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She's an itty-bitty pissy girl. Was negative for leukaemia and my girls GREATLY DISLIKE her, but Nicki is a sweet boy. I catsat her this afternoon after the vets'.

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Update )

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Past designs here → { }

If you know of any patterns you'd like to see just link to tgem in the comments for this Journal Entry! But yeah, comment with what you think I should carve for 2015!
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It's October 21ST, 2015. The day Doc & Marty went to in the 2ND movies.

The trilogy box set were the first DVDs I ever bought. I owe a lot to these movies. Back in 2007/2008 them & Kingdom Hearts helped me feel creative again.

McFly with the orangeish-red vest before I colourised layered it red.

{ }

I uploaded the process & 1980's saturation ones on [ profile] ladys_rambles.
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A dapper Napstablook.

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I finally posted those ArtRage for Android finger doodles I've been meaning to post to [ profile] ladys_rambles! There are 11 of them, plus the accompanying pictures [Most end-up on my Instagram: { }].
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Voted, voted, voted (@ Bridgetown Volunteer Fire Department - @bridgetownfire)
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I scribbled over my Master Number and such.

I have been putting my trials with my road tests on a previous entry, but yep; passed yesterday!

I wasn't very nervous taking it, but was prior as the driving instructor puts me right on edge and grates at me. But taking it I was calm. I passed well below the allowed mistake points and the examiner was proud of my perpendicular park, how I handled 3 motorcycles running a red light while I was already turning in the intersection, & that I put my turn signal on+shoulder checked when we came to a car parked in the middle of the road.

I think I was just too fed-up to be hella nervous this time. I had the attitude of "let's just get it over with". I didn't expect to pass but I didn't think I'd do really bad either. I was more confident but not self-confident.

Middleton's Registry of Motor Vehicles no longer has a permanent examiner after the one they had suddenly left the job. So they gave been getting in whoever else is available meaning they have a huge backlog.

The first time I was a mess and the examiner didn't know the Middleton area at all. )

The second examiner was so nice but I had a lot of stress and made too many little mistakes. )

The 3RD time I was more practiced & feeling more confident! )

It felt hella surreal when I was paying for my new graduated license like it felt like that couldn't possibly be what was actually happening. I held the still warm freshly printed license in my hands and so much weight was off of me.

This will make employment ability much more reachable and a better living situation for me & my babies feel possible. Everything has felt so pointless. I still owe the driving school money from my last extra lesson and they're ransoming my defensive driving certificate until they get paid. So I can't get insurance sorted until I have that certificate. But I feel so accomplished!

When I got back all 3 of my gorgeous cats were laying on the chesterfield and it made me so happy to see them first thing.

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On P3P

Oct. 2nd, 2015 09:02 pm
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I've been playing "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable" the last couple weeks. I went the emulator route on my S5 as I no longer have access to a PSP and cannot afford a Vita right now (I have purchased the game from the PlayStation Store however). I've decided to play as the female Protagonist despite the game suggesting the original Protagonist for a first time player. I am really loving her. I had bought P4 for PS3 when it was on sale for $2.50, but I find too much exposure at a time with it gets me a bit upset due to people I used to socialise with being fans of it and getting me to buy the original PS2 version. It took over a day to download and while asleep I dreamt of Theodore so decided to look into an Android PSP emulator. I named the Protagonist Arisato Minako, because it's the most common head!canon name. My P4 Protagonist was named Seta Souji.

I feel bad because I'm not really liking the S.E.E.S. members so far. Like they've basically just lied to me & used me like an experiment. The game calls them my friends but I'm all like "fuck off". Outside of Social Link conversations I've mostly been giving indifferent or 'bugger-off' responses. Junpei at least despite hitting on me actually seems more concerned instead of what I can do. I like a lot of the non-S.E.E.S. characters though! Like the Old Couple. I am shipping Theodore/female Protagonist hard, which sucks because there are only 4 fanfics of it on AO3, and it ends not so well in-game. Most of what I've found outside of AO3 is Akihiko/Minako with Theodore on the side as a previous fling. Also a more promising 2011 one I found suddenly became Theodore/Fuuka, killed Theodore off, and was never finished after 9 chapters. I have a bad time with picking pairings :/ I am also preferring the female Protagonist over the original P3 Protagonist making the original seem 'off' to me now...

