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I've mentioned this game/Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel here before but I thought I'd make a separate post. I've rambled a lot more on it on Twitter & Tumblr. And a lot of screenshots are in my MobyPicture.

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It's available for Android & iOS and works on Android gear & Apple Watch. It's written by Dave Justus who also wrote "The Wolf Among Us" the "Fables" Telltale game CORRECTION: He wrote the comic based-off the game. The first time playing is in real-time (further playthroughs have a fast play & redoing choices options) and takes 3 days if you get to the better endings. But it's not something that has to be continuous checked so is more casual (though the plot might draw in).

It's about a science student named Taylor who wins a trip on a spaceship for running tests. The spaceship crashes on a desolate moon and Taylor seems to be the only survivor. They're panicking and manage to get in contact with the player. It becomes up to the player to make choices for Taylor and to keep them level-headed to try to be rescued--and possibly solve the moon's mysteries along the way.

It really reminded me of "The Dig" an older LucasArts game, and made me really want to see "The Martian". There is also a direct sequel "Lifeline: Silent Night", and a "Lifeline 2" with a more fantasy setting than sci-fi.

I really fell in love with Taylor! We have a lot of in-common interests and I connected more with them than other protagonists. I also was glad to have this & Silent Night when I played them because I had a lot of stressful meetings when I played both and they helped relieve some of that. Though sometimes the worry about Taylor's wellbeing & the plot added different stress! I often figured I'd check to find them dead when I checked :-/ I did manage to fluke having Taylor rescued my first playthrough but it wasn't the best ending. like to go back and explore more like I did with Silent Night but I also liked leaving Taylor at an optimistic future ending. I didn't like Silent Night as much because of the lack of satisfaction with the endings. I kept replaying other choices after I got on the sane route as my first playthrough hoping to get to a survival ending. You can if if you get different items but it still requires being on the self-sacrifice route to the end which I wanted to avoid. I only got the sequel's 'best ending' because I gave-up and just went my original ending route after my new early choices hoping someone would post a guide to survival online later on. I'm really hoping Dave Justus writes another Taylor game to find-out what the Hell the 'best ending' was about. But he did write an epilogue to add for free to the 1ST game this month so that's fantastic. Like you already find-out what happens on the moon after the 1ST game in the sequel, but this was a nice unexpected bonus. I haven't played it yet though! I haven't played "Lifeline 2" yet either...

Until I add to [ profile] ladys_rambles here is a doodle of my Taylor head!image → { }
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