about "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4" before I ramble about my garden!

A lot of the #EBZ peeps are fans, and have been rambling about it for over a month. I have never had any desire to play the Persona games, even when they swept-though my LiveJournal Friends' List years ago. But after getting to find out more about them, and getting spammed with pictures of Naoto, I finally sniped an ebay auction for an unopened game [with the soundtrack], the guide, and the strategy guide. Luckily my GST had come the same day! I am still *FROWNING FOREVER* at the POSTAL  SERVICE for taking so long to deliver it. I hope to have it by the end of this week. ...But I won't be able to play until I get my room cleaned enough to set my PS2 up now. Also with weeding ans scraping paint, my little hands will be of no use nay way :( I also suck/do not enjoy turn-based RPGs. I love kicking ass myself, instead of selecting spells or such and then taking turns. Skill, man, skill!
I STILL have to play "Last Window: The Secret of Cape West", "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks", the 2nd Phoenix Wright game, the Apollo Justice one, and the new Edgeworth one. OH and I have Unwound Future too :( I am so behind on games...And I have to finish "Again"


And now onto a ramble about my garden/yardwork. I have my flowerbed to clean out, and that is a lot of work because it has grown-over a lot. When I got concussed and then sick with a lingering flu last autumn, I was unable to weed or prepare my garden before it snowed/the ground froze. So I am having to do all that now. I had planed to start today, but it rained BUCKETS yesterday, and thus it needs to dry out. I also have that other bedrail/headboard to dig up again, clean, scrape, prime, paint, detail, and then dig another huge hole for and rebury. So much crap D:

And then I am also hoping to Spring Clean my bedroom...

And what else can I say before I end this? I am going to a concert with my mom Saturday, and hoping to go to Halifax to see the tyrannosaurus-rex at the Natural History Museum...and another trip to Digby to take pictures. Another outing with Jeremy later in the summer...Not much else I can say about myself :(

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Until Spring that is...
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and another... )
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Okay, I am making myself post for a change.

Things...have been...hectic and yet stagnate.

on June )


slightly on Twitter )

I want to also voice that I am an awful friend, and I just keep failing people still. I am too tired to put to words how guilty and like shit I feel for it. I just keep withdrawing more now, because I don't know how to talk.


But anyway:

on WOLFVILLE ADVENTURE, 'Being Human', and sick )


BUT is is FAR TOO LATE to be up for me, and thus I will have to try to remember to post about my garden and such in the morning.

Ciao loves,

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While I eat my pizza with donair sauce, I shall prattle a bit about my day ;P

I went down to Annapolis Royal right early this morning so that I could see the 3 torch-bearers do their little run & witness the burning passion of The Olympic Flame~! Here are the pictures I took today! I love Fort Anne, by the way. I used to go there a lot when I was in elementary school. I have always wanted to go9 sledding there ;)

I also took a few videos, though my 'cell crapped just when the runner was 10 feet infront of me, and my batteries for my camera died too :(

After this my mom took me to Greenwood to see about getting a new cellular-telephone from Bell-Aliant. I have 8 months left on my Telus contract, and it would cost $180 to pay myself out of that. Recently my battery cannot hold much of a charge, and my warrenty on it expired in October :( $60 for a new battery vs. $180 is looking more than tempting, 'specially since Motorola no longer even has RAZR batteries for sale from them directly anymore. Read more... )

It is 2:32am though D: so I finish by mentioning that I went to the local Home Hardware's Ladies' Night. Wherein women get atleast 5% off their purchase determined by scratch-cards, and they also have free gifts & drawings for prizes. I got a free tin cookie-tray & a glass candle holder-thing with my purchase. I bought $0.85 cuphooks for June, a key-wind alarmclock for Kenny for Christmas, and a $1.49 sink plug to replace the one in our bathroom. I was a big shopper XD I did get to say hullo to Jeremy's sister-Kim-who works there though. She told me I should tell him that the free girly gifts I got were his present :P To which he responded something about wanting chocolate pudding. I really wish he was closer so we could have a "Doctor Who" marathon in the same room. Currently we talk by phone/txts while satching episodes. It is fun though. I don't think I mentioned that Bridgetown's Home Hardware moved to where NSLC used to be. I still find it right odd to go there instead of the building they were in since before I was born.