Anyway so far I prefer P4's teammate characters & plot. But P3P feels less grind-y, and I'm enjoying playing Minako. Death (the almost impossible enemy that shows-up if you stay in a Tartarus Floor too long) can fuck right off though. And I still worry about making wrong choices and fucking things up later :/ I'm not very far though, only May 3RD so I may like future S.E.E.S. members more. I wish I could get a firm answer about if I ever unlock the Persona Compendium though!


I never thought I'd watch this game opening on this television again. #P4

A video posted by Lady Norémon (@lady_noremon) on

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Despite no-one answering my question on if I would ever unlock the Persona Compendium or not, I actually did unlock it after the 1ST Full Moon event.

I couldn't resist and fused my favourite Persona after.

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And since I used Omoikane & Ara Mitama, I managed to get it so he inherited Zio & Dia. Sadly Archangel doesn't automatically learn Media in P3P so I'll gave to settle for Dia or use a skill card later. I have an extra Maragi skill card I plan to use on him when I need him (I don't have a Justice Social Link right now). So he'll know 4 elements. I also have a Garu card. Archangel can't learn Dark spells though.
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Another S5 finger doodle of my Zinnian character. I kinda gave-up when the Watercolour ArtRage for Android brush wasn’t doing what I wanted.

Zinn 02_001.png

I haven't made a [ profile] ladys_rambles post of the S5 ArtRage for Android finger drawings I've been doing, but they are uploaded in my artz gallery: { }
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I tried the blonde thing again yesterday. I used Féria this time as we did when [ profile] alchemy_hisoka & I dyed my hair for Lestat. I used a natural blonde this time instead of a bright blonde. So yeah, I'm more strawberry blonde now as my red hair lent a tinge. I kept thinking of [ profile] ahnjehleehn's mom covering her head with tin foil to cook the dye when she dyed her hair years ago. I almost tried it as I have a hard time getting the back of my head hair to absorb dye. Too short for a Nick Rhodes or Boy Blue look though.


More pictures of my now blonde hair. Complete with my Toreador choker & the cat scratch on my nose.

Fuck. Off.

Sep. 1st, 2015 01:49 pm
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To people whom I won't name unless bothered: Do not contact me. Do not take my removing your LiveJournal accounts from my personal Journal's Friends as a reason to contact me to accuse me of harassment. I did it to increase my safety. Just as I removed the editing rights on that Google Calendar. Just as I disabled comments or other things. Do not try to twist that into harassment or abuse. Do not contact me. I am not a toy. Stop the stalking/monitoring as well. If you are upset reading this, you really shouldn't be viewing my posts anyway. Fuck. Off.
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Lestat: What are you doing up here all alone?
Nicolas: Lestat? Oh my God!
Lestat: Ahh! It's been too long!
Nicolas: And your looking well!
Lestat: And you! So Parisian!
Nicolas: And you, lord of the hunt! Is it true you took down six wolves on your own?
Lestat: Eight, actually~ But what happened in Paris? There are rumours of an unnatural love affair.
Nicolas: It's true. I disgraced myself.--With the violin~ When my father found out I sold my books to take up music he dragged me back here. He says he will break my hands if I ever play again!
Lestat: Mine is just the same. ... Nicolas~ I'm leaving~
Nicolas: I just got back, where are you planning to go?
Lestat: I don't know! I haven't even thought that far ahead! I just know I'll go mad or kill someone if I don't escape.
Nicolas: There's no choice then. We'll go to Paris~
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I never get right where to look when taking a picture with my S5's inner camera...
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{ }
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[Back in May, Mind Bender Toys' party section had this magnificent beast on display. It was $10 though and I couldn't justify spending my then last $10.00CAD on a balloon--regardless if my nickname is 'Captain' & it makes me feel loved. Welp, I bought it for my birthday on Sunday. My brats will love watching it float around my bedroom ceiling XD ]


Jun. 16th, 2015 05:58 pm
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2015-06-16 18.12.59.jpg

Suck it, [ profile] krogoth5.

I know he deleted his account but I finally got a SNES after all these years. Back in 2006 after promising to give me the one he had, he decided I wasn't worth enough to have it. I was super depressed and he told me he'd give me his to cheer me up. I got excited, I cleaned space to hook it up to my television, bought some games off eBay, and it really gave me something to look forward to. But when I asked about collecting it he flatly told me he had changed his mind and was hoping I wouldn't say anything as he'd decided it was worth more than for me to have. I have been wanting one since they were released.

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