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Danny: Joe told me to do this. I gotta. ...I can still hear a voice telling me to do it.
The Shadow: And now you hear a voice telling you not to, Danny.
Danny: Oi! ...I know! You're The Shadow!
The Shadow: Yes, Danny, and for your own sake, your mother's sake, Danny, I--
Danny: Joe told me what to do with you! He knew you'd find me! That's why I got this hand grenade!
Ma Brecker: Oh, Danny, don't! *Wailing*
Danny: I got my hand on the firing pin--I'm gonna to pull it out!
The Shadow: Stop, Danny! I'm warning you!
Danny: The voice came from there. In the corner. Joe told me to throw the grenade! *Grenade rolls on the floor* Goodbye, Shadow! *Glass breaking. Explosion*
Margo: *Gasp* What's happened?!
The Shadow: It’s alright. I managed to pick up the grenade and throw through the window to the court before it exploded.
Margo: Oh, thank heavens.
The Shadow: I don't mind saying that's the closest call The Shadow ever had.

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