Now it is 1/4 3am though, so Sarah is off to crash into her blanket latibule D: I am planning-on going to see the Torch run through Middleton tomorrow at 3:10pm~ I find this so exciting! I am too patriotic to protest them, but I am right pissed about no women's ski jumping, when they are having men's. Not Canada's fault though, the courts could do nothing to change the Olympic Comittee's planning. I still love every Canadian team though!


I might aswell also add that the Olympic crew guy that presented reminded me of Vince with Sham-Wow! XD

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Tonight one of my few Twitter friend-friends made me a PhotoShop-ped picture, so I have been compelled to share :P

I went as The Eighth Doctor for Hallowe'en this year. A costume I decided on basicall the day before and bought a suit vest & jacket from The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I went to the Dracula's Castle Haunted Tour at Family Adventures/Roo's Playhouse in the Greenwood Mall. It was FANTASTIC :D I had sooo much fun, and wish I hadn't taken the last tour of the day, because I would have liked to have gone on it again. Apparently Dracula has a 5 room house, and shares it with 4 other 'people'--a ghost, 2 wolfmen, & his girlfriend. This does not include his various experiments. SEE ARMIE I TOLD YOU HE WAS TZIMISCE ;P I kinda went through it 'in character', but I would have been all curious & big-grins anyway :3 The only problem I had was that they had waaaay too much fake smoke/fog & it make me cough a lot/filled-me-up, and it smelled like dust & burnt treacle [not the good kind of 'burnt' though :( ] I also carved a Seal of Rassilon jack-o-lantern/Pumpkin of Rassilon. Pictures I took on Halloween can be found in this album. I wish we had, had more kids though. We only had 7, and 5 of them were neighbours'. I like doing 'door duty' because it gives me something to do, besides mope-about and long to go Trick-or-Treating. I really wish I had a friend or two to go out with :(

I've been listening to a lot of Big Finish audioplays lately. Mostly Eighth Doctor ones, because I am so enjoying Paul McGann's character. But maaaaaaan The Divergence arc I'm on is kinda trippy/difficult. "Scherzo" was a big huge pile of mind-fuckery!!! I listened to it on the transit bus on my way to view Kentville's Pumpkin People, and my face was mostly in odd expressions the whole way. That trip didn't go as planned I shall add. It was going fine until the 2nd bus was late and didn't arrive at Wal*Mart until the sun was down :( I only managed to get a few blurred pictures as we were driving by. The Photobucket Album of the pictures can be found here as soon as the pictures finish uploading, but if you would like to see the pictures from that day here is my Facebook album of them.

Yeah I am totally around, just not very active online lately/the last few months :( I am also waaaaay behind in commenting/replying to things. I haven't even replied to very awesoem e-mails yet! I DO READ THOUGH! I read my Friends' Page atleast once a day, and have only missed a few days back when I was mostly bedridden with that high-fever in August. So I do mostly know what is going on with my peeps ^^ I don't know if I will get caught-up, but I want everyone to know that I do care! If you want me just try my cellular-telephone [New Scotland+BAO-ETTA] or hit-me-up on MSN ^_^ [ladynoremon at]

But it is like 1/4-to-1:00am, so I should get to bed, so I DO NOT end-up falling asleep on Douchette's chesterfield again when I visit him tomorrow. I AM GOING TO ROCK AS RIOS! [we are on the last level of "Army of Two", and I am playing Tyson Rios :3] I actually am really sucking at shooters again :(

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Found that someone had saved a portal to the old Vasara chatland thing :D

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